Review by coffee7729

Reviewed: 09/30/05

Dominate the game

NBA Live is a basketball game recently released by EA Sports. While overall the game provides nice visuals and features, it might lack for true hardcore Live series gamers.

GRAPHICS: 9.5/10

The graphics look a world better in the game than in screen shots. The new graphics engine is very impressive. To top it off, sweet new visuals and moves have been added to enhance your experience. Player faces look extremely realistic, as all were scanned into the game. Overall, EA did an excellent job fixing up the new graphics.

SOUND: 10/10

Crisp, clear sounds on the court make for a sharp game. Also, Marv Albert makes his return as play-by-play in commentary along with Steve Curr, his new parter in announcing. The addition of Curr is excellent, as he makes comments on the condition of the game, instead of shouting random comments. (last years "Czar")


Probably the only real downside to this game. Superstar freestyle controls can take real practice. And if your relatively new to the game, by the time you recognize the buttons you have to push, such as a power block with Big Ben, Shaq is hanging off the rim, and your left dazed. Changing into your desired player can also be a challenge.

EXTRAS: 9/10

The new and improved dynasty mode is an extraordinary addition to the whole package. It allows you to not only control the fate of your players, but also assistant coaches, trainers, and scouts. The better the staff, the better the performance of your team. But beware of the money you spend on your staff. You can't afford to sign all A+ staff. Freestyle superstar controls also provide a dominating and intriguing sense to the game as well.


If you are a fan of the past Live games, get this. Overall, its more challenging. You need to learn to work with your superstar players, and stop those of the other team. The experience is extremely rewarding, and will perhaps contend with Madden for the best EA title of the year.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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