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    Weapons FAQ by sfcalimari

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    CALL OF DUTY2: BIG RED ONE                       
    Weapons Guide                               
    by sfcalimari	     	
    Version 1.1 (email address removed due to spamming)                     
    MAS 36
    Carcano M38
    M1 Carbine
    M1 Garand
    M1A1 Tommy Gun
    MAS 38
    Beretta 1938A
    MACHINE GUNS (carryable)
    Browning M1919A6
    Stielhandgranate M24
    US MK2
    Breda M1930
    Kar98k scoped
    Springfield M1903
    M9 Bazooka
    This is a weapons FAQ for the weapons used in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One 
    (called CODBRO from now on).  It is intended to give some statistical and 
    historical information about the weapons, as well as a short description 
    about how you can use these weapons in CODBRO effectively, both in the 
    single-player game and in multiplayer.
    As you may realize, I have left out information on the pistols and fixed-
    machine guns found in CODBRO, as well as info for the tanks, enemy 
    airplanes, and other miscellany.  I may return to give information on 
    these, but for now I've chosen to focus on the weapons that you will 
    make most use of.
    I own this game on PS2 and have only played it on PS2, but because CODBRO 
    was released simultaneously for PS2, Xbox and GameCube, I shall post it for 
    all three consoles on gamefaqs.com.  The only thing I would note is that a 
    couple of times I reference holding L1 to aim your gun...I guess if you're 
    a non-ps2 user, just substitute in that beautiful mind of your whatever 
    you press on your console's controller to aim.  
    Considering that I got nearly all my information from freely 
    available websites, I do not make any particular claims to 
    copyright of this information.  However, any FAQ submitted 
    to gamefaqs.com is protected by copyright.
    I got all of my information about weapon statistics and historical 
    information from freely available online sources.  Although you 
    will probably find my writing quite similar to what is found in 
    these sources, I did not copy any phrasing at all and I paraphrased 
    as much as I could, much in the mode of a college research paper.  
    I primarily used information from Wikipedia, but used some other 
    sources when Wikipedia was lacking.  Here are the online sources 
    that I used:
    Like you I am a video game nut.  I enjoy playing first-person 
    shooters on my ps2, and have especially enjoyed the ps2 Call 
    of Duty games.  Also their attention to detail have rather piqued 
    my interest in WW2 weapons.  My online moniker, sfcalimari, reflects
     somewhat the fact that I live in the SFC, which is the local code 
    name for San Francisco, CA.  Also some people call California "cali" 
    (usually non-Californians) so I came up with sfcalimari.  No, I do 
    not like calimari.  It's gross.  Anyway, look out for me online as 
    sfcali on CODBRO for ps2 online...committing random acts of pwnage 
    since '05.
    ...and without any further ado...
                                THE WEAPONS OF CODBRO
    Name:			MAS 36		
    Country of Origin:	La France	
    Cartridge:		7.5x54mm
    Magazine Capacity:	5
    Years of Service:       1936--1960's
    MAS stands for Manufacture D'Armes de Saint-Etienne, a French arms 
    manufacturer owned by the French government.  It was first used by 
    the French Army in 1936.  There's not really much to say about this 
    gun, really, except that it was known for its durability. 
    There is really no reason for you to pick up the MAS 36 in CODBRO. 
    It has a very low rate of fire, because the bolt has to be operated 
    in between shots, leaving you vulnerable.  It has a small magazine.  
    Because CODBRO makes sub-machine guns a little unrealistically accurate 
    and powerful, you're usually better off using a smg than this gun, 
    even at medium ranges.  The only times I might use this sort of weapon 
    in the single-player game is if an enemy is behind cover far away and 
    I need to hit him with a really accurate shot.  In multiplayer this 
    weapon is pretty much useless.
    Name:			Carcano M38
    Country of Origin:	Italy
    Cartridge:		6.5mm		
    Magazine Capacity:	6
    Range:			Effective to 300m, maximum range to 2000m
    Years of Production:    First Carcanos introduced in 1891, produced 
                            until 1945
    Carcano is the name for an Italian series of bolt-action rifles 
    first developed in 1891 and used by Italian forces in WWI and WWII.  
    The Carcano in CODBRO is the M1938.  Following WW2 many surplus 
    Carcano's were sold in the USA and Canada, and it was a Carcano 
    M38 that was used by Lee Harvey Oswald to shoot President John F. 
    Kennedy in 1963.  
    As with the MAS 36 and kar98, there's not really much reason 
    to carry this weapon.  It's bolt-action, so between every shot 
    your dude will manually operate the ol' bolt.  The only advantage 
    it has over the MAS or kar is that it holds 6 rounds rather than 5.  
    Name:			M1 Carbine		
    Country of Origin:	USA
    Cartridge:		7.62x33mm(.30 Carbine)
    Magazine Capacity:	15 or 30
    Rate of Fire:		Semi-Auto: 650--700 rpm
    Range:			Effective to 300 yards (274.3m)
    Years of Service:       July 1942--1960's (in USA)
    First of all, a carbine is basically a weapon that is lighter 
    than a rifle, but uses the same ammo as a rifle, but firing it 
    with slower velocity.  In other words, it sacrifices range and 
    stopping power for being shorter, lighter, and easier to carry.
