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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mariobros16

    Version: V 1.6 | Updated: 09/20/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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       /sso+//:::/+oso/:.` `/ydhhyyyyo//:::::::/+oydmmd/ `.-/s+/:/+os:    
        ./yyso+//:::://:-`   `/hhhyyys+/:------://ohmddy.    /+/:/++oo    
                          .+ysssys- ``.....``````ydhysy+                  
                        `:ooyyyyy/               +ddhyyy-                 
                       `+++osyyss`               /dhhyyyy-                
                      `+++oooooso                +so+oooss.               
                      +o++ooooos+               `so+++++oso               
                     :o++++oooos:               -so++++++oy`              
                    `oo+++ooooss`               -yo++++++oy.              
                    :s++++oosss-                `oso+++osyy/              
                    oo++++osss.                  :hyyyyyyhdd-             
                   .o+/++osso.                   :dhhyyyyhhd/             
                 `-++/++osso`                    `ddhyysyyhdo             
              .-:////++ooss.                      -so////+sy/             
        `..-:/+/////++++osy.                     .os+/////oss`            
     `-/+++////////++++ossyo                    .sys+//::/+oss-           
    +ssyssso++++oooooooooosy.                   +yyys/:///++oos+:--:/`    
    syyhysssssssssyyyssoossy/                   -ydd+//////++++++oosyyoo- 
    yyhhhhyssyy+-.-/syhyyys+`                     .+o++++oossyyyyyyyyhhy/ 
    -..-/osyso-       ....`                        `+yhhhhhhhhdddhhhyo+:  
                              Tak And The Great Juju Challenge
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    Credit Info
    F.A.Q. by Mariobros16.
    INFO ON EXTRAS BY JoshsrGames & aclosson11
    Please do not copy this guide onto yours or anyone else's site without
    my permission. All e-mail topics please be organized by telling 
    me exactly what you want to know for example: Ghastfall help.
    ~Version History~
    (1.# | 1 meanign 100 and the 
    # meaning tens of one hundred
    ex: one hundred and 6)
    [V 1.7]
    Fixed a few grammer mistakes and changed some
    words to fit sentences better.
    [V 1.6]
    Added a few grammer stuff, and I got a new
    e-mail, because I was busy all this time
    and my e-mail got full with crap. Now my e-mail
    is fit for this anyway! So please if you haven't
    recieved my reply, foward your e-mail to my
    new address! Thank you!
    [V 1.5]
    Added a cool Tak figure at top!
    Starting the Sidequest list.
    Once done, i will be completely done. Nothing
    to add, nothing.
    [V 1.4]
    Made more edits, and added a little section.
    Its pretty pointless, but you can check it out.
    Probrably one of the last updates i do.
    [V 1.2]
    Made some edits and made paragraphs
    spaces and other edits. Thats all I did.
    [V 1.1]
    Many things have been added to the levels, and I fixed many 
    BIG mistakes I found. Also I moved around the e-mail
    rules part and changed the Copyright Info part, deleted some
    of it, and put to read the Copyright info part for details.
    [V 100]
    Done! I'm done! If you have any questions,
    e-mail me and I will answer them!
    [V 090]
    Huge, HUGE, update. So big, F.A.Q. almost done! Just have to finish
    up the extras and this will be complete!
    [V 035]
    Massive update. Finished the first section. On the last level
    of the second section. This F.A.Q is getting closer to the end...
    [V 010]
    I've added some extras and am starting the next building in the juju realm.
    Can't wait! Can you?
    [V 005]
    Took about 50 minutes just to finish the
    "Temple of Light Level". I know there should be a FAQ, so I will add it soon!
    [V 003]
    F.A.Q. just started will be adding more soon...
    Finished "The Coast Level...".
    ~Introduction~    1.1
    ~Button Controls~ 2.1
    ~Characters~      3.1
    ~Level 1 Tutorial~        1.2
    ~The Coastline...~        2.2
    ~Temple of Light~         3.2
    ~Caster's Hill~           4.2
    ~Proving Grounds 1~       5.2
    ~Kiro Biro~               1.3
    ~Parchlands~              2.3
    ~Gates of Nocturne~       3.3
    ~Proving Grounds 2~       4.3
    ~Fowler's Murk~           1.4
    ~The Deepwood~            2.4
    ~Ambush Grove~            3.4
    ~Proving Grounds 3~       4.4
    ~Ghastfall~               1.5
    ~Obocodobo Crypt~         2.5
    ~Proving Grounds Final~   3.5
    ~Potion Recipes~                  1.6
    ~F.A.Qs~                          2.6
    ~Monster Log~                     3.6
    ~A Gaseous Rap Lyrics~            4.6
    ~Get Lok's Last Hammer Upgrade~   5.6
    ~List of Cut-scenes~              6.6
    ~Usable Things/Animals~           7.6
    ~Sidequests~                      8.6
    ~Special Thanks And Other Crap No One Cares About~  9.6
                    (Contact Me)
    Tak And The Power of Juju
    A little boy named Tak is the Pupanunu's Shaman's
    helper. The Great Warrior Lok, is predicted to be
    the Pupanunu Warrior of the prophacy. WRONG!
    It is said that the great warrior is not turned into a
    sheep by the evil Tlaylok! Poor Lok.... but that's perposterous!
    How can this be! Is Lok not the Great Warrior of
    the Pupanunu Prophacy!?! Who is the warrior!?
    Will this warrior rescue Lok to continue the deed?
    Or was it just not meant to be for Lok?
    Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams
    Tak has been chosen to be the Great Warrior of the
    Pupanunu Prophacy! But now Tak has fallen into a
    deep sleep... A sleep which he
    cannot awaken from! He has been told that he has
    been sleeping for 16 days when he wakes up. But,
    luckely, there is the Dream Juju to guide Tak, to
    rescue the Dream World Princess! But things start
    to go wrong on Tak's adventure.. someone is trying
    to keep Tak from rescuing the princess and saving the
    dream world! Who could this be? Will Tak preveal?
    Or fail..? Who is this Dream Juju? Who is trying to
    stop Tak? And what happened to Tlaylok? Find out in
    this great, adventurous game!
    Tak 3: The Great Juju Challenge
    We join our hero Tak in another adventure!
    Whoever wins the challenge wins the favor of
    the all powerful Moon Juju! Everything is well..
    or atleast they are thought to be... Something
    strange is going on... The Gramazon Tribe has
    been disqualified from the challenge... from cheating..
    Hmmm... But they don't seem to know what's going on...
    is someone trying to knock out the other teams?
    Why? And who is behind it?
    A- Jump
    B- Attack
    A + A Hold A= Glide
    Y- Throw/Toss Tak Up/Throw Barrel
    X- Help/Pick up Tak/Pick up Barrel
    Z- Switch Characters
    R down + Z Stop or Follow
    B + Y= Uppercut Attack
    B + X= Spin Combo
    Double Jump + B= Stun Attack
    Jump + B= Spin Attack
    Start- Pause
    Control Stick- Move
    CHARACTERS   3.1
    Tak- The hero of the game! He's the hero of the Pupanupu tribe.
    Spells= Grapple, Freeze, Spirit, Barrel
    Lok- The co-hero. I'd say he's the stupidest person on the earth..
    Spells= Heal, Sheild, Taunt, Stink
    JibbaJabba Tribe- One of your oponents. 
    Can't understand a word of what they're saying.
    Gramazon Tribe- Another of your oponents. Poor Lok. He's in for
    it when he falls in love with one of them....
    Blackmist Tribe- Your last oponent. They're not very nice,
    and something's really fishy about them...
    Moon Juju- The winner of the Juju challenge gets the Moon Juju's
    favor for 60 years.
    Travis- The Dark Juju... he's in love with the Moon Juju and will
    do literally anything to win her heart.
