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    Wolverine FAQ by iplaylikekg

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/12/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |      X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse for the Sony PlayStation 2        |
    |                                                                             |
    |                        Wolverine Character FAQ                              |
    |                                                                             |
    |         Current Version                          1.0                        |
    |                                                                             |
    |                             Faq Writer                                      |
    |                                                                             |
    |                           Steve Sanchez                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |   E-mail address: juarezshirley@hotmail.com and steveramon11@hotmail.com    |
    |                                                                             |
    |                 "Lets take this joker down!" -Wolverine                     |
    Table of Contents
    1.) Introduction
    2.) Who is Wolverine?
    3.) Why use him?
    4.) Strengths/Weakness'
    5.) Skills
    6.) Unique Weapon
    7.) Party Members
    8.) Building Him
    9.) Max Stats
    10.) My Wolverine
    11.) Secret Move
    12.) Using Wolverine
    13.) Skins and costumes
    14.) Version History
    15.) Credits
    16.) Contacting me
    17.) Legal stuff
    1.)                             Introduction
    Hello and welcome to the FAQ! Since there were no FAQS for Wolverine I decided
    to make my own. In this FAQ I will tell you his strengths, weakness', skills 
    and other attributes. I'll list some other general information too. But lets
    forget my talking and lets move on to the guide!
    2.)                             Who Is Wolverine?
    Real name: James Howlett
    Names he goes by: Logan, Wolverine, Death
    Mutant Ability: Regenerative healing, doesn't age, Adamantium claws, superhuman
    strength, stamina, reflexes and senses
    Arch nemesis: Victor Creed code name Sabertooth
    Wolverine has many pasts and different storylines. He truly is a complicated 
    character and is probably the most popular X-Man. He has had his own spin-offs
    and comics and is usually a main character. If you want more information about
    Wolverine, you can check out the link below for all his bio's and such.
    Wolverine got his powers in many different ways and such. Wolverine got his
    adamantium skeleton from William Stryker from Weapon X. He bonded adamantium
    to bone and gave Wolverine his claws. In another story, he killed a few family
    members and dramatically had these mutant powers in him already.
    For more in-depth storylines, go to the link above for pictures and bio's.
    Wolverine is like an animal. He has superhuman, enhanced senses like hearing
    and smell. He also doesn't age and looks in his 30's at all times. His
    regenerative healing factor allows him to heal from his wounds fully. And his
    claws are razor sharp blades which are used as his main, deadly weapons.
    3.)                              Why use Wolverine?
    The reason I chose to do a guide on Wolverine was because he is my personal
    favorite. Wolverine also looks cool and has lots of cool, different skins and
    costumes to collect. This is really just my own biased opinion but you should
    read on for why you should use him.
    Since this is an RPG, party members are separated into there own category. In
    this game, here is how I divided the character groups.
    Wolverine is one of the tank/fighter characters. Now he's no Juggernaut or 
    anything but he is a pretty good character to have on your team. But why you
    Wolverine has close range attacks but they are strong. He is one of the more
    faster tank characters, and he has good skills. He or Juggernaut should be in
    your party as they can clear a room pretty fast. He also has a great offensive
    unique weapon and should is just an all round great character.
    4.)                            Strengths/Weakness'
    Here I will list the reasons why you should use Wolverine and why you should 
    not. Either way, you should at least consider him.
    Wolverine is one of the more faster tank characters and is strong. This helps
    clear rooms faster. He is also a good AI character and should be set to 
    aggressive. He has great passives and good mutant abilities. Wolverine also 
    has a really good far range attack which can K.O.
    Unfortunately, he only has that one far range attack. He also has some attacks 
    that cost him too much EP than he can handle. He also has a few bad passives.
    But his allies should make up for the lack of his close range attacks. 
    5.)                                   Skills
    Here is a list of that moves Wolverine has, and I will also rate them. If you 
    want even more description, press L2 on the skill and you will get a brief 
    Feral Slash                         Type: Melee
    Rating: 5.5/10
    Level one: +300% physical damage, 40 knockback-10 EP
    Level MAX: +990% physical damage, 245 knockback-92 EP
    This skill is very useful in the first act as it kills many enemies with one
    attack. But later in the game it becomes useless.
    Claw Flurry                         Type: Melee
    Rating: 6/10
    Level seven: +210% physical damage, one second stun-16 EP
    Level: MAX: +500% physical damage, three second stun-84 EP
    Claw flurry is very useful in the first and beginning of Act II. It lacks 
    good damage but the stun does help a bit.
