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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KookyCouture

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     Game: The Sims 2
     Platform: Nintendo Gamecube
     Author: KookyCouture
     Date: 29/11/2005
     Version: Final
     Posted On: www.gamefaqs.com
     This walkthrough may be used for private and personal use only. It may not be
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     or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of
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     respective trademark and copyright holders.
           Please be aware that this guide contains SPOILERS throughout
     UPDATED: 27th September 2006
     Well hi there! And welcome! My name's Davinia, and this, my fuzzy little
     friend, is a guide to help you complete The Sims 2. This is the final (and
     best!) version, so read on! And I'll see you at The End!
     Davinia (KookyCouture)
     1 - Introduction To The Sims 2 
     2 - What's New In The Sims 2
     3 - Controlling Your Sim
     4 - Skills & Careers
     5 - Aspirations
     6 - Wants & Fears
     7 - Making Friends 
     8 - Useful Items
     9 - Main Walkthrough
     10 - The Bonus Lots
     11 - Unlock all Fashions
     12 - Unlock all Recipes
     13 - Death of a Sim & Ghosts
     14 - Alien Abductions
     15 - Create an Alien Sim
     16 - How to enter Cheats
     This section is for those of you who are playing a Sims game for the first
     time. If you've ever played a Sims game before, you'll understand about Sims
     Personalities, their Needs, and the two game modes, so you'll probably want
     to skip this part.
     After creating a Sim you must assign them a personality. You are given 25
     personality points to allocate between 5 personality traits. How many points
     you assign each trait determines how your Sim reacts to other Sims and
     objects in the game. The personality traits are;
     If your Sim has some Neat personality points they'll clean up after eating
     or using a bath or shower. If they have zero points you'll have to command
     them to clean up after themselves. This is the least important trait however.
     Recommended Points: 0
     This is an important personality trait because it determines how your Sim
     interacts with other Sims. If you give your Sim a lot of points for this
     trait, they'll make friends slightly faster and will also enjoy group
     activities such as using a hot tub or bonfire. The downside is that their
     Social Needs bar will drop a lot faster and they'll need to do a lot of
     socialising to keep happy. Give your Sim only a few Outgoing points and
     they won't need to interact with other Sims so often. Their Social Needs
     bar will also drop slower, but it may take longer to make friends with
     other Sims. Recommended Points: 5
     Another important personality trait. Active Sims will stay awake for longer
     and will wake up quicker than non-active Sims. They'll also be happier to
     do energetic stuff such as weightlifting and dancing. Non-active Sims will
     get tired very quickly and they'll take longer to get out of bed each day.
     Recommended Points: 10
     Playful Sims will enjoy activities like Watching TV, and Playing on a
     computer. Non-playful Sims will prefer reading a book. If your Sim has a
     lot of Playful points they'll need to have a lot of fun as this bar will
     lower quite fast. Recommended Points: 5
     If you want to make friends you'll need to assign some points to this trait.
     Nasty Sims will take longer to make friends because they'll only have
     negative social interactions to use on other Sims. Nice Sims will have
     positive social interactions available to them and will make friends faster.
     Recommended Points: 5
     Every Sim has Needs that have to be satisfied if you want to keep them
     happy. If you don't look after your Sim and fail to fulfill their needs,
     you'll have a hard time getting them to do what you want. Unhappy Sims will
     not go to work or study for skill points. They'll also have trouble
     interacting with other Sims, as, in this game, Sims won't want to socialise
     with a Sim that's in a bad mood. There are items in Buy Mode that will help
     you keep your Sims Needs satisfied. More expensive items will raise Sims
     Needs faster than cheaper items.
     These are the 8 Needs and how to satisfy them;
     Talk to other Sims or do a group activity like watching TV or sitting
     in a hot tub together. You can also call a Sim on the phone to talk or
     use a computer to Chat Online with one of your Sim friends.
     Eating, and drinking espressos will lower this need rapidly. Use a toilet,
     not the floor.
     If you let this bar drop too low your Sim will really smell. They'll even
     get flies buzzing around them! Weightlifting and other physical activites
     will lower this need quickly. Get your Sim to wash their hands, or take a
     bath or shower and don't forget to wash behind their ears. 
     Sims constantly want to eat in this game, which is annoying. Different
     food recipes and more expensive kitchen items will raise this need faster
     than others. Having full Cooking Skill points also helps. Failure to satisfy
     your Sims Hunger Need will result in death by starvation.
     This is easy to satisy. Get your Sim to Watch TV, Dance, or Play. 
     If this bar empties before you've sent your Sim to bed, they'll collapse
     from exhaustion and fall fast asleep on the floor. If this happens, their
     Comfort Need will drop and their Energy Need won't raise fully. Get your
     Sim to bed before this bar drops too low. You can also raise this Need by
     drinking espressos or by taking a nap on a sofa. Some food items in the
     fridge (like lemons, limes & oranges) will also help raise this Need.
     This Need can be satisfied by relaxing in a hot tub, taking a bath, sitting
     in front of a fireplace, relaxing in bed, or sitting on a comfy chair/sofa.
     This Need won't affect your Sims progress through the game and is the least
     important to keep satisfied. It will drop if there is rubbish on the floor in
     a room or if there is poor lighting. Houses with lots of windows, large rooms
     and expensive furnishings will raise this Need.
     There are two game modes in The Sims 2, Story Mode, and Freeplay Mode.
     This is the main game and will be familiar to anyone who's played The Sims
     or Bustin' Out before. Here, you create a Sim, give them a life Aspiration,
     and fulfill their Gold and Platinum Wants to unlock new locations. You then
     move on to the location that you've unlocked and fulfill your Sim's, (and
     sometimes other Sim's), next Gold and Platinum Wants. You'll unlock new
     objects in BUY mode by gaining Aspiration Points. These are earned by
     fulfilling Wants. Fulfilling Gold and Platinum Wants earns the most
     Aspiration Points and unlocks locations.  
     Again, anyone who's played a previous Sims game on a console will be familiar
     with this. In Freeplay mode you create a Sim family, then move them on to a
     lot where you can build and furnish a house for them. There are 4 lots to
     chose from in Freeplay mode. Sims in Freeplay mode will also have a life
     Aspiration but will have no Gold or Platinum Wants, only Green Wants.
     You can unlock objects in Freeplay mode by fulfilling Sim's Green Wants.
     NOTE: Story Mode and Freeplay Mode share a single saved game file. If you
     start a new Story Mode it will overwrite your previous saved game (including
     ^ See what I did there? It rhymes, dunnit! Anyhoo, here's what's new
     compared to previous Sims games.
     NO KIDS!
     They've put plenty into this game but they've taken stuff out too! You can
     no longer have babies or children at all. Ever. There are only adult Sims in 
     this game. Allow me to clarify; NO KIDS OR BABIES! 