    Jibolba- The shaman of the Pupununu village. He helps Tak throughout his
    adventure in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams.
    Level 1 Tutorial  1.2
    Chase that Pheonix!
    You start by chasing the Pheonix and learn the basic controls.
    You learn how to: jump, double jump, use the camera, and how
    to (later in the level) switch and use special combo attacks.
    So in the begining this is just the teaching of how to play..
    That's why its called a TUTORIAL. Everytime you get somewhere where
    there's something new to learn, an X button sign comes up in the
    near left top corner. This tells you the new move or how to do something.
    Press the X button to get help on what to do. You'll need to use the C stick,
    the Y button, the switch actions (press Z to switch), and other
    controls to beat this level.
    Near the end of the level, you must light the two torches opening the gate
    that will lead to the Pheonix. 
    Hop across the hanging platforms to get the one on the left (facing the gate)
    then switch to Lok. Throw Tak up, then let Lok climb up by himself. Now follow
    the path to the bridge again. This time go right and hop across again.
    Light the torch, then just jump back across. To the Pheonix. Theres a cutscene
    with the Black Mist. 
    The Coastline...  2.2
    Race the Clock!
    Right when you start, Tak tells Lok about the timer at the top...
    You better hurry! You have 300 seconds. Now on your way, you'll find
    two tall rocks. They break and out come two (I'll call them C Droids for
    Crystal Droids) C Droids. Really easy to kills, takes about three hits.
    Now hit the tree to get berries and other fruit. You'll need these later.
    Now move over and get attacked again. Once the C Droids are gone,
    break be sure to break open the the stones to get crystals.
    You need these in the game to mix juju stone cards.
    Now go over to the torch and light it. The giant stone with eyes
    blows up, and gives you a path! Now run across the bridge. But
    watch out, it breaks in the middle spots. Once across, kill the
    C Droids and get all the berries off the trees. Now light the torch,
    and move. Jump over with a double jump and get close to the crawling
    bugs to pick them up. Now kill the C Droid and break the stone to get
    the crystals. Climb up the hill and kill the C Droid. Now hit the switch,
    to watch three C Droids get smashed instantly!
    Now jump down and jump across
    the shark stones, but be quick, they close fast! On the third one, there's
    what looks like a letter. Its a Juju Potion Recipe! This is where all your
    searching of fruit and crystals pay off! Now hop back across,
    and light the torch. Run to the vines, then jump up to one of them
    to catch onto it. On the little island, fun up the path made by the torchs.
    You get lots of time by doing this,
    plus it gives you access to the next part! Now jump through the portal!
    Part Two of Coast
    Jump across the gap to get ambushed again. Kill all the C Droids in this
    room, then grab the crystals from them. Now grab the crystals from the stones.
    Switch to Lok to grab the barrel. Go over to the ginat stone, throw the barrel
    with the Y button, if you remember. Now there's a cut-scene.
    Now kill all the C Droids and you'll see that there's water.
    Either use Tak to swim over to the other side and allow Lok to
    hop across, or use Lok to climb over on the vines. I'd say use Lok's
    way because you get tons of bugs this way. Once both are across, go
    into the next room. Get the crystals inside the stones, then turn left.
    Kill the ambush of C Droids, then grab the crystals. Switch to Lok,
    taking a barrel. Now go to the giant rock and blow it up. There's one
    behind it. Go get another barrel and do the same. Now get the checkpoint,
    grap a vine, and you'll end up in the next piece.
    Follow the hill behind the cages, and you'll find barrels. Get one,
    destroy a cage, get another destroy the second, then get rid of the third.
    Light them all then follow the other hill next to one of the cages. There's
    no giant stone there now so get the checkpoint ahead. Now kill all the
    C Droids here and turn right to the cliff. Throw Tak up it, so he
    can cross the bridge, kill the C Droids, and light the torch so
    Lok can get through to Tak. Now go over to the rhino down by
    the thorns and there's a cut-scene. One of my personal favorites!
    Now turn around and go back near the torch Tak lit.
    Pick up the baby rhino and take it to the mother. When
    the mother hears the baby's cry, she wakes up.
    Now you can jump on her to get through the thorns!
    To accelerate, hit A. When you get through the thorns,
    kill the C Droids. (if you already haven't with the rhino)
    Now use Lok to climb the vines. Follow the path to the two
    C Droids, kill them, pick up the baby. Throw the baby off
    but don't get down. Turn around and get on the side of
    the log that's facing up. The log comes down so Tak and
    Lok can both get across. NOW, ride the rhino and go through
    the thorns to get across. Kill the C Droids. Now grab a vine
    and ride down to this seperate island. Do the same thing
    you did on the island in the first part. Enter the portal
    to move on to the last part of the level.
    Part Three of Coast
    In the final part, kill all the C Droids you can to gain
    extra points. All you HAVE to do to finish is destroy the 
    three "Hatchers" here. (hatchers are things that re-create
    C Droids. a few hits will destroy them) Once the theree are out of the way,
    move to the portal to get your score!
    End of Level
    After the level there's a cut-scene.
    The next level is now available!
    Before going though, you should mix that
    recipe you found in the coast. All you have
    to do is go to the main part of the Juju Realm where
    you appear when you load. Go to the little pot that has a
    huge light coming from it and going into the sky. Press
    A when you get close to it, to have the screen come up.
    Move left to the card, then press the A button to mix it.
    Later on you can use gems to upgrade your weapons, health,
    and juju meater! But not yet. So just go to the next level now.
    Before you go, there's a cut-scene.
    Temple of Light  3.2
    Nab some vegies!
    "Did.. you just see something move in that sand..?" Tak says this at the 
    very begining of this level. Whatever you do, DO NOT fall onto the sand! 
    You will immediately be pulled down by a rock formation and you are killed.
    So hop across on the cliffs safely. There's some C Droids and and light the 
    torch. Now comes a new Droid! This guy is called a Big Droid. He has two
    crystals with him. He's easy to kill, just attack when he's tired.After he's
    done shooting out flame balls, hit him in the front and the back constantly 
    until he falls apart. Now that he's out of the way, switch to Lok to throw Tak
    up the cliff. Now go light the torch to let Lok up.
    If you some fruit or time bottles, make Tak or Lok stop, switch to the
    person who you stopped, move them on the button, then switch back to
    the person getting the fruit behind the doors.
    This technique works well later on in this level.
    Now continue on. In this room have Lok throw Tak up on the cliff and jump on 
    the cannon. Use it to blast all the hanging platforms. Once all of them are
    gone, hop across them to the island to the side and grab a time bottle and
    a fruit! Now go to the door. To the left of the door, there's pear. Now go
    into the other room, throw Tak up to lite the torch. Now kill the C Droids
    that come in now. After that, get in the cannon and blowup the two stones with
    faces on them. This reveals two more cannons. Use the left cannon to destroy 
    all the stones on the right, and the right to destroy all of the left stones. 
    On the right side of the room, there's a checkpoint. On the left, there's 
    another. Now go the normal way, (ahead) and throw Tak up to lite the torch. 
    Here's a puzzle. In this room, kill the C Droids, then make LOK stop. Switch
    him, and and toss Tak up the small hill. Now step on the button, and switch 
    to Lok without making Tak follow you. Now a huge pillar will come from the pit
    below you and is in view! Hop on it then jump across. Now switch back to Tak 
    and step on the button in front of you. Go back to Lok and hop across. Lite 
    the torch and switch back to Tak. Now have Tak go to the last button. 
    Switch to Lok to cross over. Kill the Big Droid, and step on the button, 
    now make Tak follow and he'll come all the way over. Now throw Tak on the 
    ledge to lite the torch and move on to the next part!