    Bloodlust                           Type: Melee
    Rating: 5/10
    Level 14: +440% bleed damage for three seconds-44 EP
    Level MAX: +640% bleed damage for three seconds-92 EP
    This move is a waste. It too lacks damage. Use the Feral Slash more often 
    than this.
    Eviscerate                          Type: Melee
    Requires: Level 21, Claw Flurry
    Rating: 9.5/10
    Level 21: +675% physical damage, 50% damage for 4 seconds-42 EP
    Level MAX: +1250% physical damage, 78% damage for 4 seconds-120 EP
    Although this eats up your EP, this attack is strong. This move usually kills
    enemies in 1 or 2 shots in the later acts and is good to use against bosses.
    Lethal Lunge                        Type: Melee
    Requires: Level 28, Bloodlust
    Rating: 8.5/10
    Level 28: +575% physical damage, 25% KO, 40 knockback-40 EP
    Level MAX: +900% physical damage, 80% KO, 620 knockback-84 EP
    Lethal lunge has good physical damage, but its KO percentages is what makes 
    this move really shine. Once this is max you'll be doing many KO's and for
    good EP.
    Claw Frenzy                         Type: Melee
    Requires: Level 28, Eviscerate
    Rating: 8/10
    Level 28: +340% physical damage, 10% speed for 3 seconds-44 EP
    Level MAX: +540% physical damage, 17% speed for 7 seconds-92
    It doesn't give you a big boost, but the speed helps a lot. You'll be going 
    around at faster speeds and better strength that you'll be taking out rooms
    much faster.
    Berserker Fury                      Type: Radial
    Rating: 8/10
    Level 15: +650% physical damage, hits 3 enemies-1 xtreme token
    Level MAX: 1450% physical damage, hit 10 enemies-1 xtreme token
    This move is just raw strength. It has good damage and it hits 10 enemies. 
    This is a pretty good xtreme power.
    Rude Awakening                      Type: Boost
    Rating: 10/10
    Level 20: resurrected with 10% of max health for 180 seconds-1 xtreme token
    Level MAX: resurrected with 75% of max health for 300 seconds-1 xtreme token
    This move is awesome! Being resurrected for a few minutes is great. This is 
    good for boss battles and once this is at max level you'll be back but for
    5 minutes!
    Berserker Rage                      Type: Boost
    Rating: 8/10
    Level one: 40% defense, 10% speed for 13 seconds-32 EP
    Level MAX: 180% defense, 85% speed for 55 seconds-304 EP
    This really eats up your EP but it does raise you defense and speed greatly
    and for pretty good time.
    Scream                              Type: Debuff
    Requires: Level 14, Berserker Rage
    Rating: 5/10
    Level 14: -20% enemy defense for 2 seconds and causes them to run-84 EP
    Level MAX: -62% enemy defense for 6 seconds and causes them to run-308 EP
    Although the defense of enemies goes down, it causes them to run and by the
    time you reach them the effect wears off. This also uses too much EP.
    Block                               Type: Ability
    Rating: 7/10
    Level 7: 100% EP for each damage blocked
    Level MAX: 50% EP for each damage blocked
    I really never thought this was good. It is an average skill so you can use 
    it if you want.
    Claw Master                         Type: Passive
    Rating: 10/10
    Level one: 5% damage, 1% critical chance
    Level one: 50% damage, 8% critical chance
    This passive is awesome! All of Wolverine's passives can be increased at 
    level one! This means if you add enough skill points to these in the 
    beginning you can get major boosts!
    Enhanced Senses                     Type: Passive
    Rating: 7/10
    Level one: 10% attack, 5% defense
    Level one: 85% attack, 75% defense and reveals hidden enemies
    This passive isn't really that good but it is pretty useful. I suggest putting
    only a few skill points into it at first.
    Strong Willed                       Type: Passive
    Rating: 8/10
    Level one: 5% to all resistances
    Level one: 47% to all resistances
    This passive is great! All of his resistances go up for each element/status.
    I suggest to level this up before Enhanced Senses.
    Regeneration                         Type: Passive
    Rating: 10/10
    Level one: 1.0% of max hp every six seconds
    Level one: 6.0% of max hp every six seconds
    You may not notice it but in a minute you'll get 10% of your health back! Trust
    me, this starts to add up and when you max this out, you'll get 36% of your
    health back!
    Might                               Type: Ability
    Rating 10/10
    Level one: Lift heavy objects and damage walls, increase object damage
    This is a 10 because all you need is one skill point to max this out. Plus, 
    you get to pick up bigger objects, which is fun!
