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    Boss FAQ by Manock

    Version: 1.11 | Updated: 11/22/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By Manock (shinn.asuka.destiny@gmail.com)
    [1] Introduction
    As with most games, people are going to run stuck on a boss because they run out
    of proper tactics. So that is why I wrote this guide. Know that the attack 
    names for the bosses are made up by me. I don't know the actual attack names, or
    if they have actual names.
    [2] Table of contents
    [1] Introduction
    [2] Table of contents
    [3] Black Bull
    [4] Egg Breaker
    [5] Heavy Dog/Blue Falcon
    [6] Sonic & Diablon
    [7] Black Doom
    [8] Egg Dealer
    [9] Devil Doom
    [10] FAQ section
    [11] Version History
    [12] Legal stuff
    [3] Black Bull
    Black Bull is a minion of Black Doom. A big, fat, blob-like thing with a single
    eye, that looks nothing like a bull. You fight him on Lethal Highway and in 
    Death Ruins.
    Flame Blast: He spits a ball of fire at you. Easily avoided. Just keep on 
    Flame Wave: A flame blast turns into a horizontal fire wave. Jump over it to 
    avoid it. You may have to jump several in succession.
    Bash: If you're close, he might expand and bash into you. Simply don't get close
    to him, and start your homing from a few meters away from him.
    Weak points:
    His eye is his weakpoint. It is out of your range, however. Depending on where 
    you fight it, the method for reaching it is different. 
    -If you're on Lethal Highway, wait for him to stop moving. When he stops, those
    black birds appear. If there aren't any birds, run to his other side, and wait
    for them to appear. Use your homing attack on them to get close to the eye, then
    repeatedly home in on it, until it moves away. You can also beat up an alien and
    fire at it. 
    -In Death Ruins, he remains high up. The only way to get to him is to use one of
    the bumpers in the arena to spring your way onto a grinding rail, then grind 
    down to him and homing, or stay far away, jump and shoot. Weapons can be gotten
    from the aliens on the ground.
    A-Rank Tips:
    For Lethal Highway, ammo runs out quickly, and replenishing it takes time. Be 
    sure to always have some ammo on hand, and use normal attacks when low. The key
    to getting A Ranks on any boss is by becoming Hero/Dark Shadow, this gives you 
    unlimited ammo. Also, abuse Chaos Control, make sure he's not facing you yet, 
    use Chaos Control, move in, and blast his eye to bits before he moves away. In 
    Death Ruins, getting ammo is a lot easier, but in either case, rapidfire guns 
    are the way to go.
    [4] Egg Breaker
    Eggman Returns, this time in a humanoid mech with a morning star. You fight him
    in Cryptic Castle, Mad Matrix, and Iron Jungle.
    Hammer Smash: If you're close to mid-range from him, he'll dash toward you, 
    jump, and smash down with his morning star, creating a shockwave in the process.
    or run away to avoid.
    Hammer Hit (Cryptic Castle Only): In mid to far range, he'll shoot his morning 
    star at you, creating a shockwave where it hits. It's similar to Hammer Smash, 
    but easier to avoid.
    Cyber Crowd (Mad Matrix Only): Eggman will create a bunch of large marbles 
    around him with his face on them, then fires them outward, in either a straight
    or curve-like motion. Keep your distance and dodge accordingly.
    Dual Laser (Iron Jungle Only): Two lasers will come from under the cockpit, 
    moving in an unpredictable manner. Just stay out of their way and you should be
    fine. Just don't be in front of him too long at one time.
    Weak Points: 
    As usual with egg mechs, the cockpit is the weak point. You can use the homing 
    attack to hit it, but a faster way is to beat up one of his pawns and use their
    weapons. Rapidfire weapons are the weapon of choice here, but missiles work 
    too, I prefer the rapidfire ones tho.
    Note for Iron Jungle: 
    Eggman is on a suspended platform in the middle here, out of your reach. Just 
    use one of the turrets on either side of the arena (don't bother with the 
    missiles, the turrets should be what's used) to shoot him off it, and resume 
    the fight as normal.
    A-Rank Tips:
    If you want a quick A-Rank, simply keep blasting with rapidfire weapons, 
    pausing only to dodge, and start blasting again, and repeat. For Iron Jungle,
    just stay in the Turret until it gets destroyed, it will leave behind a 
    machine gun which will make quick work of Eggman's remaining health.
    [5] Heavy Dog/Blue Hawk
    They look and act similarly, so I bunched them up. It's a cilindrical hovery..
    GUN mech thing, with missile turrents all around it. Heavy Dog is encountered 
    in The Doom, and Blue Falcon is encountered in The Ark.