    The M1 Carbine was introduced to American troops in 1942 and 
    eventually became the most produced small arm in American history.  
    In WW2 it found wide favor, due to its ease of handling and accuracy.  
    It was also easy for inexperienced troopers to handle and fire.  
    The M1 Carbine went on to be widely used in the Korean War and 
    in the early years of the Vietnam War.  While it has fallen out 
    of use in the US Army, it is still used around the world by many 
    police and military groups, as well as by game hunters.
    The M1 Carbine is a nice addition to the plethora of weapons 
    commonly see in the standard WW2 fps game.  In CODBRO it's a great 
    medium-range weapon, perfect for picking off enemies that aren't 
    in front of you but aren't too far away.  Its rapid rate of fire 
    and biggish magazine (15 rounds) are very good factors as well.  
    It's not as good at very long or very close ranges though.  Although 
    it is more useful than the Garand in that it can be reloaded at 
    any time and has a larger magazine, it does seem to have a slower 
    rate of fire.  In multiplayer it is a good weapon to have if you 
    like to stay far away from your opponents, and its larger magazine 
    makes it more useful than the Axis counterpart, the G43...
    Name:			M1 Garand	
    Country of Origin:	USA
    Cartridge:	 	.30-06 Springfield
    Magazine Capacity:	8
    Rate of Fire:		16-24 effective rpm
    Range:			Effective to 550m
    Years of Service:       1936--1960's
    The Garand is known as "the rifle that won the war" due to its 
    service in WW2.  It was adopted by the US Army in 1932 and was 
    the first semi-automatic rifle to become a standard infantry rifle.  
    The Garand is widely-known among weapon enthusiasts and video gamers 
    for having a "fixed" clip that ejected after the last round was fired 
    and made a notorious "ping" noise.  Unlike most other rifles, the clip 
    could not be manually replenished; the reason for this "fixed" clip 
    was that the army at the time believed a removeable magazine was too
    easily damaged or lost.
    The Garand gave a huge advantage to American forces because of its 
    rapid rate of fire.  Unlike bolt-action rifles, which were widely 
    used by Axis forces and had to have their bolts operated manually 
    between shots, Garands could fire shots in very quick succession.  
    The Garand also was widely used for sniping when fitted with a scope.
    The Garand was widely used throughout WW2 by American forces, and 
    continued to serve in Korea and the early years of the Vietnam War.  
    Some controversy surrounds the "ping" noise made by the ejected clip.  
    Many believe that the "ping" could be easily heard by enemies, allowing 
    them to ambush American soldiers who had just fired their last shot 
    and needed to reload; however, Garand experts contend that the "ping" 
    was not very audible on a noisy battlefield, and in fact was generally 
    inaudible due to the much louder noise of the last shot from the Garand.
    The Garand is very useful in the single player game.  You start out 
    with it on many levels, and it is very good for medium-distance or 
    faraway targets that you need to be accurate with.  Also its high 
    rate of fire and decent power make it good for taking down enemies.  
    For closer targets you might want to switch to an smg though.  In 
    multiplayer, the Garand is unfortunately not a very good weapon.  
    It has a smallish clip which cannot be reloaded at any time, which 
    makes you vulnerable a lot of the time.  I would generally prefer 
    either the M1 Carbine or the BAR for multiplayer, mainly because 
    they offer larger clips and about the same power.
    Name:			G43	
    Country of Origin:	Germany
    Cartridge:		7.92 x 57mm Mauser
    Magazine Capacity:	10
    Rate of Fire:		20 to 30 rpm
    Range:			effective to 400m
    Years of Service:       1943-1945
    First of all "Gewehr" is basically the German word for "rifle."  Before 
    the G43 was developed the German army mainly used the bolt-action kar98k, 
    and no semi-automatic rifle, despite the fact that the Americans had the s
    emi-automatic Garand and Carbine and the Russians had the SVT38/40.  The 
    G43 was finally rolled out in October 1943, and it was undoubtedly a big 
    improvement over the kar98k, having semi-automatic fire and a larger, 
    10 round cartridge.  Many G43's were fitted with scopes for a sniper role.  
    Having arrived quite far into the war, the G43, like the MP44, was a bit 
    too late to really help the Wehrmacht's prospects, and in all only 400,000 
    G43's were ever made.
    In BRO the G43 is basically an equivalent of the American Garand 
    and Carbine.  It offers rapid semi-automatic fire and a decent sized 
    magazine.  In single player, there are some levels where it is quite 
    useful for taking out targets that are rather far away.  In multiplayer, 
    the G43 is very useful for medium-range kills, but because it has a 10 
    round magazine it is definitely at a disadvantage to the American carbine, 
    with its larger 15 round magazine.  If fighting on the Axis side, 
    I tend to go with the MP44, as it has a much larger magazine and is 
    about as good for far-off kills.  
    As a side-note, no scoped G43's appear in this game, though they did 
    appear in Call of Duty: Finest Hour.  Which is fine with me; a 
    scoped G43 would be a little too all-powerful!