     Yes, that's right baby! You now have full control over your Sims! Direct
     Control allows you to move your Sim, DIRECTLY! Make them walk, run, interact
     with objects and socialize with other Sims from a third person perspective.
     AND MORE! Your Sim will never again walk in on another Sim that's using the
     bathroom, nevermore will they miss the carpool because they're in a bad mood, 
     'cause, with Direct Control, YOU choose where they go and where they don't!
     Classic Control is still available.
     YES CHEF! That's YOU! Your Sims now have a variety of food to eat thanks to
     the Food Creation System. When you go to the fridge you'll see a selection
     of meat, vegeatables, dairy products and more, that you can mix and match to
     create a meal for your Sim. You can select up to four ingredients at a time,
     then use a cooker, microwave, or food blender to make a meal. Ingredients
     can also be eaten raw and each will have a different effect on your Sims
     Your Sims look better than ever thanks to the improved Create-a-Sim options.
     You can customize each part of their body, making them fat or thin, and even
     create an alien Sim. There's not enough hairstyle options for my liking but,
     for the female Sims, there's quite a few make-up options and lots of clothing
     and accessories (male and female). There's also different ways in which you
     can wear the outfits you've dressed your Sim in. 
     I know it's silly, but I always liked the option of having the walls solid,
     down, or see-through, and they've taken that away from me here with permanent
     see-through walls! For me, this has taken some of the fun out of building
     houses because I like them to look solid not go transparent when you get
     near. Objects in the houses also go see-through when you get close to them
     which takes some of the realism away that I liked in the other Sims games. 
     Now, I like this a lot. Each location in Story mode and each lot in freeplay
     Mode has proper scenery. I guess it sort of makes up for the see-through
     walls thing. Anyhoo, the sceneries are very nice and add a little charm to
     the game.
     I don't know why they've added another Skill as six was plenty enough
     already! You now have to use a bookcase to study CLEANING. Whoever thought
     that one up?! If your Sim has few, or no Cleaning Skill points, it will take
     them longer to mop up puddles, clean kitchen counters, and scrub toilets etc.
     The Fire Meter is a bar that appears on the right side of your screen when
     you're in Buy or Build Mode. What's it for? Well, basically, it restricts
     the amount of objects you can have in Sims houses and the size of the houses
     themselves. When you buy an object or build a wall, a red bar will raise in
     the Fire Meter. If you buy or build too much and the red bar is full, you'll
     get a lot of fires in your lovely new Sim home. You also won't be able to
     buy anymore objects if the bar is full. You can lower the bar again by 
     selling off some objects in Buy Mode or by deleting some walls or rooms in
     Build Mode.
     There are now two ways in which you can control your Sim, Classic Control
     and Direct Control. In Classic Control you have a green cursor which you
     move around with the Control Stick to highlight other Sims or objects and
     select interactions for them.
     In Direct Control the control stick is used for moving your Sim and making
     them walk up to objects and Sims to interact with them.
     You can select either Control Mode at any time by pressing the Z button.
     I find it's a good idea to switch between the two modes rather than just
     using one to do everything. For example, I use Direct Control to give food
     to visiting Sims and make sure my Sim goes to work, and Classic control for
     lining up social interactions and object interactions.
     Here's a rundown of the gameplay controls in The Sims 2;
     Control Stick - In Direct Control Mode this is used for moving your Sim
     around. In Classic Control Mode it's used for moving the cursor around.
     C Stick (Yellow control stick) - This is used to change the in-game view,
     you can rotate the camera and zoom in or out to see what your Sims are up to.
     A Button - Once you have highlighted an object or Sim with the cursor, or
     walked up to them in Direct Control Mode, tap the A button to see the list
     of interactions available.
     L Shoulder button - Press to pause the in-game action.
     R Shoulder button - Press to fast forward in-game action.
     Y Button - Use this to switch between Sims that can be controlled by you.
     X Button - Press and hold to view tips when viewing the Skills, Needs,
     or Wants & Fears panels.
     B Button - Cancels the last or current action in the game.
     Z Button - Use this to switch between the two control modes.
     UP on the D-Pad - View the Skills panel.
     LEFT on the D-Pad - View your Sim's Needs Bars.
     DOWN on the D-Pad - Closes the Skills/Needs panel.
     RIGHT on the D-Pad - View your Sim's Wants & Fears.
     START Button - Pauses the game and takes you to the Menu area.
     There are 7 skills that your Sim needs to master in order to progress through
     the various careers. Some skills, such as Cooking, are essential for your
     Sims everday lives. Your Sim needs to acquire 10 Skill Points in each Skill
     in order to master it. 
     To gain Skill Points you'll need to buy Skill Objects for your Sim to use.
     Press START and go into BUY mode. Then select the SKILL OBJECTS tab. Here,
     you'll see what objects are available and what skills you will raise by
     using them. Press UP on the D-Pad whilst playing the game to view the Skills
     and any Skill Points your Sim has gained. 
     Below are the 7 Skills and the items you need to buy to help you master them;
     This is the most important skill to master. Sims with very few, or no Cooking
     Skill points are in danger of starting a fire everytime they use a cooker.
     Master this Skill and your Sims will prepare more fulfilling meals. Buy a
     Bookcase to Study Cooking to raise this skill. You can also raise this skill
     slightly by preparing meals. 
     This Skill is needed in certain careers and is also needed if you want your
     Sim to be able to repair broken items around the home. If your Sim tries to
     repair an electrical item without any Mechanical Skill Points it will take
     them a long time to repair it, and they are also in danger of being
     electrocuted. Sims with maximum Mechanical Points will repair items much
     faster and will save you money as you won't need to call out a repairman
     or replace the broken item. Raise this skill by using a Bookcase to Study
     Mechanical, or by making things on the Workbench.
     This is only needed for the careers. Use a Mirror to Practice Speaking or
     Practice Kissing to raise this skill. You can also raise it by using a
     computer and selecting the Write Blog option.
     Sims with high Body Skill Points will use some objects in different ways.
     Buy the Weightlifting Bench or PunchBag to raise this skill.
     This is also only needed for certain careers. Play Chess, Gaze through a
     telescope, or use a computer to Design a Game to raise this skill.
     If your Sim has high Creativity Points they can sell paintings for a lot
     more money. Raise this skill by using an Easel to paint, or by playing a
     Guitar or Piano. Can also be raised by buying a bookcase and selecting the
     Write Journal option.
     Your Sims will clean up a lot faster if they have high Cleaning Skill
     Points. Raise this skill by using a Bookcase to Study Cleaning or by
     cleaning up spills etc around the house.
     There are 10 careers for you to chose from. Each career requires your Sim
     to have a certain number of Skills and Friends in order to gain a promotion.
