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"Get ready to Shake your thing in Dance Dance Revoluton: Mario Mix!"

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix is the first DDR game to hit the Gamecube. This game is great, with nice music, nice graphics and nice everything. Here's my review:

GamePlay: 9

Gameplay consists of using a dance pad to more than 25 songs (29 in total I believe) over 4 worlds! The arrows on the dance pad are actually sensors that, when hit when an arrow goes to the blank arrow, give you a "Perfect", "Good", "Early/Late", or "Miss" based on your timing. This game is all about dancing. Of course, the difficulty brings this down a point because any seasoned veteran will get a harder sweat opening a can of soup.

Graphics: 10

The Graphics in this game are top-notch. Everytime Mario goes either into Dance Mode or just runs around the game's worlds, the graphics never slow down. There are also no load times between cutscenes. That makes this game great.

Sound: 8

The reason that the sound is the lowest scoring catagory here is because there are just not enough songs. Though it is cool to hear past Mario songs remixed, the game takes some songs that even kindergardeners know and throws them into the game. Of course, the songs themselves are not bad, since there are no hiccups (which are pauses in the songs) when you are dancing.

Quality: 9

This game is really good, since it is, obviously, for gamers who are still new to the DDR series. But if you are a seasoned veteran, you'll have a better time just buying this game to look at. Of course there is the Calorie Calculator that tells how many calories you burn from each dance and difficulty setting.

Overall: 9

This game, although generally for newbies to DDR, is good. Unless you have had seizures when playing games, or anything else (no offence!), there is only one thing that stands between you and this game: Only 5000 copies of this game were made, so your best chance of getting this game is getting it off of Ebay. It cost me over $150.00 just to get this game. So if you've loved DDR for as long as you could remember, this game will appease you somewhat.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/30/06

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