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"This game is amazing."

Just as the sentence above me implies, this game is phenomenal. This review is categorized for all of you out there that use the Control + F method to find what you want out of a review. Now lets get into the details, shall we?

Introducing...Need for Speed: Most Wanted

This NFS, like other NFS series, is revolved around the street racing world. HOWEVER, (and there always seems to be a twist with every NFS game that somehow makes it a little different) this NFS not only focuses on street racing, but it elevates the seriousness of it as well. It's predecessors were all great Need for Speed games, but they centered a little more around racing missions. They also centered a little more around just trying to get a more modified car to race with. When you had that modified car, then you needed to get a better car than that. This game combines all that into a balanced formula adding a little mischief and vengeance in. I hope I have you hooked, because we aren't even to the core of the review, yet.

Gameplay- 10/10

This game has great gameplay. The control is spot-on and if you don't like it, you can change it with the performance tuning on your car at the pause menu. (Kind of like NFS: Underground and Underground 2 but better) Sometimes doing one thing leads to another. The game has certain racing missions that (mostly in story mode) lead to a adrenaline-pumping, white-knuckles police chase. (Ala, NFS: Hot Pursuit 2) As the police chase you, you're bound to hit things along the way. This is a good and bad thing, but mostly good. Just as in real life hitting things over while evading cops results in a larger and larger cost-to-state ratio depending on the size and destruction of the object that you just hit, of course. This adds to your overall bounty, which adds to how hard the police chase after you each time they spot you going 195 on a 54 mph highway. This means that if your bounty is at 14, 200, it results in a small to medium chase. (small local police cars to small undercover police cars) But it also means that if your bounty is at 1, 250, 000 (that's no exaggeration either) the police will stop at nothing to nab your rubber-burning butt. (Light police SUVs to helicopters) I could go on and on about how you have to avoid roadblocks and such, but let's just stick to the basics.

Story- 9/10

Alright, I want to keep this short and simple. (Translation: I don't want to spoil anything.) The Blacklist is a 15 person list of the most wanted and most popular racers on the streets. You begin as number two on the Blacklist of racers. Which means you went through pure hell to get there. You're up to face number 1 on the list, who's nickname is Razor. As you race, the competition between you and Razor apparently heats up because the police starts to chase you two. As you start to gain the advantage, you get an incoming call from Mia, your friend who is also hooked up on street racing. She tells you that there's something wrong. One thing leads to another (Again, I don't want to spoil anything.) and you end up in jail, where you swear to work your way back up to the top of the Blacklist and getting your most-deserved race against Razor. You start at number 15 on the BL. You must complete not only races, but milestone missions (which, VERY OFTEN, starts out with you being chased by the po-po. Your bounty must also be large enough to challenge your rival racer. The races and milestones (as well as the police) will get tougher and tougher as the game progresses. Guess it wasn't that short after all, huh?


These next two sections will be very short. I wish I could give the graphics an 11 because every time I see a cutscene it looks like a Playstation 3 game. In-game visuals may not be on the same level as the cutscenes, but they are at a close second. Buildings whizzing past you as well as billboards for Burger King, Full Auto repair, etc. add to the overall realism of this game.


Not too much to comment on. The soundtrack seems to be well-balanced for a game like this one. The voice-acting is perfect and have no faults. And when I say none I MEAN NONE WHATSOEVER.

Play Time/Replayability-10/10

I STILL haven't beat the game and have had it for months. Unless, you stay on top of this game 24/7, I can guaran-damn-tee that you WILL NOT beat this game in anytime soon. Your career completion is only a small step to completing the game. The challenge mode is, unbelievably, a challenge to complete. Top all of that off with a solid career and multi-player mode and you've got yourself an amazingly long game. The length of this game can probably be seen as only second to Super Smash Brothers: Melee. And that is LOOOOONG.

Well, BigJon1448, do you recommend it?

I'm gonna stare at you like you are an incompetent fool. OF COURSE I RECOMMEND IT!!! This game got my cousin (who to that point hated racing games in general) hooked up on the multiplayer action in that game. By now, every store is bound to have a copy. Whether it's EB Games, Gamecrazy, Best Buy, Circuit City, or Blockbuster, YOU NEED TO PICK THIS GAME UP!

You could've just as easily chose another review to read, but you chose mine... and for that I thank you.

See ya later!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/02/06

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