     Get your Sim a job by picking up the Newspaper that's delivered daily and
     selecting the Find A Job option. Your Sim can also use a Computer to search
     for a job. You can choose any Career you want for your Sim and you can change
     Career at any time too.
     If you want your Sim to get promoted you'll have to make sure that they meet
     the Skills and Friends requirements. Press START and go to the CAREERS,
     SKILLS, & PERSONALITY menu. You'll be able to see here what skills you need
     to work on and how many friends you should have to get promoted. Your current
     salary and working hours will also be displayed. 
     In addition to having the right amount of Skill Points and Friends, your
     Sim will also have to go to work in a good mood to get promoted. Check what
     hour the carpool arrives and get your Sim up about 4 hours before it is due.
     This should give you plenty of time to work on your Sims Needs.
     You can take a day off from work if you want to. This is a good idea if
     you want to work on your Sim's Skills or need to make more friends. You can
     miss TWO DAYS in a row. Miss more than two days in a row and you will be
     During the Create-a-Sim process you will be asked to select an Aspiration for
     your Sim. Your Sim's Aspiration is their life goal. The Aspiration you choose
     for your Sim will determine their Wants and Fears. 
     I should point out that GOLD and PLATINUM wants remain the same whatever
     Aspiration you give your Sim. GREEN Wants and your Sim's FEARS will change
     Here are the 5 Aspirations to chose from;
     1 - Wealth
     Sims with the Wealth Aspiration will want the grander things in life. 
     They'll want to earn a lot of money and live in a large house with expensive
     furnishings. But they'll fear breaking an object and getting burgled.
     2 - Creativity
     Sims with this Aspiration will not only want to buy great paintings, they'll
     want to CREATE them too! They'll also enjoy creating new meals using the Food
     Creation system.
     3 - Popularity
     A Sim with the Popularity Aspiration will want to have loads of Sim friends.
     They'll Fear losing them however.
     4 - Romance
     Sims with this Aspiration will desire many lovers and even marriage. They'll
     enjoy playing Spin the Bottle and relaxing in the Niagara hot tub with
     another Sim. They'll fear being cheated on or having a romantic social
     interaction rejected.
     5 - Knowledge
     Sims with the Knowledge Aspiration will enjoy Stargazing and learning new
     6 - WANTS & FEARS
     Wants are things your Sim would like to achieve. Everytime you fulfill a
     Sim's Want, you gain Aspiration Points. Gaining these unlocks new objects in
     BUY mode. You need a certain amount of Aspiration Points to unlock each new
     item. There are 3 types of Want;
     Every Sim in Story Mode and Freeplay Mode has Green Wants. Fulfilling Green
     Wants is optional as they don't advance you through the game. Green Wants
     change each Sim day; you can also change them yourself by using a phone and
     selecting the Call Therapist option.
     Gold Wants only appear in Story Mode and must be fulfilled if you want to
     advance through the game. They'll appear one at a time and will stay at the
     top of your Wants & Fears panel until you've fulfilled them. Once you've
     fulfilled a Gold Want another one will appear. Fulfill all your Sims Gold
     Wants to get a Platinum Want. There are also other Sims in Story Mode who
     have Gold Wants. If you fulfill these you'll unlock bonus locations.
     These also only appear in Story Mode. After you've fulfilled a number of Gold
     Wants you'll get a Platinum Want. Fulfilling a Platinum Want unlocks the next
     location. There is only one Platinum Want to fulfill per location and only
     your Sim will have them.
     To progress through Story Mode, fulfill your Sim's GOLD and PLATINUM Wants.
     Unlock Bonus Locations by fulfilling other Sim's GOLD Wants. GREEN Wants
     do not need to be fulfilled.
     All Sims have Fears which differ depending on their Aspiration. Fears appear
     below your Sims Wants in the Wants & Fears panel. Experiencing a Fear will
     lose your Sim a small amount of Aspiration Points but won't stop your
     progress through the game. Fears also change each day.
     Making friends in this game is annoying, plain and simple. Most of the Sims
     are grumpy and you now have to make much more effort if you want gain their
     friendship. And you DO want to gain their friendship because, like all Sims
     games, you need a certain amount of friends to advance through each career.
     Your relationship status with other Sims now goes through stages from
     Acquaintance, to, Friend, Best Friend, Crush, or Lover. The social
     interactions you use on other Sims will determine your Relationship Status
     with them. Using negative socials, like Slap, when interacting with a Sim,
     will lose you Friendship Points with them and eventually you'll end up as
     Enemies or even Arch Enemies. Your Social Needs Bar will also drop if you're
     continually nasty to other Sims.
     However, if you're nice, and you should be, you'll gain Relationship Points
     with other Sims. More details on Relationship Status below!
     This is a Sim that your Sim has seen and not yet spoken to or made friends
     You need to gain 40+ Relationship Points with a Sim to reach Friend Status. 
     Gain over 70 Relationship Points to get a Best Friend. The maximum amount
     of Relationship Points you can gain with a Sim is 100.
     A difficult one this. You need to use a romantic social on a Sim after you've
     reached Friend Status with them. Doesn't always work but having a Crush isn't
     an essential part of the game.
     If you want a Lover you'll have to use romantic socials after making friends
     with a Sim but before reaching Best Friend status with them. Once you get
     over 40 relationship points with a Sim, try using the HIT ON social which
     should lead to more romantic socials if the Sim you used it on didn't reject
     you. You can also get MARRIED by using the Propose social after gaining a
     It's easier to make enemies than friends but be warned, your Social Needs bar
     will drop each time your use a negative social on a Sim. Your Relationship
     Points with any Sim you're Enemies with will drop to negative value and if
     you ever want to make friends with them you'll have a darn hard time doing
     Why be enemies with a Sim when you can be ARCH ENEMIES instead?! Get your
     Relationship Points to -50 or something to become Arch Enemies with a Sim.
     I wouldn't recommend getting an Arch Enemy in Story Mode because you'll
     need to make friends with all the Sims there if you want to unlock all the
     fashions available. 
     Yes, making Sim friends in this game is a drag but is essential if you want
     to progress through the game. Press START and go to the Relationship Panel
     to view your Sims Acquaintances/Friends. This will show you how many
     Relatioship Points you have gained with each Sim and your Relationship Status
     with them. You can't view these details in-game so you'll have to keep
     checking here if you want to know how many Relationship Points you're gaining
     when interacting with a Sim. 
     Now then, here's a step-by-step guide to making a new Sim friend;
     1 - First, you'll need to phone and invite the Sim you want to become friends
     with. Or, if a Sim is ringing your doorbell, rush out and greet them.
     2 - A visiting Sim will probably head straight for the bathroom to use the
     toilet. Whilst they're doing that, trot along to the fridge and cook a meal
     for them. Use Direct Control to give them the food then let them eat.