    Particle Beam Cannon: A 360 degree beam attack. You'll see red, yellow or blue 
    shimmery things around the mech. It'll go from red, to yellow to blue. When you
    see it turn blue, get the hell away from it. It'll always fire at the same
    altitude as you are, so staying out of range of it, or jumping  (down) at the
    last second is the best option to avoid it. For Blue Falcon, this attack won't 
    be used if you're on the lower level.
    Missiles: The turrets shoot missiles. They're rarely fired directly toward you. 
    Usually somewhere toward the sky. Just don't be that high up and you don't have
    to worry about it.
    Hover Mines (Heavy Dog Only): As it moves around, it will leave hovering mines 
    behind, that detonate after a set time passes. Just don't be near them when they
    do. Note that homing attacks won't harm or detonate them, and you can actually 
    use them to follow and get close to the mech itself.
    Bombings (Blue Falcon Only): If you're on the lower level, Blue Falcon will
    drop bombs. They take a second to reach the ground, so predict their impact 
    and avoid. This attack won't be used if you're on the upper level.
    Weak Points:
    Both mechs have the cockpit and the turrets as their weak point, but they are 
    too high to reach with your homing attack. For Heavy Dog, climb on one of the 
    platforms,or homing attack along the mines. For Blue Falcon, use one of the 
    bumpers on the edge of the arena to get to the upper level. There's little room 
    to avoid the particle cannon here, so when the sparkles turn blue, jump down 
    again. In both cases, destroying the turrets will make it drop homing missiles,
    which you can use against it. This is highly recommended if you want your A 
    A-Rank Tips:
    To get your A-Rank, focus your attacks on one turret only. Once you break it,
    get the Homing Missile and abuse it. (Hold down the Attack Button for the 
    targeting laser, release when you want to shoot) Since it can fire at multiple 
    targets at the same time, just target the cockpit and as many turrets as you 
    can. This way, you can not only whittle down its health quickly, but you can 
    also keep replenishing your missiles.
    [6] Sonic & Diablon
    Finally, the score between Shadow and his rival will be settled.. Well 
    actually, the real boss is Diablon. A hovering humanoid GUN mech without legs,
    piloted by the Commander. You run into them in GUN Fortress Dark side, Black 
    Comet Dark side, and Final Haunt Dark side.
    Homing Attack: Sonic's only attack. It's unavoidable, but if you jump, or do 
    your own homing attack, you'll be surrounded by your little shield, and you'll 
    remain unharmed.
    Antimatter Cannon: Like the other GUN mechs, it charges up for a powerful 
    all-round attack, except in this case, it has a spherical radius, so staying 
    out of its range is the only option. The charge is complete when the charging 
    light becomes red. It's fired when he drops his shield. Blue shimmery light 
    will indicate the outer area of the blast, so get past that, and the attack 
    won't hit you.
    Laser Cannon: Its head also doubles as a laser cannon. While it's airborne, 
    it'll only fire when you're up in the air, but after it comes down to the 
    ground, the attack will be used regularly. Staying directly above him will 
    make sure you aren't hit, and while on the ground, you shouldn't be staying 
    in one place anyhow. This attack isn't used if you're in the range of his 
    swipe attack.
    Swipe: Once Diablon comes down, it'll start using its right hand to smack you
    around when you're in range. Simply jump backward to avoid it. After this 
    attack, he will stop dead for a second, so use this opportunity to get a 
    homing attack in.
    Weak Points: 
    Bashing Sonic is fun and all, but to empty the boss meter, you must attack the
    head. The problem is, Diablon's shielded. Lucky for us, it has to drop its 
    shield to attack. While it's suspended in the air, it's also too high to reach,
    however, if you use a homing attack on Sonic, you can use it as a stepping 
    stone to get close. Don't worry about the shield at this stage, Diablon will 
    always use its laser cannon once you get high up, so you can always get some 
    hits in. After he gets to the ground, the best opportunity is AFTER 
    (not during) his swipe attack. In any of the cases, get a few hits in before
    he puts up his shield.
    A-Rank Tips:
    Dark Shadow is your friend. As soon as the battle starts, look around the arena
    for weapon crates, and get a rapidfire weapon. First use homing attacks to get 
    Diablon to the ground, then once it's down, use the weapon to get its health 
    down quickly, but remember to only fire when its shield is down. Also, do NOT 
    deplete your ammo supply. When you run low, resort to homing attacks instead. 
    At least until you become Dark Shadow, then, once you're Dark Shadow, start 
    shooting like crazy, without worrying about anything. You have unlimited ammo,
    and you are impervious to any attacks. Don't use Chaos Blast, it'll deplete 
    the Dark bar, plus it's faster to just keep shooting.
    [7] Black Doom
    If you decide that the Black Arms don't deserve to be on earth, for whatever
    reason, this guy is your enemy. You run into him in GUN Fortress Hero side,
    Cosmic Fall Hero side, and Final Haunt Hero side.
