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    Enemy Guide by Guacamole_Man

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    Version 1.0
    By Joel Impey (Guacamole_Man)
    Date started: July 11, 2009
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    1. Introduction
    2. A Guide to The Guide...
    3. Enemy List
      3.1 Rokker Enemies
        3.101 Regular Rokkers
        3.102 Fire Rokkers
        3.103 Rokker Conjurers
        3.104 Snake Rokkers
        3.105 Hefty Rokkers
        3.106 Headbutt Rokkers
        3.107 Rokker Shamans
        3.108 Rokker Golems
        3.109 Explosive Rokkers
        3.110 Earthquake Rokkers
        3.111 Spider Rokkers
        3.112 Spiky Rokkers
      3.2 Other Enemies
        3.21 Woodies
        3.22 Imps
    4. Frequently Asked Questions
    5. Version History
    6. Legal Carp
    7. Credits and Thanks
        Introduction    \
    Welcome to the Tak 3 Enemy FAQ! This is my second FAQ, and I hope that you find
    it to be awesome. This guide is designed to show you, the player, how to    
    recognise and defeat enemies in the quickest way possible. I only have access 
    to the gamecube version of this game, but I don't think there's much difference
    between the versions (at least enemy-wise). But enough chat, on with the FAQ!
        A Guide to The Guide...   \
    Now, in this guide, you'll find a layout for each enemy. The chart will look 
    something like this:
    Appearance: A brief description of how the enemy looks.
    Attacks: How the enemy tries to attack you.
    Crystals: The number of crystals an enemy has. Crystals are VERY important to 
              destroying an enemy, as this is the place you have to hit them.
    Hit Points (HP): How many hits it takes with Tak's standard blue swords to 
                     shatter each single crystal on the enemy.
    Crystal Spot: Where on the enemy the crystal(s) are located.
    Stun Info: Information regarding how the enemy is affected by stun attacks 
              (double jump attacks A+A+B). Some enemies can also be stunned using a
              throw attack (Tak Y). Some enemies are immune to stun attacks.
    Found in: What levels the enemy is found in.
    How to defeat: The part you want to see. A description on how to defeat the 
    Other Info: I'll comment on anything else you need to know.
    *Please keep in mind that rokkers with more than one crystal will release a 
    fiery 360 degree blast (I'll just call it a fire blast) when you destroy one of
    their crystals (excluding the last crystal). This blast can easily hurt you so
    it is best to back off after you deal the damage. Interestingly, Rokker 
    Conjurers and Shamans do not do this.
        Enemy List      \
    3.1 Rokker Enemies
    Rokkers are the main enemies in the game. Most consist of blue-ish stone 
    and one or more bright pink crystals. But that's where the similarities end. 
    Rokkers come in all shapes and sizes, and attack in many different ways. Each
    is unique in it's own special way.
    Appearance: Small blue-gray spherical guys with that will sometime roll into a
                ball, but for the most part run on two legs.
    Attacks: Will run or roll up to you and do a melee two handed grabbing attack.
    Crystals: 1
    HP: 3
    Crystal Spot: Belly
    Stun Info: When stunned, will turn curl up into a stationary ball. Throwing 
               at them will damage them, not stun them.
    Found in: Silver Stone Coast, Temple of Light, Caster's Hill, Parchlands, Gates
              of Nocturne, Fowler's Mirk, The Deepwood, and Obocodobo Crypt, as 
              well as Proving Grounds 3 and Proving Grounds Final.
    How to defeat: Just go up to them and attack. The quickest way to get rid of 
                   them is to use a (A+B), (A+Y) or a (A+X) attack.
    Other Info: The standard rokker enemy. Not very difficult to handle at all when
                there's a few around. But when there's a lot of them swarming you,
                the going can get tough. Use a spin combo with Tak (A+X) or spin
                attack with Lok (A+Y) when you're surrounded.
      3.102 FIRE ROKKERS
    Appearance: A medium-sized dull red dome-shaped rokker with smouldering yellow 
                eyes. His front legs serve as dual lava cannons.