    Part Two of Temple of Light
    Start by lighting the torch on Lok's side. (just a reminder to
    switch press the Z button) Then switch back to Tak and move on ahead.
    Light Tak's torch, but don't switch back yet. Move on and hop across
    the pillars in the sand. In the next little room, light the torch, and
    then step on the small button to allow Lok to
    cross over to the next room.
    Light this torch to let out some C Droids.
    Let Tak kill his own, while you kill the C Droids as Lok.
    After they are dead, move Lok onto the big button thing, then
    switch back to Tak  and hit the button that was in the small chamber.
    This moves Lok up, so switch to him and jump over the wall
    Quickly switch to Tak and jump on the button. Now hit the small button
    with Lok to lift Tak. Once over the gate, kill the C Droids, light the
    torch (lets Lok move on) and keep moving until you grab the butterfly,
    then switch to Lok.
    Have Lok hit the button on the right. Switch to Tak and
    grab the barrel. Come out of that chamber and put it on the left  
    button which opens Lok's door. Now switch to Lok and hit the
    button to open Tak's door.  Make Tak go into the room, then switch
    to Lok and  go into the room also! Kill the C Droids. Now grab Tak
    and throw him up to light the torch. Now just hop over to 
    the portal and move on!
    Part Three of Temple of Light
    Now move forward and light the torch. Go into
    the cave and throw Tak up to light this torch.
    Now there's a cut-scene.
    Now kill the C Droids and destroy the hatcher.
    Make whoever isn't in the lead stop, and move the
    leader through this room to dodge the darts. Once
    the leader is through, switch to the follower and
    come to the leader. When the two are together, make it
    so the follower can follow again. In this room, light the
    torch on the ledge, and the room starts moving down. There
    are TONS of hatchers and C Droids on every level. Just keep
    killing and fighting your way down each and every level to the
    button of the elevator. Finally, at the bottom, go through the
    portal, and get your score!
    After you finish, you get a power-up from the party juju!
    Yes! Now you can use the blessing jems you wanted to use
    before. By the way, mix any recipes you found in the level.
    End of Level
    Caster's Hill  4.2
    Wake up rhinos with Stink.
    When you come in, move forward and grab the time bottle.
    Turn over to the right and you'll find a hatcher and lots of C Droids.
    Go for the hatcher first, the take out the C Droids. Hmm... looks 
    like something new... A Chanting Stone. To use it, go up to it and press
    X to start. Watch the stone, for when one of the arrows light up, do that on
    the control stick. ex: the right arrow lights up, so I move right. After you
    do that, icons come into the air. You press the two buttons that appear.
    Keep doing this process multiple times until the magic meter is full. Now
    that you've done that, floating bones appear so you can hop across...
    Now, you'll enter a cave. Again, take out the hatcher first. Then kill the
    C Droids. Now, grab the pear, light the torch to move on. Outside the cave,
    you'll meet two new enemies. The S Droid and the Droid Caster! These two
    enemies aren't hard to defeat.
    If you want a detailed explanation, take a
    look at the Monster Log. Anyway, on your way, kill the two S Droids, then
    you'll see your new friend. Take out the hatcher, then kill as many C Droids
    as yo can. Now go for the Droid Caster. He'll turn into a miny tornado and 
    move around. When he's done, you should be far away from him, because if you
    are too close, he'll just teleport away. Be far away, press Y with Tak to 
    throw, knock him out. Run over to him and hit him as many times as you can.
    Do this repeatedly, to kill him. After he's dead, move over to the chanting
    stone and do that. Now hop over to the island, and take out the two S Droids.
    Once they're gone. Light the torch. Now use Lok to throw Tak up the nearby
    ledge. Once Tak is up, follow the path to the end and jump off at the other
    side. Kill the S Droid and then jump on the Tredmill. All you have to do is
    push foward on the control stick and down't stop. There is another way that
    comes in handy in a future level.
    Push foward on the control stick. Then
    press Z while still pushing foward. Once you see through Lok's or Tak's eyes,
    (whoever is the follower no the leader) you can let go. You will see that the
    leader, now the follower, is still running! You have to do this meathod in a
    furture level like I said. Anyway, once Lok is across, follow the path to a
    time bottle. Continue with the path to reach... oh crap! Two hatchers and tons
    of C Droids!!! Calm down. Easy. Take out the hatchers, then kill all of the
    C Droids. After that, the torch is active. Grab the blue butterfly, light the
    torch. Okay, now do the chant on the stone. Now head over to the other one 
    on the little island. Use Lok to throw Tak up so he can light the torch.
    Hop down, and across to the middle island. Now there's a bone to jump onto.
    Hop across to this little island. Run to the other side and light the torch.
    The protal is now active! Run to it to get to the next part!
    Part Two of Caster's Hill
    Right when you come in, switch to Lok if you haven't already. Climb the vines
    to get a time bottle! Now jump back down and continue. Coming up, there's
    C Droids, and a hatcher. Take out all of them, and light the torch. The
    giant rock blows up so you can move on. In this new opening, move to the
    left to grab another time bottle. Now hop to the other side and start
    climbing the hill. Watch out for the crap that falls off, you might fall with
    it. At the top take out the C Droids and the hatcher. Light the torch to get
    rid of the giant rock. Now move over to the left to use the chanting stone.
    After using it, hop over to the new land and grab the time bottle. If you feel
    like snagging a recipe, go do the sidequest to the right. When you're done,
    move over to the other side and grab the vine leading down to another piece of
    land. There's a Droid Caster, a hatcher, and C Droids here.
    Once everyone's dead. 
    Light the torch to break the gates around the Chanting Stone. Run to it,
    and use it. Before jumping to the first bone, get the recipe under the cliff.
    Once across, enter the cave and destroy the hatcher and C Droids. Once you
    light the torch, take the left exit, for the right just leads to a inactive
    torch. Out here,  take out the hatcher and C Drouds.
    Now the torches are active!
    Run to the torch on the pole and throw Tak up. Light it, and move on to the 
    torch in this same place. Light it, then head for the other one that was 
    inactive before. Once all three torches are lite, the portal is open.
    Look for the Stink Plant. Touch these buggers, and you'll be stinky!
    Once you have bugs flying around you and you have an aura, you're stinky!
    Now go over to the rhino, she will wake up! Jump on her to run through the
    thorns to the portal. Once there, jump into it.
    Part Three of Caster's Hill
    When you start, look behind you to spot a time bottle. Move ahead to get
    a cut-scene with..... ugh... Vanessa.
    Oh... My... God.. that's just digusting... oh well. Move on!
    To get past Vanessa, jump to the mini island and get stinky.
    When you move up to her, she just waves her hand at her nose.
    Now's your chance. Run Lok! Run! When you get past her, kill the C Droids 
    and the hatcher. Light the torch on the pole. Then you'll find thorns
    and a rhino. Look around to find vines. Make Lok climb then, then there's
    somemore. Climg those vines, to find a Stink Plant. Get stink, and
    jump down and get on the rhino. Once past the thorns, use Tak to swim
    across and use the Chanting Stone to Lok across. Now light the torch with
    Lok and re-light Taks feather. Jump over to the island, and kill the hatcher
    and the C Droids. Now light the torch and move to the big piece of land.
    Now there are still four more torches to lite, and I'm going to name them.
    1) Find a tall cliff. Use Lok to climb the vines. Kill the two S Droids up
    here and light the torch.
    2) Find the hanging platforms. Jump across them to find a turning hill. You'll
    find another torch to light. Along with a crystal pack.
    3) Near the portal, there is another tall cliff that has vines on it. Use Lok,
    climb up and kill the C Droids. Destroy the hatcher. Now light the torch.
    4) Right next to the portal, there is a hill. Climb the hill and throw Tak up
    to kill the hatcher and C Droids. When they are dead, the torch is active.