    Name:			kar98k	
    Country of Origin:	Germany
    Cartridge:		7.92 x 57mm (a.k.a. 8mm Mauser) 
    Magazine Capacity:	5
    Rate of Fire:		about 15 rpm
    Range:			Effective to 500m
    Years of Service:       1935-1945 and beyond
    The Karabiner 98k, a bolt-action rifle, was by far the mainstay of 
    the Wehrmacht.  It was based on the German Model 1898 rifle which 
    was, well, introduced in 1898.  The kar98k model that was so widely 
    used in WW2 was first introduced in 1935.  Over 10 million of these 
    guns were built before the end of ww2, compare this to just over 1 
    million mp40's and 5.4 million American Garands.  If you were going 
    up against German forces during ww2, you were guaranteed to run into 
    some kar98k's.  Although the MP40 sub-machine gun is often popularly 
    thought of as the quinessential German infantry weapon, it was actually 
    produced in small numbers compared to the kar98k, and was usually only 
    carried by officers.
    The kar98k was a bolt-action rifle, so between shots its bolt had 
    to be manually operated, which of course lessened its fire rate.  
    However it was considered to be very accurate, and snipers often 
    used a scoped version which was effective up to 800m.  The kar98k 
    was not as useful as a sub-machine gun in urban environments, though 
    it was certainly useful in open rural territory.  Due mainly to its 
    huge number of production, the kar98k was much more heavily used 
    than MP40's or MP44's.  Many many kar's were distributed throughout 
    the world after the end of WW2 as souvenirs or for practical use, 
    and in a strange twist of fate, the Israeli reserve army used many 
    kar98k's in the 1960's and 70's.
    Unfortunately, the unscoped kar98k is pretty much useless in this 
    game.  It takes forever to shoot and has a small clip.  With so many 
    tommy guns and Garands and mp40's lying around in the single player 
    game, you'll very rarely feel the urge to pick up a kar.  The same 
    goes for multiplayer--while the scoped kar can very useful, it's 
    much better to choose a Gewehr 43 or MP44 rather than the unscoped 
    kar in multiplayer.  You don't want to leave yourself vulnerable
     when constantly reloading and fiddling with the bolt.  Note: 
    there is a scoped kar98k in this game; information on this weapon 
    is found below.
    M1A1 Tommy Gun
    Name:			M1A1 Thompson "Tommy Gun"	
    Country of Origin:	USA
    Cartridge:		.45 ACP
    Magazine Capacity:	20 or 30 in "stick" magazine, 
    			50 or 100 in drum magazine
    Rate of Fire:		700-1000 rpm
    Range:			effective to 50m
    Years of Service:       1919-1976
    The Tommy Gun was first produced by John Thompson in 1919.  
    Early models, which sported the notorious "drum" magazine, were 
    widely used by gangsters and police types in the 1920's and 1930's, 
    as you've probably heard by now.  A simplified version was created 
    for the Army in WW2 which used a simpler "stick" magazine of either 
    20 or 30 rounds.  The Tommy Gun proved quite reliable and powerful 
    for WW2, and had a high rate of fire, but was extremely expensive
     and was rather heavy.  Towards the end of WW2 the Army began 
    introducing the M3 Grease Gun, intended to replace the M1A1.  
    After WW2 the Tommy Gun remained in service in Korea, and 
    was used by the FBI until 1976.
    Hmm.  Well, what can I say about the Tommy Gun?  In CODBRO 
    it's equipped with a 30 round magazine, which is nice.  You'll 
    be using the Tommy Gun quite a lot in CODBRO's single player game, 
    probably switching to it when confronted by close-up enemies.  
    It's not as useful for further away enemies, but considering that 
    CODBRO gives any smg rather unrealistic accuracy and near-total 
    lack of recoil, it's still pretty effective against faraway targets.  
    In multiplayer I usually go for the BAR, since it's just a bit 
    more powerful.  
    Name:			MAS 38	
    Country of Origin:	France
    Cartridge:		7.65 French Longue
    Magazine Capacity:	32
    Rate of Fire:		600-700 rpm
    Years of Service:       1938--1950's
    As with the MAS 36 described above, MAS stands for Manufacture 
    d'Armes de St. Etienne, the French government arms factory.  
    The MAS 36, which debuted in 1938, became known for being 
    accurate but for also having very weak stopping power due 
    to its weak ammunition.  It also had a distinctive bent design.  
    The MAS 38 was intended to be manufactured on a large scale,
    but then a little thing called the Invasion of France happened 
    and things kind of went all pear shaped.  Post-capitulation, 
    the MAS 38 was used by many German occupation troopers as well 
    as by the Vichy forces.  Blasted Vichy!
    Eh, what can I say.  It's basically just a different looking 
    version of the Tommy Gun or MP-40.  I can't really tell the 
    difference but it's nice that they included it in the roster 
    of weapons.
    Name:			MP40		
    Country of Origin:	Germany
    Cartridge:		9x19mm
    Magazine Capacity:	32
    Rate of Fire:		500 rpm
    Range:			effective to 100m
    Years of Service:       1939--1945	
    The MP40 was an improvement on an earlier German sub-machine 
    gun, the MP38.  The MP40 was not produced or distributed on 
    the same scale as the kar98k rifle, but it was widely used, 
    mainly among officers.  Like most sub-machine guns, it used 
    pistol ammo, and so did not have the range or power of a 
    rifle, but it did of course provide automatic fire.  It was 
    known for its very decent accuracy, which was a result of 
    its relatively low fire rate, which caused little recoil.