    6.)                               Unique Weapon
    If you don't know what Wolverine's unique weapon is or what it does, than this
    is the section to see. I will also say where you can get it.
    Fists of Weapon X                 Type: Gloves
    Attributes: 250 ATK, 125 DEF, +10 Strike, 50% to all physical damage
    Location: Go to the Danger Room and make sure you have the X-Man Class. To get
    Wolverine's Danger Room disc, search in The Temple of Sekmeht in Act 5. 
    This is one of the best unique weapon out there. These will greatly increase
    Wolverine's strength. I suggest equipping these once you get them. Add this 
    withsome other equipment like damage ones or strike and Wolverine will become
    a true tank character.
    7.)                               Party Members
    In this section I will list teams with Wolverine strategically to give you tips
    on how to get the best of him. But you don't have to use these set ups. 
    Remember, any team can successfully go through this game.
    Code Name: The Tanks
    Members: Wolverine, Juggernaut, Iron Man and Nightcrawler
    This party is for all out destruction. The first three are for raw power and 
    Nightcrawler is to get around faster for them. If you are stuck on a tough
    boss I suggest leveling these guys up and using Iron Man's Motion Amplifier for
    a good strength boost. Add in some xtreme tokens and everyone will die!
    Code Name: All Rounders
    Members: Wolverine, Magneto, Nightcrawler and Iceman. 
    This one is more for puzzles. Iceman and Magneto will get you through the game
    while Wolverine and Nightcrawler will do the offensive work.
    Code Name: Wolverine's Revenge
    Members: Wolverine, Iron Man, Magneto and whoever
    First off, have Iron Man use Motion Amplifier to do a boost on strength. Then
    have Magneto use Supremecy to boost skills. Have Wolverine use Claw Frenzy to
    boost his speed and power and use EP items, you'll need them, trust me on 
    this. Have Wolverine unleash Eviscerate on his enemies. You'll take lots of
    damage! Make sure to have all the skills above max out for a better effect.
    Code Name: Wolverine Build
    Members: Wolverine, Magneto, Professor X, and Cyclops.
    This party is to make Wolverine level up to get stat and skill points. Make 
    sure you have a few points in Magneto's and Xavier's Leadership skill. This 
    will add up and then use Flawless Tactics with Cyclops. You will be getting 
    much more experience so start taking out the enemies!
    You can also try these combinations with Wolverine to gain a little bonus.
    Age of Apocalypse: 
    +100% attack rating                 Any 4 heroes with AoA skins
    Bruiser Brigade: 
    20 Energy gained per knockout       Juggernaut, Colossus, Wolverine, Rogue
    Dark Past: 
    5% damages inflicted goes to health Rogue, Deadpool, Gambit, Wolverine
    New Avengers: 
    +15% max health                     Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Wolverine, Bishop
    New X-Men: 
    +15% max health       Nightclawler, Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, Sunfire, Bishop
    8.)                              Building Wolverine
    If you are wondering how to decide to use your stat and skill points then keep
    reading to find a good way on how to make Wolverine the ideal tank.
    For stat points, I have two ways on how to use them. The first way is having 
    the game automatically spend them for you which isn't a bad thing. I suggest
    doing this early on. My way is simple. 
    Since Wolverine is a tank character, you need to build him just like that. Put
    one stat point into body, focus and speed. Then make sure to put two stat 
    points into strike. Soon this will start to add up and Wolverine will exceed
    and have the ideal tank stats.
    When you come across stations for strike, don't use it on Wolverine. But 
    Wolverine needs strike, right? Wrong, Wolverine is already given more stat 
    points into strike so he doesn't need these. Use other stations for Wolverine,
    just not strike.
    For skill points, let the game automatically spend them for you to even him
    out. When you are about level 30 take it off. You should be in Act 4 or 5 by
    now so you should have a fair amount of techbits. Go to the shop and select
    the option where you can distribute all your skill points over again.
    Since you have a lot of skill points, just spend one on Feral slash, Claw 
    Flurry and the other ones to get Lethal Lunge, Eviscerate and Berserker Rage.
    Lethal Lunge, Eviscerate and Berserker Rage are the three mutant powers you 
    should use for the rest of the game. Make sure to put skill points in the 
    following skills: 
                     -Lethal Lunge
                     -Berserker Rage
                     -Claw Master
                     -Berserker Fury or Rude Awakening 
                     -Might and Regeneration
    If you don't have enough go continue in the current level to level up or buy
    skill points to get more.