    Grav the vine to swing down to light the last torch.
    Now the portal is active. Jump through to go to the last part.
    Part Four of Caster's Hill
    This last part is really short.
    But it has a new enemy. When you come in,
    there's tons of C Droids. There is one set that comes up, then another. 
    Then a new monster comes called the B Droid. These
    guys are tough, and have lots of hit points. But you can take
    him, can't you? Below is how to kill them.
    *The first attack it makes, it tries to hit
    you with it's arms. When he's tired, hit him to break them
    off. Then he tries to use his legs to kill you. When he trips
    and falls, hit em`. Now it tries to kill you one last time.
    By smashing you with his head. When he's tired, finish him off.*
    When you kill the B Droid, run for the portal! And get your score!
    After the level, there's a cut-scene with the Dink Juju. He seems
    to think you're doing a very bad job. So he gives you room to power
    up your weapons! Oh yah! Now you can put in blessing gems in your weapon
    socket! Whoo! Thank you! Now its time to move on...
    Now that you've finished the first section of the challenge, its time to go
    to the Prooooooving Grounds! To go there, go to where you mix the recipes.
    The protal is right under the scoreboard.
    Proving Grounds 1   5.2
    Simple enough... right? To win, all you have to do is choose a car, and bump
    all the others. When you hit another car with yours in the right direction,
    you gain points! When time runs out, whoever is in last place is kicked out!
    Good luck!
    After the challenge, you may realize that it is impossible to come in last
    place. The Black Mist come in last. But something weird happens... the
    Two-headed Juju can't count the scores right! So the Black Mist "help"
    the juju recount. The Black Mist are back in the game! >:| Holy crap!
    I knew they were cheaters! So the game remains the same. It's time to
    move on in the challenge, and to go to the next section of the
    It's time for the next world... Let's go!
    Kiro Biro   1.3
    Watch out for gator infested Water!
    Start by moving left and up the hill. Fight the NEW R Droids. Read how to 
    defeat them by reading the Monster Log. After they're dead, move on and hit 
    the switch to get across the water. Now there's a cut-scene. MY FAVORITE!
    Now use Lok's new suit to go underwater. Cut the ropes holding the barrels
    with the B button. When both are cut, switch to Tak and hop across to another
    island. Kill the two S Droids and the R Droid. Then hit the switch. This let's
    Lok move on. Switch to Lok, and jump over to the other side. Now cut these
    barrels. Also, hit the switch and grab the time bottles. Move Lok over to the
    left side of this underwater cave and break the stone to get some crystals.
    Now switch to Tak to cross over to yet another island. When you get across,
    hit the switch so Lok can get up, and change back. You can do this by
    going back into a new outhouse. There is one right here at the island.
    Once together again, throw Tak up the ledge and let Lok follow. 
    Get the time bottle, and start fighting the R Droids, S Droids, and hatchers!
    Once you've defeated them all, you free the Orangatang. Jump
    get on the leaf, and wait. You'll go flying! When you get up, take out
    the B Droid, then switch to Lok and climb the nearby vines up to get a
    barrel and light the torch. Make Tak stop, then switch to Tak. 
    When the B Droid is out of the way, move on, hit the switch to let Lok
    across, but not yet. Now (still being Tak) kill the R Droids and let Lok
    follow you. If he can't, (sometimes can't) just switch to him and come to Tak.
    When he gets to you, switch to him, then throw the barrel to
    destroy the thorns and get in the portal!
    Part Two of Kiro Biro
    When you start, get into the Lobster suit and go underwater.
    Follow the long path and kill the S Droids to the two stones
    with rope tied to them. Cut them, hit the switch, then continue following the
    path to more. Near the end of the path, there are more rocks, like I said.
    Keep moving to the end for some time bottles. Now move back to what look like
    little switches. Stand on the first one and switch to Tak. As Tak, jump
    across the barrels and the shark head statue, and hit the switch on the mini
    island. This allows Lok to jump to the second one. Now go back to Tak again,
    and hop across somemore barrels, then hit the next switch on the island.
    Now the third ledge is lifted. Switch to Lok and jump up. Now, go into
    the outhouse and call Tak. When he's there, start killing the S Droids
    and the R Droids. When all the R DROIDS are killed. A torch is activated.
    You don't have to kill the S Droids. Go over to the giant stone, and throw
    Tak up to lite the torch. Now move on. In this room, kill the S Droids and
    the R Droids. Also pick up the time bottles.
    When everyone of the Droids
    are destroyed, the ginat stone blocking the way is destoyed. Now move on
    and get the checkpoint. This is a big part coming up.
    In this new part, quikly take out the R Droid, then get rid of the B Droid.
    After that, the Orangatang is free. So hop on the leaf and you'll get swung
    all the way over to the other side of the land. When Tak lands, switch to
    Lok and jum in the cannon. Now you can guide Tak with the cannon. Use the it
    to destroy the giant stone. But before moving on, look behind you to spot a
    recipe on a huge piece of rock. To get it, come back to this spot with Lok 
    and throw Tak up. Now switch to Lok/Cannon, (Tak will fight for himself) 
    and help Tak fight. When all of the S, R, and B Droids
    are destroyed. Blow up the next giant rock.
    Take out the few S Droids here,
    then light the torch. Before going, jump down on the little piece of land and
    snag the tomatoe. Now that you've lite the torch, an outhouse is available for
    Lok. Get inside to get in your Lobster Suit. Now look for some sand that is
    visible under the water to walk on. Walk around the little island fighting
    the S Droids. When you come up from water, hit the switch. Then turn back
    into Lok. Now call Tak. When he gets there. Throw Tak up the cliff and let Lok
    climb up himself. Now use Lok to throw Tak up the pole to light the torch. Do
    the same thing for the other. Once both are lite, the portal will open!
    Part Three of Kiro Biro
    Part three is very short. Just kill the few R Droids and the two
    B Droids and you'll be set. You don't have to kill the S Droids.
    Now jump in the portal to get your score!
    After the level, the Mind Juju gives you new spells!
    Freeze & Shield
    Now head towards the next level!
    End of Level
    Time to go to the new available level... Parchlands..
    Parchlands  2.3
    Don't forget to use your spells!
    This is the easiest level in my opinion.
    Okay, let's get started.
    When you start, kill the C Droids and grab the barrel with Lok.
    Throw the barrel at the thorns to blow them up. Now jump on one of
    the vines. When you get down there's a cut-scene.
    After the cut-scene, use the mammoth to break down the thorns.
    Light the torches you go through every time you destroy the thorns.
    Also over to the left there is a recipe on a pole that you can get!
    Once you lite the last torch, there's another cut-scene.
    Now take this wimp out by throwing at him with Y. This stuns him
    for awhile. Now attack. It takes a few times to kill him and when
    he's done, move on and go through the portal!
    Part Two of Parchlands
    Grab a vine to swing down. Let go before you get to the
    end though, becasue if you don't, you'll hit the sand.
    And our old friend is back! Our sand snack. Get a barrel
    and blow up the thorns. Now grab another barrel (with Lok)
    and switch to Tak. Have Lok follow you, but run ahead to kill
    the C Droids so Lok doesn't get blown up if he is hit.
    When you reach the thorns, blow them up. Look left to see
    some little pieces of land. Go to the last one, and
    destroy the cases with lots of fruit in them. Now move on.
    Throw Tak up to light the torch ahead. Follow that nearby path
    to find yet another pole. Throw Tak up to get a recipe. Now run back
    to where you were and move on. Be careful not to get knocked off by
    the swinging bags. Grab a vine, and go into the temple.
