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    Scoring Guide by Sik_and_Twizted

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    Scoring Guide for Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland
    Updated 1-16-06
    Version 1
    Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland is much too easy offline, and doesn’t do a good 
    job of preparing people for online play. Hopefully, this guide will help you to 
    learn how to score in the millions consistently. 
    The guide is mostly done. There are a lot of useless things I wanted to put in 
    to point out why you shouldn’t do them, but I haven’t felt like doing it.
    If you have questions concerning something in here feel free to e-mail me at 
    t3h_nO_ob (at) yahoo.com. Please don’t e-mail me concerning goals or technical 
    This section will explain how to score. It’s divided into three sections which 
    decrease in importance after the first section. Everything in the first section 
    is vital, while there are things in the third section which are only useful to 
    the most obsessed players (who uses Front Tucks anyway?)
    This is what should have been in the instructions. Most of the stuff here is 
    fairly obvious, but until you come to terms with everything here you’re not 
    going to do very well.
    The Concept
    Base Score x Multiplier = Score
    If your base score is high and your multiplier is high, you’ll get a lot of 
    points.Your base score is the sum of the point value of all tricks you did in 
    your combo. Your multiplier is the amount of tricks you did in your combo. Your 
    base score will always be higher than your multiplier. 
    The rest of this guide serves to explain how to get high base scores and 
    multipliers by using the tons of techniques available in the game.
    Flip Tricks
    These are done with square button and direction. They’re generally fast and low 
    scoring. Do these often to get your multiplier very high. By often I mean every 
    opportunity. When ever your in the air you should do a trick. These can be done 
    into and out of grinds or between rails.
    By hitting square twice (or sometimes 3 times) you’ll do a trick that’s worth 
    more points and will take longer to do. For instance left + square is a 
    kickflip worth 200 points, but if you press left + square, square you’ll do a 
    double kickflip which takes longer but is worth 500 points; pressing square 3 
    times will do a triple kickflip worth 1000 points, but it takes the longest.
    Grab Tricks
    Grab tricks are done with circle and a direction. These can be held for more 
    points. You can use these quickly to increase your multiplier or hold them to 
    help with your base score. Remember to let go before you land. You can also do 
    double taps with these.
    Grind Tricks
    These are done with triangle and a direction on a rail or an edge. You have to 
    balance grinds. The more time you spend grinding, the worse your balance gets. 
    The more times you grind the same rail, the worse your balance gets on that 
    rail. It’s unwise to grind for long periods of time as it hurts your balance. 
    Eventually, during a combo you’ll find that your balance becomes practically 
    uncontrollable. It’s best to only stay on rails for a second or two at a time 
    when this happens. Hop on then hop off for best results.
    You can also do several variations to grinds while in one by pressing different 
    combinations of square circle and triangle. This isn’t very useful, as you’ll 
    find yourself grinding for longer than you should.
    Manuals are down by pressing up down or down up on the ground or right before 
    you land. These have to be balanced. The more time you spend manualing the 
    worse your balance gets. It’s best to only do these for short periods of time. 
    For traveling long distance you should do a manual, jump, flip trick, manual 
    and repeat; this is called bouncing. Beware that you can only balance while in 
    the manual. Remember where it is in the meter before doing another one. Know 
    that if it’s at the edge when you jump it’ll still be there when you land.
    You can do flatland tricks while in a manual, but it’s not necessarily wise. 
    You shouldn’t be doing manuals long enough to do this, and they also slow you 
    down. If you stop to gain speed while in a manual press left, right + square to 
    go into a spacewalk; this will give you some speed. 
    Lip Tricks
    Go straight toward the lip of a quarter pipe and press a direction plus 
    triangle. Lip tricks are somewhat useless as they break the flow of a combo. 
    They can help your multiplier dramatically however. You can do modifiers to lip 
    tricks. It’s wise to do this for as long as possible once in every combo. Hold 
    it as long as you can and fall back onto the quarter pipe. The meter will be 
    green on the side which it’s safe to let the meter go off. Sometimes you can 
    fall toward either side. 
    Special Tricks
    These score much higher than normal tricks and will make up the bulk of you 
    base score. Air tricks and Grab tricks are the ones worth the most. Grind 
    tricks, Manuals, and Lip tricks need to be done for long periods of time to get 
    high scores for them which makes them less valuable. If you use you should only 
    do them when you plan to hold them.
    The 900 and Indy 900 are the two highest scoring tricks, and it’s in your best 
    interest to use them. Tricks that take longer to do are worth more, but harder 
    to land. Shorter tricks are worth less but easier to land. There are also 
    tricks that you can’t spin as you do. It’s up to you to decide what works best 
    for you. 
    When in the air you can spin with either L1 or R1. Spinning multiplies the 
    value of the tricks you do in the air. Spinning 180 multiplies it by 1.5, 360 
    is 2 etc. If you get big enough air you can use a special trick that can’t be 
    spun then do a spin after it for massive points. A 360 Switch Indy 900 will add 
    over 20,000 to your base score.