    Attacks: This guy has two attacks, one used at mid-range, and the other at long
             range. The mid range attack is when he repeatedly shoots lava blasts 
             at you. The long-range attack is when he stamps the ground twice, then
             the ground underneath you will start to become disturbed shortly
             before lava spews out from that spot.
    Crystals: 2
    HP: 3
    Crystal Spot: One is on the stomach, the other is on the back.
    Stun Info: Can only be stunned after it stops firing, will seemingly freeze and
               do nothing when stunned. I suggest not using a stun attack for this
               guy, as you don't need it and it wastes time. Throwing does nothing.
    Found in: Temple of Light and the end of Ambush Grove
    How to defeat: The way you defeat them in level 2 is very different from level
                   9. There's a different way to kill them, depending on the level:
                   Temple of Light:
                   When you first approach him, he'll start shooting lava blasts at
                   you. Keep moving to avoid them. He'll eventually stop and shake
                   his lava blasters (guess it's jammed), which is where you rush 
                   in and attack. Take out his stomach crystal, then he'll perform
                   a fire blast. He'll fire at you exactly the same as before, and
                   then stop again, and rush in and take out the crystal on his 
                   back. Piece of cake.
                   Ambush Grove:
                   Use the cannons to shoot at them. Be careful of the long-range
    Other Info: It took me forever to figure out that these were the guys at the
                end of Ambush Grove. Their lava blasters can severely hurt you, so
                be sure to make sure both Tak and Lok are avoiding them.  
    Appearance: Slightly bigger than a Regular Rokker but the same general shape,
                this guy is easy to recognise because he's white instead of blue.
    Attacks: Conjurers don't attack directly, instead they poof up either Headbutt
             Rokkers, Regular Rokkers or Explosive Rokkers depending on the level.
    Crystals: 3
    HP: 3
    Crystal Spot: Stomach
    Stun Info: Throw (Tak Y) at these guys to stun them. An (A+A+B) attack will 
               also work, but it's very slow and these guys are fast. You're better
               off just throwing. When stunned, these guys will clutch their heads
               and move it in a circular motion.
    Found in: Caster's Hill and Gates of Nocturne.
    How to defeat: When you first encounter this guy, he'll be a white tornado that
                   you can't hurt (but it can't hurt you). Then he'll stop and 
                   disappear into the ground. He'll pop up a short distance away 
                   and start to conjure up a Rokker. This is where you leap into 
                   action. If you're really lucky and he popped up close to you, 
                   just start attacking him (a spin attack works best). If you're a
                   little farther away, which is what usually happens, start 
                   throwing at him to stun him. Keep throwing until you're in range
                   for a spin attack. 
    Other Info: These guys spend most of their time as an untouchable tornado, and
                when they stop to conjure up a rokker, they waste no time at all. 
                These guys are quick, so you'll have to be quicker. You'll also
                never know where he'll pop back up, so stay on your toes. When 
                you encounter conjurers at the end of Gates of Nocturne, be careful
                because they conjure up Explosive Rokkers.
      3.104 SNAKE ROKKERS
    Appearance: A long, blue-gray segmented body, with a head that has a crystal on
                top and large mandibles.
    Attacks: This enemy has two different attacks. The first attack is used when
             you're far away from it. It will fire green blasts at you from a 
             distance. Once you get close to it to attack, it will start to bite
    Crystals: 1
    HP: 1
    Crystal Spot: On top of the head.
    Stun Info: Can't stun as the stun attack will kill it. Same goes for throwing.
    Found in: Caster's Hill, Kiro Biro, Parchlands, Gates of Nocturne, The 
              Deepwood, and Ghastfall.
    How to defeat: Throwing is you best bet against these evil guys. If you find 
                   yourself already in close, then just smack 'em. 
    Other Info: Pure evil. Snake Rokkers can cause a lot of damage, and can also
                attack from a distance. The good news is, one hit will kill them.
                They usually appear off to the side when you're fighting other
                enemies and hurt you with their blasts, so it's a good idea to take
                these meanies out before dealing with the other guys. These are 
                also the only Rokkers that Lok will encounter underwater.
      3.105 HEFTY ROKKERS
    Appearance: A medium-large bulky blue grey brute that walks about on two legs.
                Has large arms and broad torso, and smouldering yellow eyes.
