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    Bonus Levels Walkthrough by Goldeneyerulz

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    From Russia With Love
    FAQ Description:
    Bonus Levels Walkthrough
    Created December 28, 2005
    This document Copyright 2005 Goldeneyerulz
    Table of Contents:
    (B)The Controls
    (D)The 00 Agent Walkthroughs               
    (F)Closing Statements
    Since From Russia With Love is relatively new, it's natural that
    many bond fans have not yet mastered this game. Sometimes the
    enemies can be relentless and overwhelming. On some levels it is
    imperative that you demonstrate several methods of attack to
    complete the missions. (i.e. stealth take downs, precision
    shooting, taking cover, reserving ammunition, etc.)Periodically I
    check the board for this game and I am constantly reading people
    are having difficulty completing the bonus levels for this game;
    I myself had a very difficult time at first. For these reasons
    alone I have decided to create a 00 Agent Walkthrough on the
    bonus levels to help those desperate gamers out there.
    Please note that because these are bonus levels they are only
    available once you have the required amount of rewards. Now, lets
    get on with the FAQ.
                             (B)The Controls
    Left analog stick  - Move
    Right analog stick - Switches targets/Aim while in Bond focus
    X        - Action/reload
    Triangle - Wall cover
    Circle   - Roll
    Square   - Bond focus mode after locking on to a target
    L1  - Lock on to enemies
    R1  - Shoot/Perform a stealth attack
    L2  - Weapon Select
    R2  - Crouch/Stealth
    R3  - Center Camera
    Start    - Pause
    Select   - View Inventory
    Rewards are the set requirements that you must complete in
    addition to finishing the level. The set requirements are as
    -Dispatch the set number of enemies
    -Complete the level in the given time limit
    -Perform the Bond Move
    -Complete the level on 00 Agent difficulty
    * You can find out what the bond move is by checking it in the
    pause menu at the bottom of the screen.
    (D)The 00 Agent Walkthroughs
    [10 awards needed]
    -Dispatch 36 enemies
    -Finish the level in 8 minutes
    -Perform the bond move [Kill the commandos]
    -Complete the level on 00 Agent 
    You begin the level inside a tunnel right behind a patrolling
    guard. Quickly crouch down and perform a stealth kill to
    eliminate him. Next, go straight and turn left once you come upon
    a group of boxes and explosive barrels. Here you will be met by a
    guard. Use your Bond Sense and aim high until he drops. Now you
    will be met by a guard directly to your right. Quickly dispatch
    him and shoot the explosive barrel to your right to take care of
    that soldier. Then shoot the big tank to your left to clear out
    any remaining guards. Be sure to collect all of the armor and
    ammunition the guards leave behind. On a small crate behind you
    there is a small bomb that you must defuse by holding the action
    Directly facing you is a small fence which you must clear by
    shooting it once, which will lead you to the next room. In this
    section of the tunnel a guard will immediately ambush you.
    Quickly dispatch him. Two guards with rocket launchers will be
    shooting at you from a distance. Quickly shooting them and do not
    bother with headshots. When they shoot missiles at you quickly
    roll to the left/right to evade them. Once this section is clear
    there is a bomb on the left wall which you must defuse. Collect
    any ammunition nearby and equip yourself with the assault rifle.
    Continuing down the tunnel, you are met with more vicious guards
    firing at you. Again, use your Bond Sense and target each soldier
    and dispatch them. Once the last guard has fallen, walk towards
    the pile of crates and defuse the bomb behind them. Up ahead take
    cover behind a small wall. The next three guards have shields
    which block your gunfire. Equip yourself with the bazooka and
    come out of cover. Shoot the rocket right in the middle of the
    three guards, eliminating them all in one shot. Further in the
    level this will save a considerable amount of ammunition. 
    Proceed forward and take out your assault rifle. Four guards will
    meet you in this next area so stay a safe distance away and take
    out all of the guards. Use headshots to reserve your ammunition.
    Collect all of their ammunition as you go. Two paths will be
    facing you, however, you must take the path heading upwards on
    your right side.
    From a distance away there is a guard walking away from you.
    Quickly ambush this guard with a headshot. Continue forward until
    you come across a guard on your left. It is imperative that you
    kill him quickly to avoid getting shot with his rocket launcher.
    Further down the tunnel there is a tough guard with a chain gun.
    Make sure you are a safe distance away from him or he will mow
    you down! Lock on to him and use your Bond Sense. You will notice
    that there are 3 glowing circles located on both of his arms and
    his chest. These circles mark where he is most vulnerable. First
    shoot the circles on both of his arms then shoot the one on his
    chest. This is much more efficient then just shooting him.