    In CODBRO the MP40 basically functions as the German equivalent 
    of the Tommy Gun.  If you've fired one, you've fired the other.  
    In single player I will often pick up a dropped MP40, but I 
    would much prefer a MP44 for its greater power.  I never 
    choose MP40's in multiplayer, instead opting for MP44's.
    Name:			Beretta 1938A	
    Country of Origin:	Italia!
    Cartridge:		9mm
    Magazine Capacity:	30
    Rate of Fire:		600 rpm
    Years of Service:       1938--1945
    One day Baretta was walking down a dark alley with his cockatiel, 
    Fred.  Then out of nowhere...oh, wait, we'er talkin' bout the 
    Beretta 1938A sub-machine gun?  My bad.
    Anyway the Beretta 1938A was an Italian sub-machine gun which 
    was also used in the German and Romanian armies during World 
    War 2.  Although it used 9mm pistol ammo like the MP40, it 
    looked more like a rifle, due perhaps to having been originally 
    designed as a semi-automatic carbine.
    Another generic sub-machine gun.  Handles exactly like a Tommy 
    gun or MP40.  Go for the Breda lmg if you can.
    Name:			Browning M1919A6		
    Country of Origin:	USA
    Cartridge:		.30-06 Springfield
    Magazine Capacity:	
    Rate of Fire:		400 to 600 rpm
    Range:			max range to 1500 yards
    Years of Service:       1919--1970's
    If nothing else, you have to give kudos to a weapon that was 
    developed in 1919 and saw service in the US Army until the 1970's.  
    The Browning 1919 was a variant on the earlier Browning 1917.  
    It was a proper machine gun, and as such was generally operated 
    upon a tripod, with one man firing the gun and another feeding 
    the ammo into the gun.  
    First of all, I'm not going to get into how this game lets you 
    run around upright with a Browning and fire it properly.  That 
    said, this is a really effective weapon if used properly.  If 
    used when standing up, it has a lot of recoil, which can make 
    you waste a lot of bullets when trying to hit your enemy.  If 
    you hold L1 you will lie on the ground and properly set up the 
    gun on a tripod.  This takes a couple of seconds and leaves 
    you vulnerable, but once you're set up on the ground you can 
    fire a huge number of bullets with almost no recoil.  Moreover, 
    you can often set up the gun on windowsills or other waist-high 
    thingies like walls--when this is an option, a little logo will
    pop up on the screen letting you know that you can set up your 
    gun like that.
    There is only one level (I believe) in single player where you 
    can use the Browning.  In multiplayer this is a good weapon mainly 
    because of its huge clip size.  If you can get used to the recoil, 
    it can be an effective weapon even when used standing up, though 
    it is best to be lying down when using it.  Holding down L1 to 
    set it up is best, but it does leave you very vulnerable.  What 
    I like best is to try and stay far away from my enemies, then 
    set up my Browning on the ground without being noticed or getting 
    killed, then laying down fire at them.  Often I get killed 
    before I can even start shooting, but other times I can kill 
    like 3 or 4 guys very quickly.
    One last thing: the sight for the Browning, which pop up when 
    you are holding L1, is a rather large tall sight thingy that
    kind of obstructs your view of what you are shooting at.  
    For this reason alone, I kind of prefer the MG34.
    Name:			MG34		
    Country of Origin:	Germany
    Cartridge:		7.92mm 
    Magazine Capacity:	75 with drum cartridge
    Rate of Fire:		800 to 900 rpm
    Years of Service:       
    The MG34, as its name implies, was rolled out in 1934.  
    A proper machine gun, it was fired either upon a tripod 
    setup or on a bipod set at the end of the muzzle.  The 
    tripod version was usually belt-fed ammo, while the bipod
    version was intended to use a 75-round drum, though many 
    soldiers using the bipod version removed the drum and fed 
    ammo into it.
    The MG34 was produced in enough numbers to act as the 
    mainstay machine gun for the Wehrmacht through to the end 
    of the war.  It had a high rate of fire and was generally 
    liked for its versatility.  However, it was expensive to 
    produce and tended to jam if dirty.  The MG42 was intended 
    to replace the MG34, but was never produced in large enough 
    numbers to overtake the 34.
    In BRO you will please notice the distinctive 75-round 
    drum upon the close end of the gun.  Anyway, the MG34 in 
    CODBRO is basically the German equivalent of the Browning, 
    so if you already read about the Browning above, apply all 
    that knowledge to the MG34 please.
    Like the Browning, holding L1 will make your guy lie down 
    and set up the gun on a bipod, which makes for nearly recoil-less 
    pwnage.  The sights for the MG34 are much less obstructive than 
    the Browning's, making it easier to see what you're aiming at.  
    In multiplayer, if playing as Axis, I tend to prefer the MP44 
    to any other weapon, but the MG34 is good if you have the time 
    to set it up on the ground.
    Name:			Stielhandgranate M24	
    Country of Origin:	Germany
    Years of Service:       1917--1945
    The M24 Stielhandgranate, often nicknamed the "potato masher," 
    was first deployed in 1917, at the end of World War I, and was
    used by German forces up until the end of WW2.  The charge was 
    at the end of a large stick; the stick allowed a user to throw 
    it far distances.  The M24 was not a fragmentation grenade, and 
    instead used a "blast effect."  It was not useful against armored 
    vehicles but was quite useful against entrenched enemies. 
