"Much better than the "terrible" movie of the same name, but not by much."

Anyone have seen the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie? I did. Yet I don't get it why nearly everyone loved it so much. I didn't like the movie and I really hesitated in buying this game when I saw it on sale at GameStop a while ago. I eventually bought it and started playing around in the game hoping that it's as horrible as the movie.

But boy was I wrong when I started playing this game. It was way much better than the movie, but somehow still not enough to fully nail gaming.

The story is that you are Charlie. He's a boy by no special standards except for hope. You somehow spot a dollar bill in the air and that's when the game really starts.

I have to say, Global Star Software did a decent job on making the characters look nice. But the levels themselves feel more like a hit-and-miss. The first two I was in were spotless, while the next one didn't look too good. I mean, the "chocolate river" isn't really solid and looks more of like a chocolate "solid".

The voice acting was nice for what the game holds. Thank god that Johnny Depp didn't make it into voice acting in this game. That was probably why I never liked the movie. But the entire voice cast, although never really sounded like the movie counterparts, were spotless and nice.

I also somewhat enjoyed the soundtrack in this game. It did have a few mysterious tunes that I liked at times. But the rest of the soundtrack seems to go downhill when time actually passes on.

I don't know about the PS2's version, but the controls for the GameCube were acceptable. The control assignments were nice and I sometimes complained about how the D-Pad was used for. But the response time was nice and I never had a real problem with working out the controls with such force.

Your goal seems to change with nearly every level. I recalled ever needing to chase down a dollar bill. Then, I'm stuck in the Chocolate Room trying to de-clog the pipes, whatever that means. There's just not enough variety to keep myself moving. There's no solid goal except to complete the level by doing "whatever" you're trying to do. It's just...err..umm...it takes time trying to make sense on whatever you're trying to do!! I hate it when video games continue to keep people guessing.

I also hated the level designs. They just made the game much harder and made everything worse (now you need to guess where you need to go. I hate this!!).

I just couldn't pass most of the game to give my final thoughts about this game, but I can tell you this: I think if you can try to bypass all of my complaints about the gameplay, you can complete this game in about 7-8 hours. I don't know what you earn after completing this game, but there's no reason to ever play this game again.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the GameCube is an alright game. It does have problems such as bad level designs and horrible objective renderings. But I have to give it points for a good soundtrack, acceptable controls and clever voice acting. This game is worth a rent. But if you think the movie is bad (just like me), well, then skip this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/17/10

Game Release: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (US, 07/11/05)

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