    When you spin, you have to make sure to land fairly straight. If you’re off by 
    too much you’ll fall. You don’t have to worry about this is landing in a grind.
    Score Degradation
    Every time you do the same trick it’s value will decrease by 10%. If you repeat 
    a trick it will eventually be worth practically nothing. Vary your tricks to 
    minimize the effect this has on you. Note that doing tricks switch and regular 
    degrade separately. If you do trick regular then switch they’ll both be worth 
    they’re full value. If you then do it again switch it’ll degrade to 10% less. 
    Press R2 while skating outside of a combo to switch between switch and regular. 
    While you’re skating switch, tricks are worth 10% more. To minimize score 
    degradation you should use both switch and regular tricks. This will happen 
    naturally if you spin. 
    First of all, the parkour tricks are worthless and will be covered later.
    Walking can serve many purposes to extend a combo, but the worst way to use it 
    is to replace manuals. You only get a few seconds of walk time every combo, so 
    don’t waste them. Long travel on the ground should be done bouncing, not 
    walking. However, if you expect that you’re manual balance to too bad to use, 
    then it’s better to walk instead of manual.
    If you find that you’re about to land awkwardly and  fall, land in a walk 
    instead. If you’re going to slow and need to speed up significantly get off 
    your board and get back on. If you need to make a sudden stop/turn, land on 
    your feet.
    The best way to get back on your board is to press L1 + R1 while walking. This 
    increases your speed, but more importantly it stops your walk meter faster than 
    jumping and doing a cave man.
    If your feet don’t touch the ground, the timer won’t start, and it is better to 
    cave man. 
    Press R2 or L2 as you land at the bottom of a quarter pipe to revert. Get the 
    timing down because it’s very important; it should become second nature. To 
    manual out of a quarterpipe you have to revert first. Always revert when you 
    land in a quarter pipe, even if you aren’t going to continue the combo.
    Every revert you do slows you down more, and at some point you’ll do one and be 
    forced to skate in place, walk, or spacewalk. If you ollie after a revert you 
    won’t slow down as much. If it’s possible to ollie out of a revert without 
    crashing then do so.
    As I said before, to get high scores you want a high base score and high 
    multiplier. Using the tricks listed above you should be able to easily score 5 
    million points and possibly much more with experience. But one of the key 
    things is knowing how to put it all together in a combo.
    It’s wise to start a combo with something that will give you a decent base 
    score to on which to build. I tend to start off with 2 Indy 900s and 2 The 900s 
    using two quarterpipes with some space between them. Do a 900 in the quarter 
    pipe, revert, ollie, flip trick, manual and air the next quaterpipe, then 
    repeat. This will get your base score past 40,000 and combined with flips/rolls 
    it can be worth more than 1 million points.
    *Note: often there are much better ways to get a nice base score to start your 
    combo, but they’ll vary by level. I’ve been able to do this method on almost 
    every level since THPS4. If you know a better way feel free to do it, but this 
    method will carry you far.
    Next comes the creative part of a combo; increasing your base score and 
    multiplier. There’s no correct way to do this so you can interpret it in pretty 
    much anyway you like. The highest scoring method of doing this to find 
    something that increase your base score significantly and do it as much as 
    possible, but that’s easier said than done. If  your going for tags (playing a 
    graffiti style game) this is the time when you want to use as much of the level 
    as possible. Generally, doing lots of grinds, flip tricks, and the occasional 
    big air will suffice. If you play online, watch players better than you and if 
    you see something worth copying feel free.
    Eventually you’ll find that your balance is going crazy, now it’s time to just 
    try not to fall. Do a lot of bouncing to increase your multiplier, and this is 
    the perfect time to do a lip trick or two until you can’t balance those any 
    longer. Remember to stop before you fall. If you have time left on your walk 
    meter use it to do an air on a quarter pipe.
    Hopefully, after you’re done all this you’ll have a nice score you can be happy 
    Worth Knowing
    You should already be able to score a few million points and be able to keep up 
    with and sometimes beat average players online from reading the vital section, 
    but there are also things that will help you tremendously. If you can master 
    the things listed in this section the only obstacle between you and 
    2,147,483,647 points (the highest possible score) is how far you’re willing to 
    push yourself.
    Spine/Hip Transfers
    When you do a spine transfer you’ll gain some speed when you revert out. When 
    you spine transfer from high to low, if there’s another quarter pipe in front 
    of you’ll be able to do a decent air trick from it. In these situations is 
    rarely wise to ollie out of a revert. Hip transfers are done the same way as 
    spine transfer but when the quarter pipes are at a right angle. You can use 
    either of these to grind the top of the pipe it sends you in to.