    To use an M24 the thrower had to unscrew a cap at the bottom of 
    the stick, which allowed a ball and cord to drop out.  The thrower 
    then pulled on the cord, which started a five-second detonation 
    countdown, and then threw the grenade.
    In single player, you'll often come across M24's sitting 
    around for you to pick up.  They are not really any different 
    from the American frag grenades you generally start out with, 
    but, as in Call of Duty Finest Hour, they do seem to fly a 
    little better when thrown.  In multiplayer, when playing as 
    Axis you'll always start out with some of these puppies.  As 
    with the American grenades, they are quite effective against 
    enemy troopers, especially if you cook the grenade and then 
    toss it so your foe can't run away before it detonates.  M24's 
    can be used against tanks, but it usually takes several to kill 
    the tank.  I find it is best to throw the grenade under the tank; 
    it seems to be best and can kill the tank with one or two grenades.
    Name:			US MK2		
    Country of Origin:	USA
    Range:			Could be thrown 100 feet (30m)
    Blast:			Bursting radius 33 feet (10m)	
    Years of Service:       WW2 through early Vietnam War
    The MkII "pineapple" fragmentation grenade was used by 
    American forces throughout World War 2 and continued in
    service until the Vietnam War.  Its distinctive "pineapple" 
    shape was due to its role as a frag grenade; when it exploded, 
    its shell fragmented and created deadly shrapnel.
    In single player you'll always start levels with a few Mk2 
    grenades.  They're quite useful against enemies that are on 
    the other side of a doorway or who are taking cover.  It can 
    be somewhat tricky to master the use of grenades in this game, 
    but once you do you'll be able to throw them into any open 
    window or door.  It's best to use them when several enemies 
    are gathered together.  Also you can throw them safely from 
    behind cover.  But make sure the grenade doesn't bounce back 
    on top of you!
    In multiplayer you'll get some of these when playing as 
    Allied forces.  As with the German stielhandgranates, 
    they're very useful against enemy soldiers, and can be 
    used against tanks, though a Panzerfaust is preferable.  
    If using against a tank, try if you can to toss the 
    grenade under the tank.
    Name:			FM 24-29 Chatellerault
    Country of Origin:	France
    Cartridge:		7.5 x 54 mm French Service M1929
    Magazine Capacity:	25
    Rate of Fire:		450-600 rpm
    Years of Service:       1920's to mid-1950's
    The Chatellerault was designed 1921 in France to replace 
    aging World War 1 French machine guns.  It was based largely 
    on the American Browning Automatic Rifle.  Known as the FM 
    (Fusil-mitrailleur, French for machine-gun) 24-29, it became 
    the French army's main light machine gun and, though production 
    ceased by 1940, was used by French forces until the mid 1950's.  
    It was somewhat unique in that it had no switch to change from 
    automatic fire to single shots, and rather had two triggers--
    the front was for single shots and the rear was for automatic fire.  
    As you see in COD2BRO, the Chatellerault was used by Vichy French 
    forces during World War Two, as well as by German occupation 
    forces along the French coast and on the Channel Islands.
    The Chatellerault is available in the first set of levels 
    that are set in the Vichy-French held desert, and can be 
    found on dead French soldiers or in storage rooms.  It is 
    more powerful than the MAS sub-machine gun that you also 
    have access to, but tends to have a lot of recoil when 
    fired, especially when standing up, so it can be hard to use 
    accurately.  Enemies in the Africa levels are not very 
    strong so you might be better off using the MAS.  Also it 
    has a smaller stock, 25 rounds, which gets used up fast.  
    This weapon is not particularly useful in multiplayer, 
    especially because of the recoil and smallish magazine.  
    Oh yeah, and its magazine comes up from the top of the 
    gun, which kind of gets in the way of aiming if you ask me, 
    especially if enemies are coming from the right.
    Name:			BAR	
    Country of Origin:	USA
    Cartridge:		.30-06 Springfield
    Magazine Capacity:	20
    Rate of Fire:		300-650 rpm
    Range:			Effective to 548m
    Years of Service:       1918--1990's (!!!)
    Ah...the good old Browning M1918, aka the BAR or Browning 
    Automatic Rifle.  The BAR was a light machine gun, first 
    built in the caveman days of February 1918 to be used for 
    "marching fire," what we might call today "suppresive fire."  
    At the time it was intended for the then-novel purpose of 
    providing suppresive fire by a soldier moving steadily 
    forward, providing cover fire for riflemen who would charge 
    towards trenches where the enemy cowered.  
    Basically the BAR was a light machine gun, a heavy automatic 
    rifle that could be carried and fired from a standing position, 
    unlike a true machine gun.  A bipod also allowed a soldier 
    to lay down and fire or fire from a trench.  The BAR proved 
    quite rugged and was widely used by American forces in WW2 
    and on into Korea.  During the Vietnam War the South Vietnam 
    forces used many BAR's, and some NATO armies used the BAR 
    into the 1990's.