    Part Three of Parchlands
    In the temple, get a barrel, and throw it
    at one of the rocks with faces, then do the same
    thing to the other. Now throw Tak up to the top of the
    pole and lite the torch to open the door! In this room, throw 
    Tak up the left or right ledge. Then use the Grapple Spell to pull 
    Lok over. Now switch to Lok, climb up the vines, and get the barrel.
    Use the barrel to blow up the stone. In this big room,
    go over onto the big circle in the middle of the room. There's
    a new monster, called an F Droid. More details in the Monster
    Log. Wait until he let's out the C Droids, then he stretches out.
    This is when you hit one of his crystals. Do this one more time
    to kill him. Then light all the torches around you. Now go back to
    where you come into this room.
    Look left, to find vines on a ledge.
    Climb it to get a barrel and light the torch. Now go back to the 
    circle and move left. You'll see a stone with a face on it. Blow 
    it up, and light the torch. Now switch to Tak and go back to where 
    you came into this room. Look RIGHT this time, have Lok throw Tak 
    up the ledge. Once there, light the torch. Jump across the little 
    pillar tops to the other side, and light the torch there. Now jump
    down and call Lok. When he is in sight, use the Grapple Spell again.
    Switch to Lok, and throw Tak up to light the torch. Now jump
    through the portal to the next part!
    Part Four of Parchlands
    Start by using the Chanting Stone. Once you're done with that, hop across
    the platforms. Now follow the path killing all the S Droids in your way.
    At the end of the path, you'll find a cut-scene.
    Now throw Tak up to light the torch. Now use the Chanting Stone here, to make
    the platforms appear. When you land on the second one, instead of jumping
    normal to the next piece of land, do a glide. Once across, break the bags
    to get lots of fruit. Now on your way down the path, watch out, the S Droids
    really deal some damage. When they bite. One you get past all of them, there
    are those swing bags again! Get passed them to come to a dead end...
    Just throw Tak up the cliff to the portal! You're at the end now!
    Part Five of Parchlands
    In this final part, all you have to do is kill the F Droids, and the
    C Droids that come with them. When everyone of them are dead, you
    can finally say that you beat the Parchlands!
    Afterwards, Flora and Fauna come and give make it so
    you can put more blessing gems in your Mana Section!
    Next you do realize this is the last level of the Second Section coming up!
    You're on your way!
    End of Level
    Gates of Nocturne  3.3
    Some enemies are best fought at a distance.
    When you start, grab the bug near you, also hit the plant to get a pear.
    Jump over to the big rocks that break. C Droids break out and attack you.
    Kill them all then throw Tak up to light the torch. Now head over to the
    right and hit the plants on the way to get pears. Near the baby rhino is
    a different kind of plant though, hit it, and it spits our some fruit.
    Now grab the rhino with Lok and head on over to the huge thorns.
    Hop across the floating platforms to the two adult rhinos. Throw
    the baby at them to wake them up, then jump on one. Run through the
    thorns to come back to where you were. Then break through the wall.
    Now kill the C and R Droids with either Tak/Lok or the rhino. (way easier)
    When they ALL dead, light the torch on the pole and jump to the little island.
    Grab the bug and get the fruit from the plants. Now jump into the portal
    ahead of you.
    Part Two of Gates of Nocturne
    Nab the vegies from the plants. Now move on. Kill all of the C Droids
    and then light the torch. This creates some platforms to cross over. Kill
    the C Droids here too. Then jump run over infront of you and kill
    the C Droids and the R Droid, then light the torch there. This makes 
    a way across. Through this cave, you get ambushed mutiple times. 
    When you exit, you have to deal with another ambush. Now get ready
    for another battle. Now move left to find R Droids and a Droid Caster.
    Kill the R Droids first, then take out the Caster. Now lift Tak up
    so he can light the torch. Then run across to the other torch. Fight these
    R Droids, then light the torch. When the torhch is lite, head for the portal.
    Part Three of Gates of Nocturne
    When you come in, kill the R Droids.
    Then when you enter the cave, kill all the S and R Droids in your way.
    Then light the torch on the torch. Enter the huge room. There are tons
    of Imps here. When they break out, kill them all. When the last one is
    killed, the doors open. Kill the C Droids right here. Light the torch
    to get a checkpoint. Enter another room with some more Imps. When they
    break out from the cages, kill these guys. When the doors open, a new
    monster comes out... called a G Droid. Throw at them to kill them.
    Now hop down the floating platforms and throw up Tak to light the torch.
    Now enter this last room. Blow up the thorns right infront of you to
    find a sidequest. Then blow up the rest to find a torch on a pole.
    Now enter the portal.
    Part Four of Gates of Nocturne
    When you start, start on the right, there's a torch, but it's not active.
    focus on killing the Droid Caster first, once he's dead, kill the rest of the
    G Droidss and R Droids. Then get rid of the hatcher. The torch should now be
    active. Light it, and jump over to the other side to do the same with all the
    other Droids and hatcher. When they're all gone, light the torch. Now you can
    go to the end. Move on foward to a little island, lite the torch on the pole
    by throwing Tak up. Then jump through the portal to get your score!
    After the level, there's a cut-scene with the Devil Juju. He gives
    you new space for new blessing gems on your weapons!
    End of Level
    Wow, already time for the Proving Grounds Two? Well you remember the rules,
    right? Just... don't lose!
    Proving Grounds 2  4.3
    It's still not possible to come in last.
    So don't worry. Just do as you did last time. You should
    do fine. Once again the Black Mist lose. After the
    Proving Grounds 2, there's a cut-scene. Oh great! There
    go the Black Mist cheating again! they framed the Gramazons!
    Figures... so the Gramazons are eliminated instead. Now it
    leaves the challenge with Your team, the Jibajabas, and the
    Black Mist... After the cut-scene, Section 3 is available.
    Let's get this over with. Ready?
    Section 3
    Run up the big hill to the top.
    Enter The new level. Wait! Before you do,
    there's a cut-scene.
    Fowler's Murk  1.4
    Beware of Wind that can blow out your feater!
    When you enter, walk around the wall, then throw
    Tak up the ledge. Get the fruit, and hit the bee
    hive. Now run over to the water, and see a gator
    head pop out of the water. Let the bees go after him.
    Now you can cross. Do a double jump then glide across.
    Follow to the island and light the torch. Then jump back to
    the land. Exit into the next part of the room.
    Here, grab the veggies, and don't let Vanessa see you. Cross
    over to the stinnk plant. Get stink and go past her. Now jump
    over to the island. Kill the C Droids and move to right. Throw
    Tak up to light the torch. What this does is, bring up a platform
    so you can get to the island and light the torch. When you light it,
    go over to the exit and... exit!
    Part Two of Fowler's Murk
    Run past all the hatchers and C Droids towards a NEW
    outhouse. This is the Chicken Suit! See the cut-scene.
    Now get rid of the four gates with
    exploding eggs. Then light them. Now look for
    a gyser and jump on it. You'll start floating up.
    Look right to see a torch, get it. Now float across
    to another. Light that one too. Now float over to the portal.
    Exit this part.
    Part Three of Fowler's Murk
    Kill the C Droids here, then destroy the crystal package.
    Now use Lok to grab the barrel. Blow up the gates. Now watch out
    becasue there's wind blowing that can blow out your fire on your
    feather! Once you get through, light the torch. Now throw Tak up,
    to the vine, now use the Grapple Spell to get Tak over. Now kill
    the C Droids and the hatcher. Climb the vines with Lok. When at the top,
    make Tak stop, then switch to Tak. Make Tak step on the stone in the ground.
    Now switch back to Lok. Follow the path to a switch. Now switch to Tak
    and come to Lok. If you want, there's a sidequest right next to you.
    Now throw Tak up to the torch. Continue to the next part and kill all
    the C Droids and hatchers. Then if you want grab the recipe nearby.
    Now just throw Tak up the cliff and light the torch. Just go through
    the portal now to go to the last part.
