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"A nicely done game with plenty of dancing!"

In Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, Mario and Luigi shake dance their way through 29 songs, each with a nice beat. This game has plenty of things for you to do, Story Mode, Free Play, and a set of minigames. Although it may be easy for pros, Nintendo and Konami were focusing on a certain group. That's right, people who have never played or heard about DDR before. Even if Easy - Hard mode is easy, pros will atleast find Very Hard and Super Hard to their liking, hopefully.

Story 8/10
Okay, not the best story ever, but its pretty good for a DDR game. Four music keys are stolen, and it is up to Mario or Luigi (depending on who you choose) to get them back. When they dance, stuff happens. When you first have the game, there are only two modes, Easy and Normal. You'll unlock modes as you play harder ones. The story goes kind of weird-like at times, but some parts are so funny you'll be laughing.

Music 10/10
There's only 29 songs? So? Each song is awesome, you'll probably play them over and over again. Each one has a different beat, too. I probably played each song 5 times already, maybe even more. It'll probably be stuck in your head after you're done playing.

Graphics 10/10
Why can't all Mario games have these nice of graphics? Everything comes to life. Flashy colors, special effects, everything. If it's not the music you like, it's probably the graphics. They're even better than the Mario Party series graphics!

Gameplay 7/10
Hey, it's DDR. What can I say? For all beginners, There are four arrow buttons on the top. Arrows come up. When they go to the button area, step on that button on the action pad, or the easier known dance pad. If two arrows come up at the same time, jump on both. Miss some, and your dance gauge goes down. If it goes down all the way, you fail. Simple as that!

Final 10/10
Dancing can always help. It even works in real life!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/05

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