    The BAR that was used by American forces in WW2 was the 
    M1918A2, and it did away with a previous semi-automatic fire 
    option.  Instead a trooper could switch between "fast auto" 
    (500-650 rpm) and "slow auto" (300-450 rpm).
    The BAR used the .30-06 Springfield round, the same ammo 
    that was used in many other American weapons--the M1 Garand, 
    the Browning M1919 machine gun, and the M1903 Springfield rifle. 
    In combat, the BAR proved to be very powerful, mobile, and 
    rugged, but its role as a light machine gun was hampered by 
    its small, 20-round magazine.
    In BRO the BAR is the standard US lmg, as you would imagine.  
    It is fairly powerful, but it has a lot of recoil so it is 
    not as useful at close range as, say, a tommy gun.  For more 
    accurate fire you can look down the sights, which allows you 
    to fire off one or two rounds to conserve ammo.  The small 
    20-round magazine is a major problem for the BAR--it takes 
    a rather long while to reload, and since you'll be reloading 
    a lot you'll be vulnerable quite a lot of the time.  The BAR 
    is a pretty good weapon in multiplayer, as it allows for 
    accurate long-range firing and automatic-fire, making long-
    range kills pretty easy.  However it does seem to take quite 
    a few bullets to kill a far-off foe.  Again, the recoil 
    when un-aimed is quite strong, so you'll have to compensate 
    if firing at close range.  Basically the BAR would pwn 
    enemies in multiplayer if it were not for its small magazine, 
    which combined with the recoil makes it quite a bit less 
    pwn-worthy compared to the German mp44.
    Name:			Breda M1930	
    Country of Origin:	Italy
    Cartridge:		6.5 x 52mm
    Magazine Capacity:	20
    Rate of Fire:		Average 180 rpm; maximum 500 rpm
    Range:			Effective to 800 meters; Maximum 
    			range 3000m
    Years of Service:       1930 through World War 2
    Designed in 1930, the Breda M1930 was Italy's standard 
    light machine gun when WW2 started.  Say what you will 
    about Italian craftsmanship, but...well, okay, the M1930 
    is pretty widely considered to be a poor weapon.  It had 
    a small magazine, tended to jam, used fragile ammo clips, 
    and had a slow fire rate.
    From what I wrote above about the Breda, you'd think it 
    would be a really cruddy weapon in BRO.  Actually it's 
    not half-bad--it's pretty powerful.  In BRO it's basically 
    a sibling to the BAR--more powerful than sub-machine guns, 
    but with a smaller magazine and more recoil.  The magazine, 
    only having 20 rounds, is rather small, so You'll be reloading 
    this gun quite a bit, and it takes a little while for the 
    reload too, leaving you vulnerable.  The recoil when firing 
    is rather harsh, so you'll probably be firing down the 
    sights a lot--which of course leaves you less mobile.  
    Basically it's a good weapon to use if you sneak up behind 
    your enemy at close range and have the time to look down 
    the sights and get a good bead on him.
    Name:			MP44/StG44	
    Country of Origin:	Germany
    Cartridge:		7.65mm 
    Magazine Capacity:	30
    Rate of Fire:		500 rpm
    Range:			Effective to 300m
    Years of Service:       July 1944--May 1945
    First of all let's get rid of the potential confusion 
    surrounding this weapon's name.  This weapon is variously 
    known as the MP43, MP44, and StG44; however these are all 
    names for the same weapon.  The weapon was at first known 
    as the MP43 (MP standing for Maschinenpistole) but to 
    differentiate it from the Gewehr 43 it was renamed the MP44.  
    It was later renamed again the StG44 to emphasize its role 
    for propaganda purposes--StG stands for "SturmGewehr," or 
    "storm rifle."  Ok, got that out of the way, right?
    Before the MP44 was developed and distributed, the German 
    Wehrmacht had no automatic rifles which could provide 
    firepower that was in between that of a heavy but powerful 
    machine gun, and that of lighter, weaker weapons like the 
    MP40 smg or kar98 rifle.  Moreover, while a smg like the 
    MP40 provided automatic fire, it had weak stopping power 
    and a short range of effectiveness, because it basically 
    used pistol ammo.  What was needed was an automatic rifle--
    a weapon with automatic fire *and* powerful, longer-range 
    ammo.  Thus the MP44 was developed.
    The MP44 was introduced quite far into the War--just 
    about in time for a little thing called D-Day--so it was 
    certainly a bit too late to really change the Wehrmacht's 
    prospects for victory.  However, the legacy the MP44 left 
    to future weapons might be a bit more important than its 
    role in WW2.  It's function as an "assault rifle" prefigured 
    later weapons like the AK-47 and M-16 which have become 
    so widespread today.  I mean, just look at a picture of a 
    MP44--it looks quite similar to an AK-47.  Some would 
    say that the AK-47 copied much from the MP44, but this 
    is often disputed.   
    Man.  In CODBRO, the MP44 is pretty much the best weapon 
    you can pick up.  It's great because it can be used 
    effectively at short range as though it were a machine gun, 
    or at long range as if it were a rifle.  In multiplayer, 
    if you are playing as Axis, there is almost no reason 
    to use the MP40, G43, or kar98 because the MP44 provides 
    all of their roles a lot better.  Compared with other 
    automatic rifles such as the BAR or Breda in CODBRO, 
    the MP44 has almost no recoil, even when standing up 
    without looking down the sights.  When you do look 
    down the sights, the gun is very effective at long range.  
