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"Not Chaos Theory, but a game not to me missed!"

As you might be able to tell from my gamefaqs login name, I am a huge Splinter Cell fan. I started my love affair with stealth games when I first played Metal Gear Solid, but even though I still like Metal Gear Solid, I find myself much more a fan of Splinter Cell, in witch it gives more of what it would really be like to be a spy, as opposed to the super soldier that Solid Snake is. I have now played all the Splinter Cell games in the series, and even though I still like Splinter Cell Chaos Theory the best, I found Splinter Cell Double Agent to be yet another award winning game in the tradition of Splinter Cell games. To be honest I have yet to move on to the next generation of game systems, so that has left me limited as to which port I could purchase of the game. I had orignally purchased a copy for the Xbox as it always seems to be the best port for the last generation systems, but I ended up exchanging it just due to the fact that I had beaten all the past Splinter Cell games on my Game cube. I feel I made a mistake on doing that, but I'll explain later as I'll now move onto my review.

As I don't want to spoil too much of the game, I'll try to give a brief summary. The story is told as in past tense as your being asked questions, which then lead up to your mission.
Sam Fisher has seen better days in his life, and if you're as big a Sam Fisher fan as I am you'll probably start to feel bad for him as you'll see how far he starts to fall. But with that being said Sam is still a good guy no doubt, but there are times when you'll question what he's become. There is a bit of an underlying love story this time around for Fisher but it's nothing too sappy, and by the end of the game you might shed a tear for Sam. There are at least two endings I know about but I'm still working on the second one, so I don't know if there's a big difference?

Game play:
For current generation owners Sam returns with the same move set you'll remember, but the hacking mini game has been re-worked to give a bit more challenge. As billed the game boast a trust meter in which you'll have to play good cop/bad cop but trying to find a middle ground in between, as you warned not to go full one way or the other. But honestly the meter is pretty easy to keep where you want it at, and if you do go too far to one side there really are no dire concerns as you can always fix it. The endings however use the trust meter as a gauge so you'll want to play to experiment with it for that reason alone.

Splinter Cell has always been a good looking game, and this one is no exception. The graphics engine has not been changed since Chaos Theory on the Gamecube, but that game looked really good anyway. Across the boards I would assume the Xbox boast the best of last generation graphics with Gamecube second and Playstation 2 last, but which ever system you play it on the game should look good.

For the most part they ported the sounds from Splinter Cell Chaos Theory into this game, but even though they were all well done back then, it still seems like maybe they could have added something new? The sound track is much improved with more of an epic soundtrack on par with Metal Gear Solid games.

Xbox, Playstation 2 vs. Gamecube:
Is there a glaring difference between the ports? Well aside from the Xbox giving more detail to faces and bodies, and the Playstation 2 having a few extra side missions you can play for some added value, you'll get the some game and story on all the systems. From what I hear the Xbox 360 has a lot less detail in the overall story then you'll get on last generation a system which is odd. It would be nice to have the extra missions that the Playstation 2 but I'm still happy with the game.

A great game you should not miss. But maybe it does not quite up to the hype that the game received before release. If you like action or stealth games then buy the game.

Buy or Rent:
Could be beaten in a rental but I recommend a purchase to get your moneys worth.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/21/06

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