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"Mario and Luigi hit the floor!"

DDR is one of those more eccentric games. There are some who see it as goofy and weird and there are some who think it's one of the greatest things ever. The DDR arcade game is starting to become more than a cult following and with the release of Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, it has now graced all three of the consoles in one shape or form meaning that a large audience has an opportunity to try out his clever game series.

Played with a dance mat, DDR consists of a song playing and 'steps' or arrows climbing the screen. When they reach the top of the screen you step on the correct direction on the pad. The steps correspond to the song so learning the song will help you do better.

DDR:MM, to begin with, is more of an introduction to DDR. The difficulty only goes up to the equivalent of Standard difficulty of the other DDR games, meaning if you're looking for a Heavy challenge here, you won't find it.

However, there are some other challenges thrown in. The Mush mode gives different challenges depending on the song, from fish changing the steps of the song at the last second to a Boo that can slowly fill up the screen if you're not careful. Although, you can always play the classic way if you wish.

DDR:MM mix contains songs mostly from Mario games. You'll remember songs from the NES games, the Kart series and even Paper Mario or Mario Party. There are also some from obscure games, such as Wrecking Crew, or early games, such as Donkey Kong. The quality of the songs are, in my opinion, well done. There aren't any songs here that I would avoid like the plague an there are a few that became instant favorites and classics in my eye.

The story mode is mostly irrelevant and more for training and unlocking for the different difficulties. The difficulty moves up at a nice pace. Once you beat Story Mode you can play Story Mode Ex to unlock more songs and buy the rest.

There are also minigames to unlock and play which range from a 'run and jump the flag pole' to a whack-a-mole with goombas. Not really the meat of the game but entertaining for a for minutes, none the less.

If you're a DDR fanatic or want to brush up so you can play as well as your friends at the arcade, this is a great game for the collection.Just don't expect as much of a challenge as the arcade games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/02/05

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