    Chaos Control: He phases in and out the entire time. Just wait for him to 
    appear and attack, you can't attack him before he finshes attacking anyway.
    Chaos Illusion: He leaves behind an illusion of himself which will do any 
    of his other attacks. You cannot harm this illusion, and it will dissipate 
    after it finishes its attack. As Black Doom gets weaker, he will leave 
    behind multiple illusions. This sequence finsishes with Black Doom doing his
    own attack.
    Flame Disc: Two clouds appear on either side of him, and then two vertical 
    flaming discs will be fired in your direction. Move to the side to avoid.
    Meteor: Five clouds appear around him, which will turn into meteors that are 
    fired in your direction. They're easy to avoid, just don't stay in one place.
    Swift Strike: A purple horizontal disk will appear around him, and lower to 
    your level, then fire in your direction. Jump over it to avoid it. Be aware 
    that this attack can ricochet off other objects in the arena.
    Weak Points:
    His head is his weak point. When he's on the ground, you can easily get 
    three hits in after he finishes his attack. If he's in the air, you need to
    jump to him from one of the platforms. It sounds simple in theory, but he 
    has a lot of health.
    A-Rank Tips:
    In GUN Fortress, every corner has a weapon crate. First get the homing 
    weapon, and use it up entirely. You can get two hits in each time before he
    disappears. Then, get the rapidfire weapon, which gives you about six hits 
    each time. If possible, try not to fill your Hero bar until the start of a 
    new volley, just wait for him to disappear if the bar is almost full. Then 
    when he finishes his next attack, start firing like crazy, you should become 
    Hero Shadow now, and you won't have to worry about getting hit. Just get into
    position for your next attack, and start shooting even before he finishes 
    attacking. He should go down in no time this way.
    In Cosmic Fall and Final Haunt, the rapidfire weapons are stronger, and 
    there is no need to get a homing weapon first, go straight for the 
    rapidfire weapon.
    Also, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT use Chaos Control, it doesn't grant you any
    more hits than normally, and it drains the Hero meter faster.
    [8] Egg Dealer
    If you don't care about world peace or world conquest, it's likely that good
    old Eggman will become your last obstacle. He rides this weird four-legged 
    wheeled mecha, with a slot machine on its front. You run into him in Lava 
    Shelter (either side), Black Comet Hero side, and Cosmic Fall Dark side.
    Slot Reels: Eggman moves very rapidly around the arena. Each time he stops 
    and trips, one of the reels will stop. The reels will also stop if you hit 
    the buttons on his frontside. The resulting attack will be in favor of the 
    one who stops the last reel.
    Missile Fever: If Eggman gets three missiles in a row, a lock-on target will
    appear on you. Just keep moving and the missiles can't possibly hit you. If
    you get three missilesin a row, he himself will be a target of this attack.
    Bomb Fever: If Eggman gets three bombs in a row, he will pick up the pace 
    and run around the arena while dropping bombs behind him. Simply stay in 
    front of him or on the platform in the middle to avoid being hit. If you get
    three bombs in a row, Eggman will trip and drop a bomb on himself.
    Pawn Fever: Only Eggman can initiate this attack. If Eggman gets three Egg 
    Pawns in a row, a number of Egg Pawns with lances will appear around you. 
    Beat them up before Eggman makes his way toward you.
    Ring Fever: Can only be initiated by you. Line up three rings, and a lot of 
    rings will be dropped in the center platform.
    Shadow Fever: Can only be initiated by you. Line up three Shadow portraits, 
    to instantly become Dark Shadow.
    Weak Points:
    As usual, his cockpit is his weakpoints, however, your homing attack can't 
    reach it. Ever. Simply attack the buttons to turn his own attacks against 
    him. However, if you make sure nothing in particular gets lined up, crates
    will appear on the middle platform (unless you're in the middle platform 
    yourself, in which case they appear on the outer road). Smash the boxes to
    get a weapon. With weapons, you can damage the cockpit. The missile launcher
    is the weapon of choice here, but the laser rifle works too. Finally, a good
    way to damage him is to roll Shadow Fever and keep hitting him with Chaos 
    A-Rank Tips:
    Getting an A is real easy if you know what to do. First of all, the trick to
    hitting the buttons while he's moving, is to make sure you are running after
    it, and the buttons are facing you. Then, jump, but do not press the Jump 
    Button for a homing attack until you are at the peak of your jump. Any lower,
     and you will miss your window of opportunity. Second, the key to winning is 
    simply to keep attacking all the buttons. It doesn't matter what attack you 
    get really, because all of them are good. Except Ring Fever. If you get Ring
    Fever, simply ignore it and start hitting the buttons again. Make sure to 
    back off if you get Bomb Fever, because the explosion can harm you too. 