    If you have done the following things it means Wolverine's stats should have
    more in striking and he should have skill points in the following skills above.
    9.)                              Max Stats
    Now, although the max stat is 255 for each and every character it can be 
    exceeded. By the use of Danger Room courses you can have a permanent increase.
    For Wolverine here are the stats.
    Body: 293
    Focus: 255
    Strike: 320
    Speed: 293
    These are the stats I got, but they may not be the same for you. 
    10.)                              My Wolverine
    Now, you may not think my Wolverine is perfect, because he's not. In this 
    section, I'm going to show you my attributes and such so read on.
    Wolverine             Level: 65
    Body: 207             Hp: 1171
    Focus: 70             EP: 630
    Strike: 247           Damage: 69-190, 190-229
    Speed: 89             ATK: 946         DEF: 1037
    Current Mutant Powers:              Rude Awakening
                           Berserker Rage            Eviscerate
                                         Lethal Lunge     
    Skills Max:
                 -Claw Master
                 -Berserker Fury
                 -Claw Master
                 -Enhanced Senses
    Current gear: 
    Heroic X Guard         104 DEF, +75 Damage
    Fists of Weapon X      250 ATK, 125 DEF, +10 Strike, 50% to all Physical Damage
    Super Nanofiber        367 DEF, +53 Damage
    11.)                              Secret Move
    If you have another tank character such as Colossus, Juggernaut or Rogue, go
    near Wolverine and press [] to do some move that does little damage. Its pretty
    cool so try it out. 
    If you find anything like this feel free to e-mail me.
    12.)                              Using Wolverine
    Wolverine is a great character who needs to be used properly. Read below to see
    a few tips and such on how to do just that!
        Wolverine: Since Wolverine is a tank character he needs to be used like 
    one. When using him, you should go right into your enemy! When doing this, you
    should let the other characters stay back and let them use far ranged attacks.
    I suggest using your best skills like Eviscerate, Lethal Lunge etc. etc. If
    you run out of EP try not do weak attacks or heavy attacks. You should do 
    combos like knockback and trip to get them off guard. To take down rooms of a
    lot of enemies I suggest using Claw Frenzy to get your speed and strength up
    which is a big deal and help to taking out crowds of enemies.
    When fighting bosses you should again, use your best skills while the far 
    ranged magicians or fighters do far ranged attacks. If you have other tank
    characters on your team set them to aggressive. If you have an xtreme token, 
    put Wolverine's Rude Awakening xtreme in case he dies so you can get your tank 
    back in action!
    13.)                            Skins and Costumes
    After a save in act three or by using the cheat, you will get all of Wolverines
    costumes and skins. I will do a little description for each.
    Ultimate Wolverine: Wolverines basic costume, he wears blue clothes with a few
    markings on them.
    Old School: Wolverines yellow tights with blue stripes on it. And his black eye
    covering thing.
    Old School other version: Same as above except with brown stripes.
    Hairy Wolverine: Blue tights with Wolverines face showing and his spiky hair.
    Agent Wolverine: Army colored clothes and jacket.
    Tech-Wolverine: Wolverine with a white muscle shirt and belts with electronics
    on them.
    14.)                             Version History
    September 4th, 2006-Just started the FAQ today!
    September 5th, 2006-Added the Who is Wolverine? section and the Why use 
    Wolverine? section.
    September 7th, 2006-Added the strengths, skills and unique section.
    September 8th, 2006-Added the party members, my wolverine, max stats and the
    building wolverine section. 
    September 9th, 2006-Secret move, using wolverine, skins and costumes, 
    contacting me and legal section were added.
    September 10th, 2006-Added a few more things.
    September 12th, 2006-Corrected some errors and finished!
    15.)                                  Credits
    I'd like to thank Marvel for making another great game! 
    The people who made this site, for, uhh, making this site!
    I'd like to thank the reader for reading this!
    And my friend for bringing me into the X-Men even more!
    16.)                                Contacting me
    If you have any questions comments or concerns, feel free to e-mail me at the 
    address' below. 
    If you have any questions that are in the guide then I won't answer them for
    you as it is already found in the guide.
    If you have any things like strategies, errors and such, you can e-mail me
    and I will add it to my guide and I will add you in the Credits section.
    My e-mail: juarezshirley@hotmail.com or steveramon11@hotmail.com
    17.)                                Legal Things
    This guide is for personal use only. Please do not take this or parts of this
    guide without my permission. Thank you.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by there 
    respective trademark and copyright holder.

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