    Attacks: This enemy has three different attacks, as it changes each time you
             destroy a crystal. The first attack, when you first encounter him, 
             consists of approaching you and then spinning around in a circle,
             trying to crush you with it's fists. Once it's first crystal is gone,
             it will then try to do a front flip and crush you with it's legs. Once
             you take out the second crystal, it will hop around trying to crush 
             you (at this point it's just a torso with a head). 
    Crystals: 3
    HP: 1
    Crystal Spot: All three are on the torso.
    Stun Info: Immune to stuns and throws.
    Found in: Kiro Biro, Ambush Grove and Ghastfall. There's also one at the end of
              Caster's Hill.
    How to defeat: When you first encounter one, it will do it's arm pounding  
                   attack. Move a little bit away to easily avoid it. It's head 
                   will then fall off once it's done (kinda random...). Quickly 
                   rush in and smash it once the head drops off. It will then do a
                   fire blast, and you'll notice the arms are no longer their. It
                   will then try to backflop onto you, again just move away to 
                   avoid. It won't be able to get up after the backflop, so move in
                   and attack. It will then do another fire blast, and it will no 
                   longer have any legs. It will try to hop around after you. Move
                   a good distance away to avoid this, as this time he moves pretty
                   fast. His head will then fall off again, revealing the final 
                   crystal. Run in to smash it and then he'll be gone.
    Other Info: If the Hulk was a Rokker, he'd probably look like this guy. Be sure
                not to get hit by these guys, as their attacks will stun you for a 
                short time. Also, each time you destroy a crystal, he moves faster,
                so look out because by the time he's just a torso and a head, he 
                moves pretty quick.
    Appearance: Medium-small, two-legged, pink-eyed, almost-animal-looking fellow
                with a tail that has that distinctive pink crystal.
    Attacks: It will try to, as the name implies, headbutt you and send you flying.
    Crystals: 1
    HP: 3
    Crystal Spot: The tip of it's tail.
    Stun Info: Use the double jump stun attack to stun it. When stunned, it will
               stop moving and swing its head from side to side as if it's dazed.
               Immune to throws.
    Found in: Kiro Biro, Gates of Nocturne, The Deepwood, Ambush Grove, and 
    How to defeat: There are two ways to defeat these guys. The first is to avoid 
                   the first charge, and then it will stop. Rush in and attack THE
                   TAIL. The other way is to stun it with a double jump stun   
                   attack, and then attack its tail while it's stunned.
    Other Info: The thing to remember about these guys is to attack the tail. Some
                players will waste lots of time attacking the creature's head, not 
                knowing that they're doing no damage whatsoever. These guys often,
                if not always, come in groups, so make sure you take them out one 
                at a time. If one of it's attacks hits you, you'll go flying
                (sometimes off the map), and be temporarily stunned.
      3.107 ROKKER SHAMANS
    Appearance: A tall blue-gray and pink guy, most notably recognisable for the 
                halo-like ring of gems around his head.
    Attacks: Interestingly, this enemy has no melee attack. It attacks by throwing 
             magic balls of stuff at you.
    Crystals: 2
    HP: 3
    Crystal Spot: Torso
    Stun Info: Throw at it to stun it. It will stand there and move it's head in a
               dazed circular motion when stunned. An (A+A+B) attack is pretty much
               useless, as you won't be able to get in close enough to use it.
    Found in: Parchlands and Ambush Grove.
    How to defeat: Easily the most annoying guy to attack (especially when you 
                   first encounter one in Parchlands). If you get too close to this
                   guy, he'll disappear and pop up somewhere else. The trick is
                   (using Tak) to throw at him from a distance to stun him, then
                   rush in and do a spin attack (B+X). Repeat and he'll be done.
    Other Info: Very quick. Pretty similar to the conjurer as he can pop anywhere,
                so stay on your toes. This guy is very annoying. I noticed that 
                when he's around other rokkers in Ambush Grove, he casts a blue and
                pink fiery thing that causes all nearby rokkers to have a blue and
                pink flame on them. I have absolutely no idea what this does, so if
                you know, please notify me.
      3.108 ROKKER GOLEMS
    Appearance: A very large, almost fat, somewhat ogre-looking blue gray guy.