     3 - When they've eaten, get them to have fun with your Sim by Watching TV
     or sitting around the bonfire together. Highlight the visiting Sim using
     Classic Control and select the Watch TV, Call Over or Join options.
     4 - After eating and having fun with your Sim, the visitor should now be in
     a good enough mood for you to make friends with them. Use Classic Control
     and line up social interactions. Continue doing this until you've reached
     Best Friend Status with the Sim.
     Once you've made a new friend, you'll need to invite them round regularly
     or phone them up. Relationship Points with other Sims will slowly dwindle
     if you don't socialise with them. Lose too many Relatioship Points with a
     Sim and you'll lose them as a friend. 
     NOTE: When you gain 100 Relationship Points with a Sim, they'll automatically
     visit you at whatever location you're currently living at. They won't knock
     at the door however, they'll just walk straight in and use your bathroom or
     take a snack from your fridge (this is annoying!). If you want them to leave
     you'll have to select the KICK OUT option, BUT, you'll lose 5 Relationship
     Points with the Sim you kicked out (that's annoying too!).
     There are lots of new items to check out in this game. Some of them will
     raise multiple Needs Bars which is very handy if you're living in a house
     trying to control a load of cranky Sims. There are also items that you can
     harvest food from. Harvested food appears in the fridge; more expensive
     fridges have a wider variety of foods in them, so bear this in mind if you've
     got a cheap one but fancy Ostrich for dinner!
     1 - "Frood Tree" - Harvests Fruit - Miscellaneous Menu (in Buy mode) - $150
     2 - "Manilla 1000" Marine Aquarium - Harvests Sea Food - Miscellaneous - $500
     3 - Genolife Garden Hutch - Harvests Vegetables - Miscellaneous - $650
     4 - Sproutch Couch - Harvests Dangleberries - Seating & Beds - $1,130
     5 - Prof. Feather's Chicken Checkers - Play to win Golden Egg - Skill -
     NOTE: If you want a Golden Egg you'll have to play the Chicken at Checkers
     and win. Get your Logic Skill Points to 10 before you attempt it! The Golden
     Egg will appear in the 'Seafood' section of your fridge. You'll need to win
     at Chicken Checkers every time you want a Golden Egg.
     1 - Screaming Death Bonfire - Miscellaneous - $1,300
     This item will raise your Sims Fun and Social Needs Bars. Up to 4 Sims can
     use it at once. Sims will chat to each other whilst sitting at the bonfire,
     gaining Relationship Points as they do so. You can get a visiting Sim or
     Sim you want to become friends with to join you at the bonfire by pressing A
     and selecting the 'Call Over' option. Other options available while using the
     bonfire are:
     Have a Snack
     Tell Funny Story
     Tell Ghost Story
     Toss in pinecone
     2 - Niagara Love Tub - Plumbing - $6,500
     Relaxing in the love tub will raise Fun, Hygiene, and Social Needs Bars.
     Once your Sim is in the tub you can select the 'Ask to join' option to get
     another Sim in there too. If 2 Sims who are in love use the tub together the
     'Play with (Sims Name)' option will become available. Very outgoing Sims will
     even get in the tub naked. Super.
     3 - Fitzroy Dreamer's Rockpool - Plumbing - $8,500
     This will raise Sims Fun, Hygiene, and Social Needs Bars like the Love Tub
     but with this you can have up to four Sims using it at once. Sims will chat
     whilst relaxing in the Rockpool - raising their Social Needs Bar and gaining
     Relationship Points with their fellow Sims. The 'Ask to join' option is also
     available with this item. Smashing.
     4 - White Rabbit Bubble Blower - Appliances - $890
     I just find this item really amusing. Up to four Sims can use it at once and
     it raises their Fun Needs Bar. Great.
     5 - U-Probe It Refridgerating Organism - Appliances - $1,500
     This is the most expensive fridge in the game but it has a wider variety
     of ingredients including Ostrich and Llama. Meals made from this fridge
     are also much more filling for your Sim.
     6 - Espresso.It.Supremo - Appliances - $450
     This works wonders at filling up your Sims Energy Needs Bar. It also raises
     Sims Fun levels as well. If it breaks while your Sim is using it, try not to
     let them drink it or they'll be sick. Unless you want them to?
     There are 12 locations in Story Mode. 4 are Bonus Lots. Locations are
     unlocked by fulfilling your Sims Gold and Platinum Wants. There are 15
     other Sims in Story Mode who have Gold Wants that you can fulfill. This
     walkthrough tells you how to complete your Sim's Gold and Platinum Wants
     and the Gold Wants of the Sims that unlock the Bonus Lots. 
     When you move to a location for the first time, go into BUY or BUILD mode
     and have a look around to see if there's anything you may need to add to the
     house. Two important items you should check for are; A phone and a Fire
     Alarm. Fire Alarms should be placed in the kitchen and in any room where
     there is a fireplace. You may also need to add an extra bathroom or bedroom
     in some locations.
     You will have control of up to 4 other Sims as well as your own in some
     locations. Press the Y button to select between Sims. If you find it a bit
     too much, don't worry, you can leave them to their own devices. It's best
     to concentrate on your own Sim's Needs first and fulfill their Gold Wants
     before any other Sim's. 
     NOTE: When living at any location, you can Delete items that are already
     there in BUY or BUILD mode but you cannot sell them for money. Anything
     you have bought whilst living in a location CAN be sold though. Also, be
     sure to check the mailboxes at the front of the houses for bills. Bills
     come every three days. If you don't pay your bills the Repo man will come. 
     Let's get on with the game then...
     LOCATION: Rockwell Acres
     RESIDENTS: Felicity & Ossie
     This is where you start in Story Mode after creating your Sim. Here, you
     only have control over your Sim. You might want to take the time to try out
     the two control modes while you're here and get used to them. 
     Once you have fulfilled your Sims Gold Wants you'll recieve $2000. I'd
     recommend that you buy a Bookcase from the Skill Objects menu in Buy mode
     and start working on your Cooking Skill. You can stay in this location
     (and any other) for as long as you want. 
     1 - Fill Hygiene Need - Take a Shower.
     2 - Use Trampoline - Highlight the Trampoline in the back garden and Jump
         on it.
     3 - Meet Someone New - When Felicity & Ossie arrive home, interact with
         either of them to fulfill the Want.
     4 - Get a New Friend - Socialize with Felicity or Ossie and gain over 40
         Relationship Points with them to Get a New Friend.
     5 - Use Talk Social on a Sim - Highlight either of your housemates and
         select the Talk option.
     6 - Take Out Trash - Clean up one of the piles of rubbish in the house and
         you will recieve $2000.
     PLATINUM WANT: Buy a Single Bed Worth at Least $50.
     Fulfilling the Platinum Want unlocks the next location which you can move to
     immediately if you want. You'll also see that another Gold Want has appeared,
     Visit a New Location, this is automatically fulfilled when you move.
