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""Unbelievable Sense of Speed"- That's for sure."

Being the latest addition to the Need for Speed series, this game packs heat...literally, you'll see. Chased by cops has never been better, unlike Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted actually has different levels of cops, similar to those of Grand Theft Auto, and truly unbelievable sense of speed. Speed breaker, and addition and also a ripoff from Midnight Club 3. Oh my god, I know I didn't just say that.

Gameplay 10/10
As I said a few words back, this game is very fun, having to be chased by cops pumps andrenaline in your blood, not knowing if you'll get busted by the cops in 10 seconds or 10 minutes. The game's control are the same as Need For Speed Underground series, though you cannot change the camera. The game will be difficult to anyone not being familiar to the Need for Speed series.

Story 9/10
So, basically the story starts of as you, a hotrod tuner car importer racer, racing in Rockport, the fictional city whereas the rest of the game will take place. Duh. Anyway as I was saying you start of as a winner and end up as a loser after meeting Sergeant Cross, then get your Rep up and go through the Blacklist 15.

Graphics/Sound 10/10
Oh man, this one is very rough. The graphics are not as good as the Need for Speed series. The setting is in the daytime, but hey, atleast you can see the reflections of your sorroundings on your cars backside. The sound is okay, though some of the songs get very repetitive, which really makes you wanna crush you TV set.

Playtime/Replayability 10/10
There is so much to do in a city that's about 200 square miles or whatever, and best of all, COPS. You'll let go of this game in about three years.

Final Recommendation BUY
Buy this Game !!!!! It's only $20 !!! Can you believe it. It didn't even went from 40 to 30 dollars. Slashed prices in half. Get the game, it's fun and cheap, in price terms.

Well this ends my Review.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/16/06

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