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"Now you can run from the police without any worries!"

Retaining the fast-paced game play of the Need for Speed: Underground series while adding on the pressure of avoiding furious policemen on your tail, Need for Speed: Most Wanted provides a refreshing new experience for racing gamers everywhere.

The Career mode has gamers beginning the game as a total stranger that has just entered the city of Rockport. As far as the illegal street racing crew there is concerned, you are just a nobody that has yet to prove that you can hang with the crowd. After a few races to gain some credibility, you gain the opportunity to race the one of the crowd's ranked member, Razor. As it turns out, someone had sabotaged your car, causing you to lose the race and your car. With a new car under his ownership, Razor uses your very own car to surpass every other ranked member and secure himself the #1 slot. With revenge in mind, you set out to to prove you can defeat Razor and retrieve ownership of your car. Left with absolutely nothing, a mysterious girl, named Mia, provides you with some assistance and a new car. Customize your car with visual and performance options so racers on the street will know who you are.

As you progress through Career mode, you gather more and more attention as you succeed in your races and goals. However, not only is the attention received from rival racers, but it is also received from the authority figures determined on eliminating street racing in Rockport for good. With choices ranging from a VW Golf GTI all the way up to a Lamborghini Murcielago, you speed through the streets of Rockport with the sun glaring above you. That's right. Illegal street racing does not just happen at night now. Cause too much ruckus on the streets and faithful citizens will phone you in to the local authority figures. To evade them, you need to seek hiding spots placed throughout the whole city or cause architectural structures to collapse and obstruct the police's path. Get out of the police's sight long enough and they will give up on you.

The streets of Rockport are exceptionally detailed. Every area has its own unique feel to it, so one would truly feel as if they were in a huge city. Cars show every curve and bend, and flow through the roads quite fluidly. They often contained a reflection of the environment to show the freshly applied paint. Cinema scenes and voice-acting are superb as well.

Outside of the Career mode, there is a selection for Quick Race and Challenge Series to keep a single player entertained. The first choice allows you to instantly jump into the heat of action. The second choice has an enormous variety of scenarios and goals placed before you to try and accomplish.

One cannot help but feel anxiety when they are completely boxed in by cops on all sides moments away from being arrested. With so much to do and how well the game is presented, the game provides an exhilarating experience for old and new gamers to the series.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/17/05

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