     LOCATION: Shoreline Trails
     RESIDENTS: Farah, Timmy, & Torin
     Here, you have your first opportunity to control another Sim, Farah. You can
     switch between Sims by pressing the Y button. You can find out the name of
     the Sim you are controlling and their Personality Traits by pressing START
     and going to the CAREERS, SKILLS, & PERSONALITY menu.
     Farah is unemployed so you don't have to worry about sending her to work.
     She doesn't have any Gold Wants to be fulfilled either so you can concentrate
     on your own Sim here.
     There is also a Weightlifting Bench at the back of this lot that you can use
     to gain Body Skill Points, a chess set for gaining Logic Skill Points, and a
     Bookcase for studying Cooking/Mechanical/Cleaning/Journal Writing.
     1 - Get a Job - The career path your Sim would like to take is determined by
         their Aspiration. It only appears as a Green Want though so you can 
         actually choose any career for them. You can get your Sim a job by
         picking up the newspaper that's delivered every morning at 7am and
         selecting the Find a Job option. You can also search for a job by using
         a computer but, hey, the newspaper is free.
     2 - Go to Work in (Chosen Career) - The carpool arrives an hour before your
         Sim is due to start work. You can check your Sims hours of work and
         career status by pressing START and going to the CAREER, SKILLS, &
         PERSONALITY menu. This will show you what Skill Points you need and how
         many friends your Sim needs to gain a promotion. 
     3 - Gain a Skill Point - Doesn't matter which Skill you choose, any will do.
     4 - Buy an Object - You can sell it again straight afterwards.
     5 - Become Enemies With Torin - Torin is the black guy wearing the blue top.
         Use the Slap social on him until the Want is fulfilled.
     6 - Reach Body Skill Level 3 - You need to gain 3 Body Skill Points by using
         the weightlifting bench at the back of the lot. 
     7 - Perform Surf Trick - This Want is easier to fulfill if you have a lot of
         Body Skill Points. Just highlight the Surfing Simulator and select the
         Surf option.
     8 - Change Clothes - There is a wardrobe in one of the bedrooms that you can
         use to change your Sims outfit.
     9 - Become friends with Timmy - Get your Sim to watch TV then highlight
         Timmy and select the Watch TV option so he can join you. This puts
         him in a better mood so you can make friends with him easier.
     PLATINUM WANT: Beat Torin at Foosball - Buy the 'Tournament Foosball Table'
                    Miscellaneous Menu - $800. Get your Sim to play on it and
                    select the 'Call Over' option to get Torin to join you. It
                    may take you a few tries to beat him but eventually you will
                    and the next location will be unlocked.
     LOCATION: Cliffside Retreat
     RESIDENTS: Isabella, Patrizio, & Don
     Here you have multiple Sims to keep happy as Isabella, Patrizio, and Don
     are all controllable. None of the Sims living here are employed. Isabella
     has Gold Wants that need to be fulfilled to unlock the next location. 
     There's a few fruit trees and vegetable gardens outside that you can harvest
     food from and there's also an aquarium to harvest seafood from.
     You should buy 2 Smoke Alarms for this location. Place one in the kitchen,
     and the other in the lounge area where there's a fireplace. There is a piano
     in the main area that you can use to gain Creative Skill Points and there are
     mirrors in the bathrooms for gaining Charisma Skill Points. There are also a
     few of the expensive bookcases which you can use to gain Cooking, Mechanical,
     Creative, and Cleaning Skill Points.
     1 - Use 'Talk' Social on Isabella - She's the white-haired lady.
     2 - Buy a Dishwasher.
     3 - Repair a Stove - There's a broken stove in the kitchen that needs fixing.
         Your Sim will repair items quicker if they have a lot of Mechanical Skill
     4 - Reach Level 3 in a Career - Gold Wants like this will not appear if
         you've already been promoted past the career level.
     5 - Buy a Fire Extinguisher - Appliances Menu - $1000.
     6 - Build Walls - You might want to build another bathroom as there's only
         two in this location. However,if you're short of cash you can complete
         this Want by building one small section of wall which you can delete 
     7 - Reach Level 4 in any Career - Remember to keep checking the Career,
         Skills & Personality panel to see what Skill Points and how many friends
         you need to gain a promotion. 
     PLATINUM WANT: Help Isabella - Switch to Isabella by pressing Y and fulfill
                    her Gold Wants (below).
     1 - Buy a Table.
     2 - Buy 3 Chairs.
     3 - Gain a Cooking Skill Point.
     4 - Harvest Squid from Aquarium - Go to the fishtank and select the Get Fish
     5 - Make a Sandwich - Use Direct Control mode and go to the fridge to get
         these ingredients: Beef, Onion, and Whole Wheat Flour. Now stand in front
         of the kitchen counter and select the Make Sandwich option.
     6 - Become Friends with Patrizio - He's the baldish man.
     7 - Buy Ingredient Source - The ingredient source items are located in the
         Miscellaneous Menu in Buy Mode. Buy another "Frood" Tree or Vegetable
         Garden - you can sell the item after the Want is fulfilled.
     8 - Create a Group Meal - Directly Control Isabella again (press Z) then go
         to the fridge and select the 'et Group Meal Ingredients option. After
         choosing your ingredients, use the stove to cook a meal then select the
         Serve Meal option. Isabella should place the food on the kitchen counter.
         Keep her standing in the way of the food for now as you'll need a plate
         of it for her next Gold Want.
     9 - Give Food to Patrizio - Still using Direct Control Mode, select the
         Grab a Plate option from the meal you served above. Then go up to
         Patrizio and select the Give Food To option to fulfill the Want. 
     Fulfilling Isabella's Gold Wants has unlocked the next location.
     LOCATION: HMS Amore
     RESIDENTS: Nelson, Betty, & Hector
     Betty & Hector are controllable and both have Gold Wants to be fulfilled.
     Fulfilling Betty's Gold Wants unlocks the next location and fulfilling
     Hector's Gold Wants unlocks the first bonus location.
     1 - Reach Level 5 in Any Career.
     2 - Earn $250 - This should be fulfilled by sending your Sim to work.
     3 - Change Clothes - You'll need to buy a dresser from the Miscellaneous
     4 - Buy an Object Worth Over $350.
     5 - Buy a Blender.
     6 - Reach Level 6 in Any Career.
     PLATINUM WANT: Help Betty fulfill her Gold Wants.
     1 - Gain Charisma Point - Buy a mirror from the Skill Menu and get Betty to
         Practice Speaking or Practice Kissing.
     2 - Become friends with Nelson - Get Betty to watch the large TV then
         highlight Nelson and select the Watch TV option. Nelson should join Betty
         and they'll chat whilst watching the TV and gain Relationship Points.