    Part Four of Fowler's Murk
    Okay, focus on killing the C Droids and hatchers first. Then take out the NEW
    GI Droids. A Giant Droid is really big. Just wait until he takes two step,
    and stands on his two feet. That's when you attack. When he's dead. Exit
    to get your score.
    After the level, you get new spells.
    Spirit & Taunt!
    Now feel free to mix any recipes you want.
    And now its time for the next level. Get ready!
    End of Level
    The Deepwood   2.4
    Watch out for spiders on the tree that blend in!
    Okay, really short level. But first, there's a cut-scene.
    After that, you'll start the level. Really basic. Just climb for the top.
    Throughout this part, Tak must protect Lok from spiders that blend in and
    will make him fall if touched. Also there are torches, fruit and veggies
    thoughout this part. Once to the top of the tree, go through the portal 
    to the next part.
    Part Two of The Deepwood
    This is the normal part of the level.
    Run to the big part where you'll find a NEW enemy.
    These guys are called SK Droids. Kill the R Droids
    then attack the Sk Droids. To kill them, do the
    Double Jump + B attack. Then hit him to get rid of a crytal.
    Do this multiple times to kill them. Once they are both
    dead, climb the vines over by the water, and LET, i repeat,
    LET Vanessa get Lok. Once at her nest, let her kill an S Droid.
    Then you kill the other. Now the giant rock should be gone. Before going, 
    go to the sidequest if you want. Move on to a large log. Continue 
    to a new part. Kill all the C Droids. Then take out the hatcers. 
    Now kill the two SK Droids and the one on the hill. To there, 
    have Lok throw Tak up. When all of the Droids are destroyed, 
    the giant rock explodes and the portal is active. Jump into it!
    Part Three of The Deepwood
    The same as the first part.
    Just climb. This one is a bit more
    complacated though. There are more spiders,
    and more mushroom packs to blow up. Its a
    bit puzzling too. You have to find different ways
    out of it. Anyway, when at the top, jump through the
    portal to get your score on the Deepwood!
    After the level, there's a cut-scene with the
    Candy Juju. He gives you room to add blessing gems
    to your HP socket! Go ahead and mix some recipes for
    yourself. Now use the blessing gems to upgrade your
    HP! Oh yah!
    End of level
    Time to go to Ambush Grove... I hate this level.. its not bad though.. you
    could say that... NOT!
    Ambush Grove   3.4
    When you start, turn left to get a pear, and grab three blue butterflies.
    Then, come back and turn right. Grab the vine, swing down and get the 
    checkpoint. Now destroy the R Droids here to move one. Now run and jump
    off the cliff with Tak or Lok. But make the follower stop before they fall
    off. Once the B Droid and R Droids are gone, switch to the follower and get
    in the cannon. (this method is easier) Blow up one of the rocks on the cliff.
    This gives you a passage! Now get out, switch to the leader and call the
    follower. Move on through the mini cave and come into a big open spaced room.
    Now get the yellow butterfly, then climb the tree trunks. Then turn right
    again to find crystal stons and tons of time bottles. Now jump over to the
    inactive torch and kill the R Droid.
    Now light the torch and move to the
    next part. Do the same here, kill the R Droids, and light the torch.
    Over on the new piece of land, kill the ti-ki guy first. Then take out
    the R Droids. Now throw Tak up to light the torch. Now grab thevine ahead
    and find yourself against a baddy. Take out the B Droid and light the torch
    on the pole. Now move on. If you want a recipe, make Tak stand on it and stop
    him, then put Lok on the platform make Tak get off. When Lok get to the top,
    get the barrel, put it on the switch, and both get on the platform. Now use
    Tak, and throw (Y) to both get up. Now throw Tak up to the sidequest. Anyway,
    move on and get the checkpoint. Kill the two B Droids to blow up the rock.
    Now go through the portal.
    Part Two of Ambush Grove
    Move on to find badies. Kill the ti-ki guy first.
    Then the B Droid and R Droids. Move on to do the same
    thing. Kill them all and move on through where the giant
    rock was. Now grab the vine, swing down, and jump on the
    mammoth. Use this guy to bust through the rock, or you
    could have a little fun by killing the R Droids. (you don't have to)
    Now kill the ti-ki. Attack the R Driods then, look for the orange
    feathers. Throw Tak up there. Now make Lok stop, climb to the top
    and light the torch.
    Now switch to Lok and move over to the vine
    coming down. Look for some climbing vines. Once you're up, jump across
    and get some crystals. Then climb those vines. Light the torch here,
    and ride the vine to the island. Light this torch to destroy the rock.
    Jump on the vine and as you come down, call Tak so he'll be right behind you.
    Follow the long path to a small room. Light the torch to blow the walls and
    this reveals a giant room. It takes about 40 hits to kill each Big Droid
    here. Just keep shooting them with cannon blast over and over again.
    Once the last one falls, get your score by hopping over to the portal.
    After the level, the Party Juju gives you more space for blessing gems on
    you HP! Whoo! you're stocked up with recipes so get mixxing!
    Wow... that was short. Its time for the Proving Grounds 3!
    Proving Grounds 3   4.4
    Its actually possible to lose this time!
    Try your hardest to win this time because you can
    lose. If you don't come in last, the Jibajabas will
    be eliminated. This is it now. After this, the Black
    Mist will suddenly get extremely good. This is where
    the challenge gets hard. It doesn't matter though,
    becasue it will be fine at the end. You can't lose
    until the end of the challenge. Okay, lets go
    and finish up the game!
    Section 4
    Time to go to the last section.
    There's only two levels here instead of three.
    The even better thing is that they're not very long!
    Lets's get started!
    Ghastfall   1.5
    Use sheep on treadmills.
    When you start, switch to Lok, and stop Tak.
    Then turn right and jump up the hill. Grab
    the barrel, and then jump off. Switch to Tak, and then turn left and run over
    to the sheep. Hit it, to bring down the platform. Now switch to Lok and call
    Tak. Now (with the barrel still with you) jump across and throw the barrel 
    at the thorns. Then, jump over and hit the other sheep. Now jump over, get
    the checkpoint, and attack the R and B Droids! When the giant rock blows
    up, get the checkpoint, and cross the lilypads. Now when you get to the
    pad with vines next to it, stop Tak, and climb with Lok. Hit the 
    switch to see some pads come up. If you want, follow them to a recipe 
    and time bottles. Anyway, continue to move on to the checkpoint, then kill the
    R Droids here, and grab the crystals in the stones.
    Now climb up, get in the 
    Chicken Suit. Fly up on the wind, and shoot out an
    egg to blow up the thorns. Now quikly change back to Tak. Now grab the vine, 
    and swing down to an island. Kill all the tons of R Droids. Then throw Tak up 
    to light the torch. Then get into the Lobster Suit!
    Now go underwater and follow the path (killing the S Droids)
    and break the two ropes holding the barrels. Now get out of
    the Lobster Suit in the outhouse. Then call Tak. When he gets there,
    climb up the ledge. Kill the R Driods and the B Droid. When they're
    dead, get the crystals, and throw Tak up the cliff. Get into the
    Chicken Suit. Now fly on the wind and fly up to the ledge.
    Now get out of it again.
    Now step on the button to blow up
    the rock. Then pick up the sheep. Then fall down and have Lok follow
    you. Have Lok get into the Lobster Suit. Now follow the path
    to an Orangatang. Let it pick up the sheep and then let you fly
    over to the next island. Now ith Lok, go underwater next to the
    Orangatang and come up on the island. Go into the outhouse and
    grab the sheep with LOK. Now call Tak and jump up the hill.
    Put the sheep on the treadmill, and hit it. Now have Lok or Tak
    jump on one of the treadmill. Do what I said on the other level.