    In the next area you will find a bomb on the left wall; quickly
    defuse it. Without hesitating use the action button to use the
    gun stationed there. Eliminate the group of guards rushing you.
    Begin to head back through the tunnel you came through and in
    your inventory, take out your sniper rifle. Far away there is
    another commando which is suited with a load of body armor.
    Remember to keep your distance from him. With your sniper rifle
    shoot him in the head until he drops. By eliminating this pesky
    guard you will receive the Bond Move for the mission. Make your
    way back to where the two paths split and take the left path,
    then equip yourself with a rocket launcher.
    On this path 4 guards meet you all with bullet proof shields.
    Fire a rocket to defeat them. At this point of the mission you
    may be low on ammunition so equip yourself with your PP7. Shoot
    the guards in front of you next to the box cars. Now head up a
    ramp and use the chain gun to eliminate the guards opening fire
    on you. Now pick up the schematics behind the crate then defuse
    the final bomb.
    Mission Complete.
    [25 Awards Needed]
    -Dispatch 60 enemies
    -Finish the level in 20 minutes
    -Perform the bond move [Enter the secret room]
    -Complete on 00 Agent
    As the level begins, immediately push the glowing switch in front
    of you to proceed. Several guards will begin to ambush you, so
    dive to the wall for cover. Take the guards out one at a time.
    Conserving ammo in this level is essential in order to survive,
    so make your shots count by using headshots. While in this area
    guards will constantly be attacking. Use your surrounds for cover
    at all times. As the guards drop, make sure you search for ammo
    or body armor that may be nearby. When the room is clear continue
    to another door switch straight ahead. Next to this door there
    will be two towers with guards armed with bazookas, so be
    cautious. Also, look around the tower on the right to locate some
    body armor.
    The door opens and you enter a small, dark hallway. Make a dash
    to the left and take some cover behind a wall to elude the
    attacking soldiers. You should have picked up some armor and ammo
    here. Quickly defeat the guards and run down the hallway. Again,
    more men will emerge; silence them. Slowly make your way down the
    hall and exit through the big door.
    Bond, now enters a control room with a patrolling guard up head.
    Luckily he is behind a large glass wall, unable to see you. Take
    advantage of this and eliminate him quickly. Vault this small
    window and shoot out the next glass wall. Now the guards will be
    aware of your presence. Respond by pumping some lead into them.
    In the next two control rooms you should find plenty of armor and
    ammo to pick up. Continue to fight your way through, then
    activate the door switch to carry on.
    Inside this next area is another dark hallway, filled with
    guards. Run to your left to eliminate the guard that opens fire.
    Take cover and exterminate all guards within your view. Make your
    way down the hall and kill any more guards present. Now, activate
    the switch to your right and head down the stair case to the
    stone door.
    As soon as you enter this next ruin area start to fight all the
    way to the right side of this level until you hit the wall.
    Remember that you will be met with some resistance here. Make
    sure you have secured this area. A large room will be facing you. 
    On the right is a small platform which you need to jump onto and
    keep walking until you find the entrance on your left. Hop down
    to enter the secret room which will give you the bond move. Pick
    up the schematics before you leave as well.
    Keep heading straight through the ruins and eliminate any foes
    surrounding you. Guarding the door switch is a commando that
    needs to be killed. Take out the ronin from your inventory and
    place it right in front of his path. Take cover behind a nearby
    wall, and let the ronin do the work for you. This will have
    severely weakened the guard but he will still be standing. Equip
    yourself with a powerful weapon and drop him. Make sure that you
    are well equipped and that your body armor bar is full. Activate
    the door switch and head through.
    Another dark hallway awaits you filled with more resistance,
    ready to mow you down. Immediately make a dive to the left and
    take cover. Silence the guards in front of you and don't forget
    to pick up any armor and ammo laying around. Another commando
    will confront you so be smart and take cover. Use your bond sense
    and target the circles around him. These display where he is
    vulnerable. Once you have taken him out proceed down the hall.
    Gun down any more guards threatening you and open the stone door
    to the right.
    As the door slides open, guards rush into the area. First kill
    the two soldiers on your left. Then kill all the guards way in
    front of you by targeting them with your bond sense. When the
    last guard falls begin to rapple down the small wall. Follow the
    path ahead by jumping from platform to platform and rapple up
    another wall. You will be met with more relentless guards to the
    left. Make sure every guard is down and continue to rapple up the
    wall. You will be met with another stone wall. Activate the
    switch and head through.