         Then just highlight Nelson and line up some interactions - watching TV
         will have raised his Fun Needs Bar and also his Comfort Needs Bar so he
         should be in a good enough mood for Betty to become friends with him.
     3 - Gain a Body Skill Point - Buy the Weightlifting Bench from the Skill Menu
         $500 and get Betty to use it.
     4 - Make Aphrodesiac Meal - Directly Control Betty and go to the fridge to
         select these ingredients: Carrot, Lobster, & Passionfruit. (Lobster &
         Passionfruit will only appear in the fridge if you've harvested them from
         the "Frood" Tree and Aquarium). Then use the oven to cook the ingredients.
         Don't let Betty eat the food as you can use it to fulfill the next Want.
     5 - Give Food to Nelson - Walk over to Nelson carrying the meal you made above,
         then select the Give Food To option.
     6 - Gain Another Charisma Point.
     7 - Buy a Painting - Decorative Menu. Remember, you can sell it again straight
     8 - Use the Make Out Social on Nelson - Get Betty and Nelson to use one
         of the Love Tubs together. It will raise their Hygiene and Fun Needs Bars
         and make them in a better mood. Then use Classic Control to line up some
         interactions until the Hit On social becomes available. Use the Hit On
         social until more romantic socials appear, Serende, Smooch ect.After
         using Serende or Smooch a few times the Make Out social will appear.
         If Nelson is in a good enough mood he'll accept the social. If he rejects
         Betty, leave him to his own devices for a while then try again later.
     9 - Marry Nelson - If you successfully Made Out with Nelson there should be
         an option to Propose (Scroll down through the socials to find it).
         Use the Propose option to marry Nelson. Fulfilling this Want unlocks
         the next location.
     1 - Use the Make Out Social on a Sim.
     2 - Play Spin the Bottle - Buy this game from the Miscellaneous Menu, $1,625.
     3 - Woohoo With a Sim - Get Hector to Relax in one of the heart-shaped beds.
         Then select the Enable Mojo option. Click on the bed again to select the
         Call Over option and choose a Sim to join Hector. Once the other Sim is
         in the bed, click it again and select the Woohoo option.
     4 - Use Make Out Social on 3 Sims - You only need to do this with 2 more
         Sims as you've already made out with one in Want #1.
     5 - Get 2 Sims in Hot Tub - Get Hector and your Sim to relax in one of the
         Love Tubs together.
     6 - Woohoo With 3 Sims - Again, you only actually need to Woohoo with 2 more
         Sims to fufill this Want as you've already done it with one in Want #3.
     Fulfilling Hector's Gold Wants has now unlocked Bonus Lot #1 - Mesa Gallery.
     If you want to progress through the game stick with the main lots for now
     - you can check out the Bonus Lots later.
     LOCATION: Sunset Canyon
     RESIDENTS: Billy, Helga, Sheila, & Red.S
     You're going to have to part with some money here as you'll need a kitchen
     and at least 3 bathrooms. You'll also have to buy some beds as well and don't
     forget to buy a phone and smoke alarm for the kitchen. All four Sims here are
     Start by resurrecting Billy and Sheila (the pirate woman) but leave Helga
     as she is for now. To resurrect Billy and Sheila, just look for the Grim
     Reaper who will be lurking somewhere near the front of the lot. Highlight
     him and select either the Fiddle Challenge or Return to Life options.
     Red.S and Billy have Gold Wants to be fulfilled. Red.S unlocks the next
     location and Billy unlocks Bonus Lot #2.
     1 - Take Out Trash - Clean up one of the piles of rubbish at the back of the
     2 - Buy a Metal Detector - Electronics Menu, $1,200.
     3 - Find Treasure With Metal Detector - Using Direct Control Mode, pick up
         the Metal Detector and walk near the front of the small graveyard located
         at the back right of the lot. When the circle from the detector flashes
         white, select the Dig option.
     4 - Wear a Costume - There is a costume trunk located in the first room on 
         the left of the lot. Use it to change into a costume. Wear Pajama's and
         Wear Nothing won't count, you have to select one of the proper costumes.
     5 - Serve Meal to Red.S - You should make friends with Red.S first as he may
         reject the food. Directly control your Sim and after cooking a meal walk
         up to Red.S and select the Give Food To option.
     6 - Reach Level 7 in Any Career.
     PLATINUM WANT: Help Red.S - Fulfill Red.S's Gold Wants.
     1 - Call The Shrink - Go to the phone and under Services select Therapist.
     2 - Gain Creativity Point.
     3 - Play Guitar - Buy the guitar from the Skill Menu and get Red.S to use it.
     4 - Paint a Picture - You'll need to buy the Easel from the Skill Menu for
     5 - Resurrect Red.S's Long Lost Love - Now is the time to control the ghost
         of Helga and buy her life back from the Grim Reaper. This Want won't
         appear if you resurrected Helga earlier.
     6 - Be Loved by Helga - Control Helga and use romantic socials on Red until
         the Want is fulfilled.
     7 - Kiss Helga - The Smooch option will also work for this Want.
     8 - Cuddle in Bed With Helga - Buy a double bed and get Red and Helga to
         Relax in it, then select the Cuddle in Bed option.
     Now you've unlocked the next main location.
     1 - Dance on Sheila's Grave - Head for the three headstones at the back of
         the lot and dance on each of them until you get the right one.
     2 - Become enemies with Helga - Use negative socials like Slap until the
         Want is fulfilled.
     3 - Become Arch enemies with Helga - Now that Billy is enemies with Helga
         more negative socials will have appeared which you can use to fulfill the
     4 - Throw a Party - Use the phone to select the Throw Party option.
     Fulfilling Billy's Gold Wants has now unlocked Bonus Lot #2 - The Orbit Room.
     LOCATION: Tranquility Falls
     RESIDENTS: Chantal, Larry, Candi, & Goopi
     All four Sims here are controllable. Larry and Chantal have Gold Wants to
     fulfill. Fulfilling Chantal's Gold Wants unlocks the next main location and 
     fulfilling Larry's unlocks the third Bonus Lot, Jugen House.
     1 - Use a Massage Table - Buy and use the Massage Table from the Electronics
         Menu - $5,000.
     2 - Use the Talk social on Larry - Larry is the guy with the blonde hair
         and glasses.
     3 - Gain a Mechanical Skill Point - Wants like this one won't appear if
         you've already gained all the Skill Points (10 for each Skill).
     4 - Build Walls - You might want to build another bathroom seeing as there's
         only two here.
     5 - Buy a Genie Lamp - Buy the Defective Arcade Genie Lamp from the
         Miscellaneous Menu, $6,500.
     6 - Buy an Object Worth Over $300.
     7 - Reach Level 8 in a Career.
     8 - Buy Something Worth More Than $1000.
     9 - Visit Another Location - Move back to any of the other locations you've
         already lived at, then move straight back to Tranquility Falls. This
         will give you the Platinum Want.