    Keep moving up on the control stick. Let go after you press Z.
    This should result in the character still moving on the treadmill!
    Now just jump on the last treadmill with the other character and move
    foward. Then the portal with open to move on to the next part!
    Part Two of Ghastfall
    Start by stopping Tak. Then
    climb the hill with Lok. Kill all the S Droids up
    here. And then climb the vines and grab the vine.
    Get into the Lobster Suit. Then have Tak move to Lok.
    Now go underwater and kill the S Droid. Then hit the switch
    to let Tak go across. Now move ahead, and hit the sheep on
    the treadmill. Now Lok can move! Move Lok and now in here,
    kill all the S Droids and get the time bottles. Now move
    on with Tak and hit the next sheep.
    Now go into the next room
    with Lok and do the same as you did in the previous room.
    Keep moving and find a little platform in the water. Step on it,
    and switch to Tak. Run past the Orangatang and grab the sheep.
    Move over to the Orangatang and get thrown over to the island along
    with the sheep. Now put the sheep on the treadmill and hit it.
    Hit the switch behind the gates. Now Lok is moved up. Now go into
    the outhouse, and get on the treadmill. Do the method writen
    in the first part of Ghastfall. This brings down a platform.
    Now switch to Tak and come back down on the vine. Jump over to Lok
    and get off. Now throw Tak up the pole to light the torch to move on!
    Part Three of Ghastfall
    Just kill all the R Droids. Over and over again... then sooner
    or later, some B Droids will come up. Kill them all to access
    the portal. Jump through to get your score!
    There's a cut-scene with the Two-headed Juju.
    You get new spells!
    Barrel and Stink!
    Obocodobo Crypt   2.5
    Have the other player wait to avoid dart traps!
    Start with Tak. Either use the barrel spell,
    or just use the one sitting next to you. Once all the
    thorns are out of the way, move on to the treadmill,
    kill the C Droids, then stop and switch to Lok. 
    Now move on and jump on the treadmill. Switch to 
    Tak's side and kill the C Droids in here.
    Then leave and get on HIS treadmill. Switch to Lok, get the barrel,
    and blow up the thorns. Now move on, as Lok, and kill
    all the C Droids. Now light the torch, and move on into
    the next chamber. Switch to Tak, and move on to the next treadmill.
    Now move on it, and let Lok through to Tak's side. Now get off,
    and get on as Lok. This time, go to Lok's side with Tak and swim
    over to the sheep on the treadmill.
    Hit it, to unlock all of
    the doors. Now put Tak back on the treadmill. Move Lok over
    to his side again and find some vines, climb then, and jump down
    into a piece of land next to a lake. Watch out! Don't fall in the
    water! Now, jump across the pieces of land. Then climb the vines
    and up here, and kill all the C Droids and the few SK Droids.
    Then Light the torch! Now switch to Tak, and wait awhile.
    Some SK Droids and C Driods will pop out of nowhere. Kill
    them to light the torch. Now swim to the very other side
    and come up onto the land. Kill the C and SK Droids. Then
    go through the doors, and get your feather lite. Now go back and 
    light the torch. Then meet up with Lok. Now throw Tak
    up the pole, light the torch and move through the portal!
    Part Two of Obocodobo Crypt
    When you start, move Lok over to the left,
    then make him stop. Now run to where the arrows stop.
    Now switch to Lok and come to Tak. Throw Tak up to get
    the recipe. Then, kill all the C Droids and hatchers.
    Then throw Tak up to light the torch. Now, move through
    the path and watch out for the darts, especially with
    the follower, the follower will most likely be kill so
    stop the follower, get the leader past the darts, then
    move the follower across. Now, throw Tak up to light the
    torch, then this will blow up the thorns. Now there's a
    cut-scene. My 2nd Favorite!
    The lyrics to this
    rap are in the extras section!
    Now swim over to the Chanting Stone with Tak, and when you're done,
    the water will turn into ice. Now kill the C Droids and the
    SK Droid. To destroy the hatcher on the ledge, what I do is
    do the barrel spell. Then walk over right under the ledge with the
    hatcher on it. Then I let a C Droid hit me. This destroys
    the C Droid and the hatcher. Now light the torch. Move on through this
    room. Don't get hit by the axes! When you finish going through the path,
    light the torch on the pole after you kill the C Droids and hatcher.
    Use the method I said previously 
    to destroy the hatchers. Now run into the
    chamber and kill the SK Droid. Now light the next torch 
    infront of the chamber across from where you are. Now kill
    the SK Droid here, than light the  last torch. Go into
    the portal to get your score!
    Now there's a cut-scene, and you'll get
    a new space for your HP upgrading! It's time now...
    its time for the Proving Ground Final...
    Proving Grounds Final   3.5
    This is it...
    first there's a little cut-scene.
    Revealing Travis, the Dark Juju!
    He's using his powers to cheat! Now
    if you win, the Black Mist set their score
    to yours. So its a tie. You must play again.
    If you win again, you get tied again. Now its
    the end... if you win, you win! Then you win the
    Moon Juju's favor! Congratulations!
    THE END!
    This is the Extras section! 
    The place has tons of fun stuff to do in the game!
    Potion Recipes  1.6
    1)  22 13 52 Silverstone jump across 3 shark heads
    2)  31 48 23 Silverstone behind you after the floor collapses
    3)  84 17 18 Light temple where there are 3 cannons through door sidequest
    4)  33 24 94 Light temple where there are 3 cannons different door sidequest
    5)  28 59 23 Caster’s Hill after 4th chant stone jump to a 10 timepiece, 
                 turn right sidequest
    6)  19 10 15 Caster’s Hill on ledge after 5th chant stone
    7)  66 14 22 Kiro Biro on ramp behind Tak after Lok has to use the cannon
    8)  37 41 29 After cannon fight when taking Lok to get recipe 7 go straight 
                 ahead, jump to barrels
    9)  21 96 7 Parchlands area where you ride the mammoth on pedestal
    10) 15 25 44 Parchlands after you ride the vines past some swinging bags
    11) 45 16 26 Gates of nocturne behind 2nd checkpoint before going thru
    12) 19 28 13 Gates of nocturne area where Lok throw barrel at thorns sidequest
    13) 49 18 19 Fowlers on stone in water use bees to avoid gator
    14) 86 22 16 Fowlers sidequest in plain sight use bees to avoid gator
    15) 25 27 26 Deepwoods sidequest on ledge wher you first meet the spiny guys
    16) 74 28 61 Ambush Grove sidequest step on buton to lower platform and hold 
                 it with a barrel
    17) 48 21 45 Chastfall climb Lok up vines and step on switch to raise stones 
                 jump to recipe
    18) 49 55 42 Ococodobo top of last dart tower in the 1st group of dart towers
    19) 71 81 51 Obocodobo turn to right when in front of 1st group of darts. 
    20) 73 65 51 Haven’t found this in game.
    It is an extra anyway (just put it in on the Universal Recipe card)
    Universal Recipes
    6 18 3 Bonus Music
    11 55 44 Vehicle Concept Art
    83 49 34 World Concept Art
    67 8 20 Bonus Music 2
    33 22 28 Juju Concept Art
    20 17 5 Bonus Sound FX
    50 84 92 Bonus Sound FX 2
    24 40 11 Add Particle Effects
    48 57 57 Add more particle effects
    F.A.Qs   2.6
    Q) Why is this F.A.Q. for GC only?
    A) Because I only have the GC version. I
    also don't feel like figuring out all the
    controls to the other versions and configuring it.
    Q) What are the lyrics to that one rap scene?
    A) Lol! I have them! They're right after this!
    Q) What happended to the guy who was taken over by the Dark Juju?
    A) He is in Gates of Nocturne. Go to part two after the first time
    you see Travis in his body. He will be there.