    Heading into another hallway, you are met with more men sent to
    eliminate you. Run to the left to drop the big buff guard with
    the shotgun. Then pick up the ammo and armor. Now take cover, to
    avoid enemy fire. Keep peaking out of the wall and exchange
    bullets with the guards. Once they all dead, make your way
    through the hall. Several guards will emerge; take them out. At
    the end of the hall another commando awaits you. Keep a safe
    distance and shoot him where he is most vulnerable. Now, pull the
    lever on your right and head down the staircase. Open the stone
    door and arm yourself with a powerful weapon. 
    Bond steps foot into the final ruin area, taking fire from
    henchmen in every direction. Head to the right and take out the
    closest enemies first using your bond sense to save ammo.
    Continue moving around and take out each enemy one at a time.
    Constantly take cover to avoid enemy fire. Continue walking
    forward. You will notice that there is a small gap that you can
    not jump over. In the middle of this entire room there is a
    switch that you must activate in order to cross over this gap.
    Now take cover immediately. You will be met by one commando on
    your left. Shoot him in this vulnerable area and then aim right.
    Another chain gun guard begins to ambush you. Quickly drop him
    and clear up any other enemies. Head to the end of the area and
    get into the jet pack.
    Many henchmen will now be firing at you from all over the place.
    Don't worry about accuracy. Lock on to each target and fire like
    mad. Make sure you move left and right to dodge the missiles. If
    you look straight ahead there will be a blue marker where you
    need to land. One last threat will be blocking your path, so
    switch to your missiles and take care of him for good. Now, just
    land your jet pack and activate the tall stone door. You have
    successfully escaped the Ruins.
    Mission Complete.
    [40 Awards Needed]
    -Dispatch 25 enemies
    -Finish the level in 3 minutes
    -Perform the bond move [Destroy the car]
    -Complete on 00 Agent
    The level starts with Bond standing on a tall balcony with a
    sniper rifle in hand. Immediately crouch and begin to take out
    the guards approaching you on your right near some trucks. It is
    important to stay crouched the entire time so you only receive
    minimal damage. Believe me when I say your health bar will be
    almost depleted when you complete the level. Now scan the area
    and take out any guards nearby. Each time you play Plaza try to
    memorize the order of the guards attacking you.
    The guards will be firing at you in the bushes in front of you,
    behind the trees to your left and right, and by some poles to
    your left. Toward the end of the level the guards grow in
    numbers. Also, you will notice that some guards are wearing body
    armor, which means it will take two shots before they drop. To
    your left on the balcony there is some ammo just incase you begin
    to run low. Also, there is only one body armor on the balcony so use it wisely. 
    However, if you manage to eliminate ten guards, you will be 
    awarded with an additional body armor.
    I suggest only using it when your health is really low. For this
    level you greatly need to rely on your accuracy. Always aim for
    the head to take out the guards more efficiently. Once all 25
    enemies have fallen, all gunfire will cease.
    Mission Complete.
    [60 Awards Needed]
    -Dispatch 75 guards
    -Finish the level in 8 minutes
    -Perform the bond move [Dispatch 40 enemies without armor]
    -Complete on 00 Agent
    On this level Bond fights for control of the airport. You don't
    have to move around though. Like plaza you only have to kill a
    certain amount of guards before the level ends.
    You start next to a few cars in a parking space. Walk to your
    left until you come upon a yellow car. Behind it you will find
    AK47 ammo along with body armor that reappears each time you pick
    it up. Staying in this area practically guarantees your survival,
    for you have an endless amount of armor and ammunition.
    Endless waves of soldiers will attack you on Airport. Most of the
    guards come across the lot, but some guards holding shields will
    attack you from the right. Make sure you use your Bond Sense and
    aim at their weak spot. Once you eliminate 40 guards without
    using armor you will receive the bond move. From this point on it
    is okay to equip yourself with it. Occasionally, a commando will
    come to foil your plans so be prepared. After you destroy the
    charging guards you have a period of time where all gunfire
    ceases. Take advantage of this to equip yourself with ammunition
    or armor if you are running low.
    Use headshots on the guards so you will only have to deal with a
    little at a time. The last guard you will have to confront is the
    commando. Stay out of his sight and quickly kill him before he
    kills you.
    Mission Complete. 
    For those of you who may have some questions regarding the FAQ
    email me so I can clear some things up for you. I would really
    appreciate it if you gave me some input or if you contributed
    some ideas.
                          (F)Closing Statements
    Well, that's the FAQ I hope you liked it! I do not mind if this
    FAQ is used for another website, but please ask permission before
    doing so. I hope the FAQ helps all of those who are struggling.
    See you later!

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