     PLATINUM WANT - Help Chantal - Fulfill Chantal's Gold Wants.
     Chantal is the woman dressed in black.
     1 - Change clothes.
     2 - Buy a Fountain - Plumbing Menu - Buy it, place it, sell it.
     3 - Add a Room.
     4 - Buy any Object.
     5 - Buy 4 Lights.
     6 - Master the Creativity Skill - Chantal already has 7 Creativity Skill
         Points, buy a piano and get her to play it to gain the other 3 points.
     7 - Buy an Object Worth Over $500.
     8 - Get Art Career - Look through the newspaper or use a computer to get 
         Chantal a job in art.
     Fulfilling Chantal's Gold Wants has unlocked the Alien Crash Site.
     NOTE: If any aliens visit you after you've unlocked the Alien Crash Site,
           DO NOT let your Sim interact with them. This is because your Sims first
           Gold Want at the Alien Crash Site is to 'Meet An Alien' and you won't
           be able to fulfill the Want if you've already met an alien.
     1 - Skip Work - Make sure Larry doesn't go to work when the carpool arrives.
     2 - Make Prank Call - Phone, Prank Call, hehehe.
     3 - Fill Fun Need - Get Larry to play on the Video Game that's in the small
         room at the back of the lot.
     4 - Buy an Object Worth at Least $500.
     5 - Play Game With a Sim - Get Larry to play on the Video Game again then get
         one of the other Sims to join him.
     6 - Design a Computer Game - Buy a computer and use the Design Video Game
     7 - Be Friends With Chantal.
     8 - Fill Fun Need.
     9 - Make Nausea Meal - Make a meal using Halibut, Peanut Oil, & Squid.
     10 - Give Food to Candi - If you're feeling mean, give her the plate of food
          you just made above.
     Fulfilling Larry's Gold Wants has unlocked Jugen House (Bonus Lot #3).
     LOCATION: Alien Crash Site
     RESIDENTS: XHT-F, XY-XY, & Jonas
     This is your first chance to control an alien Sim as both XHT-F and XY-XY
     can be controlled. XHT-F is the female alien and XY-XY is the male. Neither
     of them are employed. Both aliens have Gold Wants to fulfill. XY-XY unlocks
     the last main location and XHT-F unlocks the last Bonus Lot, #4.
     1 - Meet an Alien - Interact with either XY-XY or XHT-F. If your Sim
         interacted with either XY-XY or XHT-F before moving here, this Want
         cannot be fulfilled.
     2 - Reach Level 9 in a Career. 
     3 - Buy a Computer.
     4 - Write a Blog - Use one of the computers and select the Blog option.
     5 - Build Walls.
     PLATINUM WANT: Help XY-XY - Fulfill XY-XY's Gold Wants.
     1 - Make Friends With Jonas - Jonas is the alien's neighbour, though he tends
         to use the Alien Crash Site like he lives there. (I think he's supposed
         to actually live in the small house near the left of the Alien house).
     2 - Change Clothes - This is fun because you get to make him look more human!
     3 - Buy Ingredient Source - Buy either the fruit tree, vegetable garden, or
         aquarium from the Miscellaneous Menu in Buy Mode.
     4 - Give Food to Jonas - Directly Control XY-XY and make a meal, then walk up
         to Jonas and select the Give Food To option.
     5 - Throw a Party - Use the phone to select the Throw Party option.
     Fulfilling XY-XY's last Gold Want has unlocked the last main location in
     Story Mode. Fulfill XHT-F's Gold Wants to unlock Bonus Lot #4.
     1 - Get a Job - Search for a job using one of the computers or the newspaper.
     2 - Earn $200 - Go to work to earn $200. It has to be earned all at once, not
         in increments so you may need to get XHT-F promoted to fulfill the Want.
     3 - Buy a Hot Tub.
     4 - Play Chess.
     5 - Get a Promotion.
     6 - Earn $400.
     7 - Buy a Burglar Alarm.
     8 - Read a Book.
     9 - Get a Promotion.
     10 - Buy a Rug.
     Fulfilling XHT-F's Gold Wants has unlocked the last Bonus Lot (#4) -
     Andromeda Arms.
     LOCATION: Bio Dome
     RESIDENTS: Noel, Wooster, Gilda, & Jessica
     This is the largest location in the game. All four Sims are controllable.
     Only Noel is employed and it's his Gold Wants you'll need to fulfill (after
     your Sim's) if you want to complete the game. Jessica also has Gold Wants but
     doesn't unlock anything so I won't list hers.
     1 - Use Secret Handshake on Noel - Noel is the grey-haired man wearing
         glasses. It's best to make friends with him before using this social as
         he may reject it otherwise.
     2 - Make Meal With Energy Boost Effect - Buy the most expensive fridge
         and make a meal using these ingredients: Shark, Eel, Orange, & Celery.
         Once cooked you should have a plateful of food that is sparkling
         brightly. This is a great meal to give to Sims whose Energy Need is low.
     3 - Reach Level 10 in a Career.
     4 - Help Noel - Fulfill Noel's Gold Wants.
     No Platinum Want yet - Fulfill Noel's Gold Wants first.
     1 - Hire a Maid - Use the phone and under Services select Maid.
     2 - Play Golf - Buy the Driver Pro 2006 Chip Shots from the Miscellaneous
         Menu, $975, and get Noel to Hit Balls (!). Make sure you place this
         object where there is plenty of room - at the back of the lot should do.
     3 - Buy a Painting Worth Over $1000.
     4 - Add a Room - It's a good idea to build another bathroom here.
     5 - Master Charisma Skill - Noel already has 6 Charisma Skill Points. Get him
         to Practice Speaking or Practice Kissing using a mirror to gain the
         other four.
     6 - Sell a Great Painting - To sell a great painting Sims need to have at
         least 9 Creative Skill Points. Noel has 6 Creative Skill Points already
         so buy a piano and get him to play it to gain the other 4  points.
         Once Noel has full Creative Skill Points, get him to paint a picture
         using an easel then highlight the it and select the 'Sell' option.
     7 - Master The Politics Career - Noel is at career level 8 so he only needs 2
         more promotions to master this career. 
     Now that you've fulfilled Noel's Gold Wants, switch back to your Sim and
     check their WANTS/FEARS Panel (press right on D-pad). You'll see that a
     PLATINUM WANT has now appeared: Master All Skills - this means that you have
     to get all 10 Skill Points in each of the 10 Skills. Do this and you'll
     complete the game and be shown the ending movie. Well done and all that.
     10 - THE BONUS LOTS
     There are four Bonus Lots that can be unlocked in Story Mode by helping
     other Sims. You can move to any Bonus Lot as soon as you've unlocked it.