    Attacks: This enemy has one direct attack, and also one indirect attack. If you
             get really close to him and stay their for a second, he'll send you 
             for a loop. His primary attack will happen when he starts to make 
             grunting noises and looks like he's about to take a dump. Instead, 
             he'll have three Regular Rokkers pop out from him.
    Crystals: 2
    HP: 3
    Crystal Spot: Chest.
    Stun Info: Immune to throw and stun attacks.
    Found in: Parchlands.
    How to defeat: Wait for him to perform his primary attack. As soon as he's
                   finished, he'll put his hands in the air as if celebrating a
                   victory, revealing two crystals on his chest. Quickly rush in 
                   (ignoring the Regular Rokkers) and smash one with a (A+B), (B+Y)
                   or (B+X) attack. He'll do a fire blast, and then repeat the
                   process. You know what to do.
    Other Info: Keep your distance before he performs the primary attack. If
                you rush in too soon, he might bat you aside. If you miss your
                chance to hit him, he'll turn into an unbreakable ball until you
                destroy all the Regular Rokkers, and then do the attack again.
    Appearance: A small, blue gray guy with a crown of pink crystals on it's head,
                and a strange yellow circular glow coming from it.
    Attacks: Simple yet effective. It runs towards you and as soon as it touches
             you, it explodes, sending you flying and leaving you temporarily  
    Crystals: 1 (although it looks like there's more than one on it's head)
    HP: 1
    Crystal Spot: Top of it's head, in plain view.
    Stun Info: Can't be stunned, as a stun or throw attack will kill it.
    Found in: There's a lot at the end of Gates of Nocturne, and a few random ones
              in Obocodobo Crypt.
    How to defeat: KEEP YOUR DISTANCE, and simply throw at them. One hit will kill
                   it. A melee attack will kill it too, but that will cause you to
                   get blasted away.
    Other Info: These guys are fast, and it's pretty hard not to touch them,
                especially when they're in groups. I wanted to call them kamikaze
                rokkers, but explosive works too. They produce a weird sound aside
                from their grunting, almost like one of those old wind-up toy cars.
    Appearance: A huge, bulky mass of stone, has two large front legs and two small
                rear ones.
    Attacks: He tries to crush you with his front legs. Be careful, the attacks
             create a very large shockwave.
    Crystals: 3
    HP: 3
    Crystal Spot: Stomach and chest.
    Stun Info: Immune to stuns and throws.
    Found in: The end of Fowler's Mirk, as well as Proving Grounds Three and   
              Proving Grounds Final.
    How to defeat: When you meet him, he'll start to go through a certain series of
                   crushing attacks. First, he'll do a small hop where both his 
                   front legs come off the ground a little bit. This hop will not 
                   hurt you. Next, he'll bring his right front leg forward and try
                   to crush you with it. Move away to avoid being squashed. Then 
                   he'll try with his left. Again, keep your distance and you'll be
                   OK. Then, he'll rear up on his hind legs, revealing three  
                   crystals. Quickly move in and destroy a crystal before his legs
                   come crashing down. He'll then perform a fire blast. This 
                   will be repeated until all three crystals are destroyed.
    Other Info: Huge. The grand-daddy of the rokkers. Make sure you get in there 
                and deal damage so you won't have to wait until he reveals the 
                crystals again. He can destroy Regular Rokkers with his attacks. 
      1.111 SPIDER ROKKERS
    Appearance: It looks a lot like a Spikey Rokker, except it's brown and only 
                appears on the climbing trees in The Deepwood.
    Attacks: Will crawl towards you. If it hits you, you'll fall off the tree.
    Crystals: 1
    HP: Unknown. You can only attack it with the cannon, which instantly kills it.
    Crystal Spot: Probably on it's belly as you can't see it.
    Stun Info: Unknown. You cannot perform stun or throw attacks because you're
    Found in: The trees covered in vines that Lok must climb in The Deepwood.
    How to defeat: Shoot it with the cannon.
    Other Info: These guys only appear on the climbing parts in The Deepwood, so
                the only way you can attack them is with the cannon. Because of
                this, I can't get much information on these guys. I first thought
                it was a Spiky Rokker, but Spiky Rokkers have three crystals and
                are blue. They are VERY hard to spot, so stay on your toes.