    Finally, if you get Shadow Fever, make sure you're running under it or in 
    front of it before releasing Chaos Blast. It will deal massive damage, and 
    you can pull it off about three times before you return to normal.
    [9] Devil Doom
    Ahhh the final boss. After going through the game to get all the endings, 
    you reach this monstrosity. It's a large.. black.. thing with two heads, one
    on each side of his body, and Doom's Eye flying from one head to the other. 
    You are Super Shadow. You run into Devil Doom in the final level, Last Way.
    About Super Shadow:
    -Super Shadow can fly, but you can only stay Super Shadow as long as you 
    have rings. The moment your ring count drops to zero, you revert to normal
    and will plummet to your death. Never let your ring count drop below zero.
    You get more rings by blasting the balloons that armong the debris that 
    surrounds Devil Doom while you're still far away. If your ring count drops
    below 50, move close to him so he'll warp away and summon a new bunch of 
    -The Jump button will allow you to get a speed boost. Use this to get close
    to him when you're far, and also to move in for the kill.
    -The Attack button will fire off Chaos Arrows.
    -Holding down the Attack button until Shadow says "Chaos", and releasing it,
    will fire off Chaos Spear. This is the only attack that can harm Devil Doom.
    -Destroying debris will fill up the Dark meter, while destroying meteors will
    fill up the Hero meter.
    City Debris: When you're far away, Devil Doom summons a bunch of debris from
    the destroyed city below, and tosses them at you. Fire your Chaos Arrows at 
    them to destroy them before they hit you.
    Meteor Laser: Meteors surround Devil Doom, which move around in different
    patterns, firing lasers at you. If you keep moving, none of them should hit 
    you. You can also destroy the meteors.
    Fire Breath: When one of Devil Doom's heads is facing you, it will enhale 
    and blast fire at you. Move sideways to avoid.
    Chaos Control: When you're too close for too long, Devil Doom will disappear,
    and reappear somewhere far away. He is likely to do this after you hit him 
    as well.
    Weak Points:
    His only weak point is Doom's Eye. It switches between the two heads, each 
    time you hit it. You can't miss it, one of the heads seems to have no eye, 
    when the other one does. If the head you're looking at doesn't have it, move 
    around it to the other one. The only way to damage it is to hit it square in 
    the eye with Chaos Spear, however, Chaos Spear takes a while to charge up, 
    and being too close for too long will make him move away. So stay well outside
    his meteor field while charging up, then quickly boost inside with the A 
    button, and release Chaos Spear when you're close. He'll probably use Chaos 
    Control right after it. As for Chaos Control and Chaos Blast, I find Chaos 
    Control messes up my aim, so I don't use it. Chaos Blast deals only little 
    damage to the eye, but it can be useful for taking out a large chunk of debris
    or meteors.
    [10] FAQ Section
    Q: What the hell? I just ran into the same boss twice!
    A: This happens sometimes. Some paths through the game have you run into the 
    same boss twice. You can not, however, run into Egg Breaker more than twice. 
    You can, however, run into Black Bull two times, Egg Breaker two times, and 
    you can also run into Heavy Dog and Blue Falcon in succession. Since Black 
    Doom, Sonic & Diablon, and Egg Dealer are all final bosses, you can only run
    into them once.
    Q: I have a much better tactic for that boss.
    A: If you send me a very nice uninsulting email, I will test the tactic out 
    myself, and will consider adding it to my FAQ, with credit of course.
    Q: I tried your tactics but I still can't do it.
    A1: Keep practicing, some bosses may take a few times before you get it down.
    A2: If you know exactly what it is you can't do, try emailing me about it. I 
    might have the answer and may even add it to my FAQ if it's something I 
    Q: There's something you haven't added to your FAQ, which would really add 
    to it.
    A: If I think it's worthy of being added, I will add it, and give you credit.
    Q: Can I add your FAQ to my site?
    A: Email me about it first.
    Q: Can I use portions of this FAQ for my own FAQ?
    A: Again, email me about it first.
    Q: Shadow the Hedgehog is a stupid game. Shadow with a Gun, WTF?
    A: For one, this isn't a question, two, I really don't care. Don't send me 
    anything like this.
    Q: My question is not in this FAQ.
    A: Send me an email (shinn.asuka.destiny@gmail.com) with the question. 
    I might have an answer, and might even add it here.
    [11] Version History
    1.11 - 11/23/05
    Fixed some spelling mistakes. My email address is correct now.
    1.1 - 11/22/05
    Completed the guide for Egg Dealer
    Added A Rank tips
    Edited Devil Doom so that it describes things for all versions.
    1.0 - 11/21/05
    First version
    [12] Legal Stuff
    This FAQ is copyrighted to Manock © 2005
    Only GameFAQs is entitled to host this FAQ, if you find it anywhere else,
    please tell me about it.
    Shadow the Hedgehog is © to SEGA

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