     The Bonus Lots are:
     1 - Mesa Gallery
     2 - The Orbit Room
     3 - Jugen House
     4 - Andromeda Arms
     One Sim in each of the Bonus Lots will have Gold Wants to fulfill. These
     DO NOT unlock anything else or give you a different ending movie. If you
     want to get 100% game completion, then fulfill the Bonus Lots Sims Wants.
     NOTE: Getting 100% game completion doesn't unlock anything else either, just
     so you know, (I wouldn't want you getting your hopes up only to be
     disappointed now would I).
     There are a lot of fashions to be unlocked in Story Mode which is fabulous
     if you like that sort of thing. To unlock all the fashions available you'll
     have to make friends with every Sim in Story Mode - once you gain 100
     Relationship Points with a Sim, you'll unlock a fashion from them.
     You'll also unlock fashions by completing Careers. Get promoted to level 10
     in each career to unlock the rest of the fashions.
     You can change your Sim's clothes etc at any point in the game by buying a
     wardrobe and selecting the Change Outfit option.
     You'll unlock most of the recipes by getting your Sim to Study Cooking until
     they have 10 Cooking Skill Points. You can see what recipes you have unlocked
     by going to a fridge to make a meal and pressing the Y button. Other recipes
     are unlocked as detailed below:
     1 - You should unlock 1 or 2 recipes simply by just cooking.
     2 - While your Sim is using a toilet, select the Read Magazine option.
        (Tap A to make the options appear if you can't see any). At least 2
         recipes can be unlocked by doing this.
     3 - Pick up the newspaper that's delivered daily and use the Read option.
     4 - Get your Sim to Relax in a bed, then select the bed again and choose
         the Read in Bed option.
     5 - Buy a computer and select the Chat option and a Sim to Chat with -
         you'll unlock a recipe by chatting online.
     6 - Go to the Miscellaneous menu in Buy mode and buy the Comic Dehydrator,
         $550. Get your Sim to read a comic to unlock another recipe.
     Pyre Pyre Pants on fire!!
     The most common way in which your Sim will die in this game is by fire.
     Sims with no or very few Cooking Skill points are a danger to themselves
     and others when in the kitchen. Buying or building too much and raising the
     bar in that annoying Fire Meter will result in, you guessed it, spontaneous
     and frequent fires as well. Also, Fireplaces + rugs + stupid Sims do not mix.
     Aside from burning them to death, there are a few other ways you can "dispose
     of" Sims:
     1 - Electrocution - Get a Sim with no Mechanical Skill points to repair a
         broken electrical item. Ouch.
     2 - Starvation - Not feeding Sims will lead them to a very slow death by
         starvation. How cruel of you.
     3 - Cheater's Never Prosper - Buy Peppy Pete's Slots-A-Hopping from the
         Miscellaneous menu in Buy mode and repeatedly use the Cheat option.
     4 - Hauntings - Being repeatedly Haunted by the ghosts of other Sims will
         lower live Sims needs bars so much that they'll eventually die
     5 - Food poisoning (?) - Hmm, I've only managed to do this one once and even 
         then it was by accident. If you experiment with the different foods when
         you create a meal you might just manage to poison your sim to death, or
         at least make them vomit. Nice.
     When a Sim dies a silver urn will appear where they were standing. Urns can
     be deleted in Buy Mode or moved outside where they will change into
     gravestones. Options available to live Sims by highlighting a grave are:
     1 - Mourn.
     2 - Eulogize.
     3 - Dance - My Sim set on fire whilst dancing on a grave once. Weird.
     Deceased Sims become ghosts which you can move around in the same way as live
     Sims. When a Sim becomes a Ghost all of their Needs Bars will drop by half
     but will not lower any further, nor can they be raised again. Ghost Sims
     hover above the ground enveloped by a pale mist. They cannot interact with
     any objects or go to work (funnily enough). 
     However, a ghost Sim can interact with their fellow live Sims in some
     interesting new ways. Such as;
     1 - Wail.
     2 - Possess - Enter the body of a live Sim momentarily.
     3 - Vomit - Self explanatory.
     4 - Spook - Scare the pants off another Sim (not literally I'm afraid!)
     Haunting other Sims will lower their needs bars but is fun anyway. You
     can resurrect dead Sims at any time by highlighting the Grim Reaper, who
     will be lurking around near the front of the location, and selecting the
     Return to Life or Fiddle Challenge options. Returning to life will cost
     you $100. Win the Fiddle Challenge and the Grim Reaper will return ghost Sims
     to life for free.
     As with previous Sims games, you have the chance to be abducted by aliens
     in The Sims 2. If you want to get your Sim abducted by aliens, buy a
     Telescope from the SKILL OBJECTS menu in BUY mode. Place it outside and get
     your Sim to Stargaze through it at around 11pm or Midnight. Alien abductions
     are random occurances and are more likely to happen the longer your Sim gazes
     through the telescope for. 
     When your Sim is abducted by aliens they will disappear for a whole day.
     Their Personality traits will not be altered when they come back like the
     previous Sims games, which is good as they usually changed for the worst.
     Your Sim may run straight to the bathroom to vomit as soon as they are
     returned though. Smashing.
     If you want, you can play through the game as an alien Sim. During the
     Create-A-Sim process, accept the default female or male Sim by pressing A
     then go to Body, then Skin Tone. Cycle through the various Skin tones until
     you get the green alien skin - your Sim will even have the grey alien eyes.
     You can also change your Sims eyes, nose, and mouth shapes in Morph Head if
     you want them to look half alien/half human.
     NOTE: The alien outfits will only be available in Fashions if you've
     unlocked them in Story Mode. (Gain 100 Relationship Points with XHT-F
     and XY-XY at the Alien Crash Site to do this).
     I know there are lots of people who are having trouble putting the cheat
     codes in, I'm not sure why though as it's pretty straightforward. I won't
     list any cheats here because they can be found at gamefaqs by clicking on the
     Codes & Secrets link above The Sims 2 message board. Anyhoo, here's some tips
     on entering the cheats;
     1 - You must enter the Cheat Trophy Code first - this enables you to enter
         other cheats. The Cheat Trophy is a whitish diamond shape which appears
         at the front of the house you are currently living at. You'll need to
         highlight this trophy to activate the cheats once you've entered the
         other codes.
     2 - Correct cheat code entry will be confirmed by a Sim voice saying "Ahhhh"
         like they are sighing.
     3 - Codes must be entered during gameplay - tapping each button quickly.
     4 - L and R refer to the shoulder buttons on the control pad - Left, Right,
         Down, and Up refer to directions on the cross-shaped D-pad.
     Using cheats may lower your gaming intelligence. Use them at your own risk.
     THE END
     Hello again. Finished already? Well done you! So, maybe I'll see you around 
     the boards sometime huh? Ta ta for now then.
     Love and stuff,
     Davinia (KookyCouture)
     Copyright 2005 & 2006 KookyCouture

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