    Also the cartridge has 30 rounds when full, meaning you 
    will not have to reload a lot compared to certain other weapons 
    (*cough* *BAR* *cough).  In multiplayer 
    this weapon is almost *too* good, and it's certainly a lot 
    more handy than the BAR.
    Name:			Scoped kar98k	
    Country of Origin:	Germany
    Cartridge:		7.92 x 57mm (a.k.a. 8mm Mauser) 
    Magazine Capacity:	5
    Rate of Fire:		about 15 rpm
    Range:			Effective to 800m with scope
    Years of Service:       1935-1945 and beyond
    Please read the kar98k historical information in the rifles 
    section for this weapon.  
    FWIW, the scoped kar98k, when fixed with a scope and operated 
    by a skilled marksman, increased its effective range from 500m to 800m.
    The scoped kar98k shows up a few times in the single player 
    game, and makes itself useful because you can effectively 
    hit very, very far away enemies.  The scope for whatever reason 
    is fixed in CODBRO and cannot zoom in and out, unlike in the Medal 
    of Honor series.  In multiplayer this weapon is very effective in 
    the hands of an expert, because you can attain head shots from a 
    hidden, far-off location.  Unfortunately there is aim-assist in this 
    game, and you can't turn it off; this aim-assist tends to make 
    aiming with the scoped kar98k very annoying, at least for me--
    it tends to fight you, and can jerk around unpredictably if your 
    enemy is moving.  For this reason I tend to prefer automatic weapons 
    that require closer fighting, though there are a number of skilled 
    snipers online. It is best to be lying down when sniping, as it 
    can make you nearly invisible to enemies.  Do note that when you 
    fire your enemy can see the flash of your weapon, 
    so if you miss you might want to move positions before you get 
    sniped yourself.  Also when sniping you're quite vulnerable 
    from enemies that are not in view of your scope.  And try to get a 
    head shot; if you don't kill your enemy immediately it takes 
    a second or two to recock your rifle between shots, and 
    that gives your opponent an opening to head shot you.
    One last thing--in multiplayer, the scoped kar and the 
    scoped Springfield are the only weapons that give you 
    access to airstrikes if you gain 2nd or 3rd rank.  If 
    you attain this rank, you must wait several seconds for 
    a bar next to your health bar to fill up, then you can 
    switch weapons until you pull out a pair of binoculars.  
    Hold L1 to look thru the binoculars, then press R1 when you've 
    chosen a position to hit with an airstrike.  You'll hear a 
    click and after a few seconds shells will start exploding where 
    you hit R1.  Do note that when using the binoculars you're pretty 
    vulnerable.  Also if someone is under the roof of a building, they 
    will be magically immune from the shells.
    Name:			Scoped Springfield 1903	
    Country of Origin:	USA
    Cartridge:		.30-06 Springfield  
    Magazine Capacity:	5
    Range:			Effective to 600 yards, 
    			(548m) Maximum range 3500 yards (3200m)
    Years of Service:       1903-present for civilian use
    The Springfield 1903 rifle debuted in 1903 among American ground 
    forces and was used in World War I.  A bolt-action, high-powered 
    rifle, it was meant to be replaced by the Garand rifle, but because 
    it was so accurate and effective at long ranges, it was widely used 
    in World War 2 for sniping or long-distance fire.  The 1903 was 
    also used in Korea and Vietnam, and is still owned by many hunters 
    and collectors.
    The Springfield is pretty much the same as the scoped kar98k.  
    I don't believe you find this weapon in the single player game.  
    For a bit of info on how to use sniper rifles in multiplayer, 
    read the above entry for the scoped kar98k.
    M9 Bazooka
    Name:			M9 Bazooka		
    Country of Origin:	USA
    Ammo Used:		60mm M6A3 shaped charge		
    Magazine Capacity:	1
    Penetration:		100mm maximum
    Range:			Effective to 110m, maximum 350-450m
    Years of Service:       Original M1 deployed 1942, later versions 
    			used till Korean War
    The M1 Bazooka was developed and deployed to US troops in 1942, and 
    was first used in the November 1942 invasion of Northwest Africa, 
    Operation Torch.  The Bazooka, whimsically named after a popularly 
    known comical musical instrument of the time, was basically a simple
    metal tube that fired a shaped charge anti-tank grenade mounted 
    around a rocket.  The M9 version, which appears in CODBRO, was an 
    improved version introduced in 1943.  The Bazooka provided an 
    important anti-tank role but was extremely inaccurate except at 
    close ranges, and could penetrate only 100mm of armor and so was 
    often ineffective against heavier panzers.  Also it generally 
    required a two-man crew: one man to carry and fire the weapon, 
    and another to load it from behind.  Also when fired it gave 
    off a lot of smoke, giving away the firer's position.  Captured 
    Bazookas were copied by German designers, who developed the much 
    more effective Panzerschrek.
    First of all, let's not get into an argument about how this dang thing 
    can be operated and reloaded in CODBRO without a two-man crew.  Ok.  