    Q) Help! My flame went out on my feather!
    A) Relax. To relight your flame, either go to a torch and touch it,
    or move over to the follower and lite it from them.
    Q) How do I get Lok's 4th upgrade?! I see its in the blessing gem thing
       but its not available.
    A) That's the point of meeting Crug. There is a pattern of where
    to go next to meet him. See Extras to find out.
    Q) Do you have the Potion Recipes?
    A) Yes I do, look at the very begining of the Extras
       section to see. Pretty sure we've got them all.
    Monster Log  3.6
    C Droid- C stands for Crystal. 
    These are actually called rockers. 
    You only time you can catch that name is on
    the first level. They are the little guys
    made of blue stone with a cystal inside him
    Big Droid- BIG guys, brown colored, HAVE absolutely
    no idea what these guys names are... These guys
    have two crystals on em`. One on their back, and
    one on their stomach. A few hits on the crystals
    should break them.
    Woody- These were the enemies in Tak 2. 
    Just little bluish colored guys.
    These guys are only in the tutorial and aren't 
    in the rest of the game at all. I guess the 
    gamemakers just wanted to bring
    up a flash from the past or something...
    Gator- Ah yes... The gators. These guys are colored
    red across their bodies. If you ever come up to an
    island across from where you're standing, and you see
    a little head pop out of the water, that's the old
    Gator! Don't worry, he just wants to be your FRIEND.
    To distract these guys, get some bees to follow you,
    get near the gator, and the bees will move over to
    him, attack it, and that's that.
    S Droid- These guys are called Snake Droids. Again,
    I have no idea what their real name is. All they do
    is come out from the ground and shoot poison blasts
    at you. And when you get close, they stretch out and
    try to bite you. This is sort of where the name comes
    from. The only good thing about these guys are that it
    takes only one hit to kill them. The crystal is right ontop
    of their stupid, little head that I hate!
    R Droid- You really don't want to know how I came up with this
    name. Okay, I was having a dream with these droids in it, and
    all of a sudden, one of their heads turned into Ratchet's head!
    OMG! OMG! So they are called Ratchet Droids. I warned you!
    Anyway, these guys are similar to the C Droids, but instead
    they have a crystal on their tail. A little bit harder to
    destroy, you can double jump then press B to do the stun attack,
    then attack the tail. That's one way. Or you could stun him,
    then get behind him, jump, and press B to do the spin attack.
    This kills him in one or two hits.
    F Droid- F Droids are big, blue, monsters
    that are easy to kill. They are called Fat Droids.
    After one puts out some Droids, it stretches out,
    now you can hit it. Doing this twice will kill it.
    Bye-bye Fat Droid!
    Hatcher- These aren't even really monsters. All these
    things do is re-create C Droids and R Droids. A few hits
    with the Double Jump B attack will destroy it. Or a lot
    of normal hits.
    Droid Caster- These guys are white. They have a crystal
    inside of them. But these guys are hard to kill with your
    weak weapon. You have to hit them a lot! These monsters
    can remake C Droids, R Droids, and G Droids! So watch out
    for these tough monsters!
    SK Droid- Spike Droid. Blue with tons of spikes on it.
    To kill, Double Jump + B. Then attack when upside down.
    Three times will destroy it! Come up many times in future
    after The Deepwood.
    GI Droid- Giant Droid. 
    Huge massive enemy. Blue, and tall. To kill,
    wait until it takes two steps foward and then it stands on
    its hind legs to attack. Attack when it stands up. Three
    times of this and it will fall apart..
    G Droid- G Droids are little guys who blow up if they
    touch you! G Droids are Grenade Droids. To get rid of them,
    you just have to be a few yards away and throw 
    (using Tak) and they will blow up and die. Simple enough, right?
    They have a pink crystal stack on their heads and are very short.
    B Droid- These guys take a lot of hits before they are
    killed. They are big guys. I named them B Droids for
    Buff Droids. The first attack it makes, it tries to hit
    you with it's arms. When its tired, hit it to break them
    off. Then it tries to use his legs to kill you. When it trips
    and falls, hit em`. Now it tries to kill you one last time.
    By smashing you with his head. When he's tired, finish him off.
    This is the Buff Droid. :D
    A Gaseous Rap Lyrics   4.6
    My name is Tak,
    and that's a fact!
    Don't give me no lip,
    or i'll attack!
    Doin this challenge,
    is really tough.
    the Black Mist stink,
    and they play rough!
    But it don't matter,
    we don't mind.
    cause in the end, we're gonna kick behind!
    The clock is runnin,
    its goin tick-tock,
    So i'll hand it over to my main man Lok!
    I'll take that beat and Lok's my name,
    eatin dung beatles is my claim to faim!
    Don't laugh at me,
    i'll punch your skull,
    i'll eat food, is makes me... full!
    Fish are stupid they smell like poop,
    and shabba.. shoop uh.. doop de.. doo..
    My ryme is done,
    don't give me no frown,
    just do my thing,
    and break it down!
    Get Lok's Last Hammer Upgrade   5.6
    Go back through Gates of Nocturne. At one point you will go to a cut 
    scene and find the little Black Mist guy tied up. He tells you to meet him
    at Caster's Hill. Go back through Caster's Hill and you will eventually go to
    another cut scene with him. He will say the hammer has been moved. 
    He will tell you to meet him at Ambush Grove. Go back through 
    Ambush Grove and you will find the last scene where he gives 
    you the hammer which is awesome. You don't actually get the upgrade until you
    go to the Blessing Shrine and add the 4th stone to lok's hammer.
    If that doesn't help, please e-mail me and tell me what the problem is
    or what you don't understand.
    List of Cut-scenes   6.6
    Jibolba Wonders Why Tak and Lok are Delayed
    Fish Don't Like Lok
    Catch the Pheonix!
    Welcome to the Great Juju Challenge!
    That ceiling may cave in on us!
    Waking up the rhino
    Smitten by Love
    Mommy! Its Dark!
    Talking to the JibbaJabbas
    Vanessa the Gorilla
    The Two-headed Juju can't Count
    That's my Lobster Suit
    Have you ever ridden a Mammoth?
    Lok Remembers.
    Grammazons get caught Cheating
    A Mysterious Juju helps the Black Mist
    Lok needs encouragement to Climb
    The Black Mist's Plan for the Moon Juju
    Tak's Trusty Chicken Suit
    A Gaseous Rap
    The Dark Juju is Revealed
    ~No Party?~
    What is Crug doing Here?
    The hammer is gone!
    Lok gets the Ultimate Hammer
    Usable Things/Animals   7.6
    Animals- Sheep, Rhinos, Orangatangs
    Things, Lobster and Chicken Suit, Switches,
    Barrels, Spells, Cannons, and many more.
    You want to know more? I doubt you do. But if you
    really do...... figure the rest out for yourself.
    Sidequests   8.6
    Behind you after "That ceiling
    may cave in on us!"
    Temple of Light
    Left side of room light torch
    to lift the door.
    Right side of room light torch
    to lift the door.
    More Coming Soon!
    Special Thanks And Other Crap No One Cares About  9.6
    Gamefaqs- Thanks for hosting this F.A.Q! Its the first one I've ever done!
    Gamecube/Nickelodeon/Other Companies- For making the game!
    aclosson11- for 4th Hammer Info
    JoshsrGames- Potion Recipe Locations!
    Text-image.com- Converted the Tak image
    Me- for buying this game! I love this game!
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    3) I do allow general topics about this game for
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    BY aclosson11 AND JoshsrGames.
    Do not copy this F.A.Q. on any site without my permission!
    I worked hard on this FAQ day and night and I do not want it
    to just be SAID to be someone elses.
    If you want to use this guide e-mail me.
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