      1.112 SPIKY ROKKERS
    Appearance: A four legged blue creature with a shell covered in spikes. Also 
                has a small tail.
    Attacks: It's primary attack is to hurl the spikes of it's shell at you, but if
             you get in close it will do a ground pound, which creates a shockwave
             that can stun you.
    Crystals: 3
    HP: 2
    Crystal Spot: It's underside.
    Stun Info: Immune to throws. An (A+A+B) attack will flip it over, leaving it
               temporarily vulnerable.
    Found in: The Deepwood and Obocodobo Crypt.
    How to defeat: Quickly approach it and hit it with a stun attack (A+A+B). It 
                   will flip over, revealing three crystals. Smash a crystal, and
                   then it will perform a fire blast. Keep repeating until it's 
    Other Info: It's actually pretty easy to avoid the spikes. This guy isn't too 
    3.2 Other Enemies
    These are enemies other than Rokkers, so they don't have crystals. I'll just 
    list how many hits it takes to kill these guys.
       3.21 WOODIES
    Appearance: If you've played Tak 2, you should know what they look like. If you
                haven't, they look like weird humanoids made out of pieces of wood.
                They carry spears and have red eyes.
    Attacks: Will run up to you and jab you with it's spear.
    HP: Four hits will kill this guy.
    Stun Info: Can't be stunned, as throws will damage them and double jump attacks
               (A+A+B) will kill them.
    Found in: Feathercrag (the tutorial).
    How to defeat: The quickest way to get rid of one is using an (A+B) or (A+Y)
    Other Info: These guys only appear in the tutorial, I guess as a tribute to
                the prequel, Tak 2.
      3.22 IMPS
    Appearance: Small, green devilish-looking creeps.
    Attacks: Will come up to you and try to grab you with two hands.
    HP: 3
    Stun Info: Can't be stunned, as (A+A+B) attacks and throws will damage them.
    Found in: The middle of Gates of Nocturne
    How to defeat: When you encounter them, a huge mob will attack you, so just 
                   keep doing spin attacks (Tak: B+X, Lok: B+Y) to defeat them.
    Other Info: They only appear at one point in Gates of Nocturne, not overly hard
                to defeat.
        Frequently Asked Questions    \
    Q: How do I kill (insert enemy name here)?
    A: Read the guide.
    Q: But that doesn't work on my version! How do I kill him?
    A: It works on your version. You must be doing something wrong. Make sure you
       read the guide.
    Q: How do I contact you?
    A: Via email. My address is at the beginning of the guide.
        Version History    \
    July 16, 2009: VERSION 1.0 - All enemies are listed with detailed descriptions,
                                 frequently asked questions section created.
    August 16, 2009: VERSION 1.1 - Fixed some spelling and grammar errors.
         Legal Carp     \
    That's no typo! Anyway, this is an official document which contains the hard 
    work of me (Joel Impey). Nobody may copy this document for public use, unless
    with my permission. That means you can only put it on, say, a word document to 
    look at so you don't have to go on to GameFAQS every time you want to look at
    this guide. But NOTHING else. You are more than welcome to ask if you can post
    this on your website, just email. I will most likely say yes unless you've
    seriously wronged me in the past. This document is not to be published in any 
    form of media publication unless you have the permission of me before hand. The
    websites listed below have permission to have this guide published on their
    sites. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright, which I believe
    is illegal. This document may not, under any circumstances, be altered or 
    changed by anyone EXCEPT for myself. No part of this document may be used by 
    anyone without my permission. If you do use this document with my permission,
    you MUST give all credit to me. Thank you for reading this.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2009 Joel Impey
    GameFAQs: www.gamefaqs.com
    Neoseeker: www.neoseeker.com
    Pastel Forum (not that they'd want it): www.pastelforum.com
        Credits and Thanks    \
    THQ, Nick Games, Avalanche, ect.: for creating the game,
    My good friend Corbin: for lending me the game,
    My Wii: for not quitting on me,
    And YOU!: for taking the time out of your busy day to read this.
    I hope you have enjoyed reading this guide.
    End of FAQ

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