    Anyway, as you might imagine, this weapon is mainly used in this game 
    to take out tanks or, occaisionally, some obstacles in your way like 
    fences or whatever.  It doesn't really make much of an appearance in 
    the single player mode of CODBRO.  In multiplayer, if you are carrying 
    the M1 Garand, if you make 2nd or 3rd rank you will be given a bazooka.  
    It's not really any different than the Panzerfausts that are found 
    littered around the multiplayer levels, but at least it can be reloaded.  
    It is pretty effective against tanks in multiplayer, but it is also 
    fun to use against enemy soldiers.  If they are up against a wall, 
    just aim at the wall and you'll probably score a one-hit kill.  
    Trying to hit running enemies out in the open is a lot more difficult--
    try to aim at the ground around them.  And don't worry, the Bazooka 
    is not very realistically portrayed here--it's not wildly inaccurate 
    at long ranges and I don't believe it is vastly less powerful than 
    the German anti-tank weapons.  
    Name:			Panzerschrek	
    Country of Origin:	Germany
    Ammo:			88mm calibre rocket-propelled, shaped-charge 
    Magazine Capacity:	1
    Penetration:		Effective to 200mm of armor
    Range:			Effective to about 180m
    Years of Service:       1943-1945
    "Panzerschrek," which basically means "tank terror" in German, 
    was the popular name for the weapon properly known as the 
    Raketenpanzerb├╝chse, or "Rocket Tank-Rifle."  It was based off 
    of US Bazookas captured in Northern Africa, and was first deployed 
    in 1943.  It was heavier and used a heavier rocket than the Bazooka, 
    and proved much more effective.  It was able to penetrate 200mm of 
    armor quite effectively, so one well-fired shot was enough to destroy 
    nearly any Allied armored vehicle.  Like the bazooka, the Panzerschrek 
    gave off a lot of smoke when fired, giving away the firer's position.  
    Despite being reloadable and much more effective than the one-shot 
    Panzerfaust, it was produced in much smaller numbers.  However, Allied 
    tank operators feared coming into contact with the deadly Panzerschrek.
    I am pretty sure that the Panzerschrek does not appear in 
    CODBRO's single player game, but I might be wrong.  In multiplayer, 
    if you carry the G43 as your weapon you can gain access to the
    Panzerschrek if you attain rank 2 or 3.  Like the bazooka, 
    it's quite effective against tanks and even enemy troopers. 
    And as when using the bazooka, when trying to hit enemy soldiers 
    out in the open, try to aim for the ground around them to send them flying.
    Name:			Panzerfaust			
    Country of Origin:	Germany
    Ammo:			150mm charge		
    Magazine Capacity:	1
    Penetration:		170mm of armor
    Range:			30 to 150m, depending on model
    Years of Service:       1943--1945
    Panzerfaust means "tank fist" in German, and it was basically a 
    one-shot anti-tank weapon that could be inexpensively produced and 
    distributed.  The rather short and wide rocket, which carried about 
    800 grams of explosive, was distributed already attached to a tube 
    that was disposed of after firing.  The Panzerfaust was first worked 
    on in 1942 and was first deployed in August 1943.  Different models 
    were given numbers which indicated their effective range; for 
    instance the Panzerfaust 30 had a maximum range of 30 meters, and 
    later versions were numbered 60, 100, and 150.  A Panzerfaust 250
     was to be deployed in September 1945 but, um, the war kind of 
    ended for Germany in April of that year.
    The Panzerfaust was produced in quite large numbers, and could 
    be used by almost anyone; in the Battle of Berlin at the end of 
    the war, the Panzerfaust was used by defenders to take out huge 
    numbers of invading Soviet tanks.  The Panzerfaust was also 
    quite useful in urban environments because it could be used 
    effectively at short range.
    As with the Panzerschrek, I don't believe there are any Panzerfausts in the 
    single player game, but I could be wrong.  In multiplayer, you'll find a 
    lot of these things.  In levels where tanks are available for use, 
    Panzerfausts are littered around in buildings and other areas.  They 
    always appear in the same places, and they have no respawn time, meaning 
    you can pick up a 'faust, fire it at an enemy, then immediately pick up 
    another one.  When an enemy is rolling around in a tank in multiplayer, 
    it's very important to know where you can quickly find a panzerfaust.  
    At long ranges the accuracy can be rather unpredictable, so if you have 
    time, crouch or lie down and then press L1 to look down the sights, and 
    then fire.  But make sure your aim is true; the 'faust's rocket leaves 
    behind a very visible smoke trail which can be tracked back to you.  So 
    get moving after you fire.
    The panzerfaust is rather unpredictable with regards to the damage it 
    will inflict on an enemy tank.  Sometimes when a tank is hit (usually 
    when I'm the tank driver it seems!) it will explode after one hit, but 
    other times it will take 2 or 3 panzerfaust hits to kill the tank.  I 
    am guessing that tanks might be more vulnerable armor-wise on certain 
    sides as opposed to others, but usually when facing off against a tank 
    I don't have time to strategically place my shot.  And when firing 
    against a tank don't stand too close or you'll get fried too.
    Oh yeah, and panzerfausts are quite useful against enemy soldiers, 
    especially if you are up in a building.  Fire down at the ground 
    around an enemy, and usually (but not always) you'll score a kill.  
    Sometimes an enemy will illogically survive a direct hit, but they'll 
    lose a lot of health.

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