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"Pokemon XD and GBA go hand in hand!"

The reason of the (crappy) title was just to say that Pokemon XD is basically a remake of the GBA games. If you lose the Gyms, Tall grass and eggs. But XD, after a certain point in the Game, can interact with the GBA games, making them even cooler (Lugia on Ruby anyone?). Lets start.

Graphics - 8

The Graphics are basically recycled from Colosseum (SP? Man I hate the way they spell that...). 3-D is a step up from the GBA games though, but if you played Colosseum, don't expect to fnd anything spectacularly new. But still, awesome graphics, so they can get a very worthy 8.

Sound - 5

Well most games have crappy sound, this is a mixture of both. Some music, like the battle CD music is quite cool, others, such as battles from Cipher goons is frustratingly repetitive (and to add to your misery, you fight millions and billions and quillions of Cipher Goons in this game...major bummer). So the sound gets a rather displeasing 5.

Storyline - 8

You are the kid of your unknown father, and son to Lily. Lily and Krane are the directing managers at the lab at which you live, Pokemon HQ. Krane and your father, after the Colosseum incidence, built a snag machine and a purify chamber, just in case the same thing were to happen again. Quite shortly, you find that it has. Cipher is back...and their shadow Pokemon making plans are more devastating than ever, creating more than Colosseum, and more powerful than Colosseum. Sound familiar? I quite like the idea of stealing other trainers Pokemon and using them as your own...especially when there are Legends involved...) . I give the plot a worthy 8.

Replayability - 7

Beat the game once, transfer Legends over to GBA start again, rinse, repeat. Oh, I'm sorry, that you shouldn't of read!!! It is actually quite fun to play through all those Cipher goons (BUT I HATE THE MUSIC!), as there are always different paths to take. It is easily experimented, and usually, it takes about 5 tries through the game before you want to give up. So a respectable 7 is my score.

Originality - 6

Copied off Colosseum, changing the plot a bit here, and a tweak there. But then again, Colosseum was a great game too...6 for being cheap and copying.

Rent or Buy? Buy if you are a Pokemon fanatic, an excellent player or reasonably experienced. If you are brand new to Pokemon (you haven't played a SINGLE game), then go for one of the GBA games first.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/02/06

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