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"Mario and Luigi show off their moves!"

All right, lets start it off in sections.

Storyline: 8/10
The storyline is unique in its own way. The four music keys are kept in Truffle Towers, until Walugi busts in, and spreads the keys out in the world. Your job is to get them dancing.

Game-play: 10/10
Dancing. Thats the game play. This game is very newbie friendly, and they can build their skills and become great at it. Very advanced people will think this is easy to them, but wth five levels of difficulty, ranging from Easy to Very Hard, things can still give a challenge. There's eighth notes, so there's still that edge of difficulty lingering around.

Graphics: 10/10
Wonderful graphics on the GameCube. I wouldn't expect less from Nintendo or its great console. The backgrounds do not interfere with the vision to see the arrows, which is definitely a positive. Viewing Mario dance is also a positive, since I never thought a plumber knew how to dance.

Sound: 10/10
WONDERFUL remixes. The songs are wonderful. They contain the essence of the older games, but you can hear the difference with the techno-like addition to it. One of the oldest songs that was remixed was Dr. Mario from NES. They did a great job when remixing, because there is no songs I despise dancing to. There are four secret songs to obtain, which will not disappoint you.

Controls: 10/10
When I speak of controls, I am also talking about the durability of this DDR pad. It is very durable compared to the other DDR pads out there, not to mention looking stylish. Beware though, if you have carpet. Expect it to slide during each song. Its a small slide, but enough to mess someone up.

Overall: 9.6/10
Great game. And the question is asked; Rent or Buy? BUY. This game is worth the money, since a DDR pad is included. The box looks cool too, might I add. Nintendo made a smart move to ask Konami to help make a game this good. Get it while you can.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/07/05

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