    Acid Drops
    When you do an acid drop from a high point to a low quarter pipe you’ll be able 
    to get some speed, and if there’s another quarter pipe in front of you big air 
    is very possible. Another use for acid drops is to grind the top of a quarter 
    Leveling Out
    After jumping from a quarter pipe, if you press R2 you’ll turn parallel to the 
    ground, or do a Spine/Hip Transfer. This will allow you to grind the top of the 
    quarter pipe. If you don’t want to revert because you’ll lose your speed, this 
    is a good alternative. Beware that if there’s an object you can grind above the 
    quarter pipe, you may bail on that if you do a big air trick. 
    Wallplants/Sticker Slaps
    If need to turn around this is the best way to do it. Of ten you’ll find 
    yourself being launched into walls by rails, so you should Wallplant off of it. 
    Use both of these tricks equally as they do degrade and there’s no reason not 
     “Noob Lines”
    The “Noob line” is riding on a rail between to walls jumping and doing a lot of 
    flip tricks and a slightly bigger trick after you wall plant. The more times 
    you grind the same rail the worse your balance will be on the rail, and you 
    can’t do very big tricks from wall plants. This is a simple solution to 
    scoring, but there is always a much better alternative.
    These are hard to find on your own, but very important if you want to be a true 
    whore. Whoring is playing the game simply to score using any methods outside of 
    cheating. It’s not something I enjoy, but if you’re trying to get over 75 
    million points there’s no other way.
    A good line will take you all over the level letting you get big air tricks and 
    a larger multiplier. Finding the best line in a level isn’t easy. The best way 
    to find them is to watch a good whore and copy them. 
    A baser is a small part of a line that can give you a lot of air so you can get 
    your base score up quickly. Typically, you can find a high drop into a series 
    of quarter pipes, but those don’t exist everywhere. Here is another situation 
    where you should watch somebody better than you and copy them. While a baser 
    isn’t necessary, for people who have trouble getting a good base score it’s 
    Edit Tricks
    Not to be confused with Create-A-Trick, this is changing the layout of your 
    tricks on your controller. There no correct tricks to select, it depends on 
    what you want.
    The important part here is your special tricks. For the highest possible scores 
    you’ll want to have as many high scoring tricks as possible and you want to use 
    all of them. I don’t know all the values of the tricks and I don’t intend to 
    find out. My only recommendations are The 900 and Indy 900. If your care more 
    about style than points pick tricks that look good. If you’re able to spin well 
    consider how much you can get by spinning a trick when picking them.
    If you want to change your normal tricks you can. Take into consideration that 
    you’ll be doing these tricks very often so you shouldn’t pick ones that are 
    hard to do. The way I play, I use flip tricks to haphazardly to use anything 
    slower than the default tricks, but my grab tricks are changed for style. 
    Practically Useless
    Things in this section aren’t going to help you to increase your score much and 
    will often break the flow of your combo. Unless you’re working to look better, 
    there’s really no reason to read this section. This guide is being rushed and 
    something had to be cut from it. 
    Bert Slides
    You can use these to make sharp turn at high speed, although instance where you 
    need to do this are rare. The longer you slide for the slower you’ll come out.
    Power Slides
    This is done by pressing Down, Down, R1. You’ll spin around 180 degrees without 
    losing speed. Unfortunately, you can only do this while skating out side of a 
    combo. It is still the fastest way to turn around. It’s very useful to make 
    quick turns while playing King of the Hill
    Create a Skater
    You are your CaS. If you play offline it doesn’t matter at all, but online you 
    look like a noob. If you play well it won’t matter too much, but if you’re only 
    average you face some banishments from server run by jerks: when I host if I 
    need to clear space you’ll probably be first to go. 
    Another note about how you dress your CaS: panda suits are just as bad as not 
    having a CaS at all. Hundreds of people use them and you’ll look just like 
    them. Be creative.
    In the quest for victory scoring isn’t everything. While scoring is almost 
    always important, it’s only the objective in 1 game. Here I’ll briefly explain 
    what you should do to win in each game, but first you must know what a tag is 
    as well as a couple other concepts.
    Tags are the unit of scoring in graffiti. You tag an object by doing a trick on 
    it. The game remembers the score of the combo in which you got the tag. When 
    you tag an object it will become your color (the color of your name) and you’ll 
    get a point for it. The twist is that tags can be stolen. If somebody else 
    tricks on an object you’ve tagged with a higher scoring combo they steal the 
    tag. You lose the point and it becomes their color. 
    Tagging more than half of the level with a score nobody can beat is a 
    guaranteed win.
    Collisions and Slapping
    When two players collide, the one going faster will slap the other and knock 
    them down. Online collisions are rarely turned on.
    Because the game lags a lot, online you’ll need to get in front of the person 
    you’re trying to slap because they aren’t really where you see them. The host 
    has an advantage in that wherever they see a player is where they are.
    Skating After 0
    Sometime called “after time”. When the clock reaches zero you’re allowed to 
    continue your combo until you land or fall. This is a good time to watch other 
    players.Beware that some hosts will turn this off; typically this is don’t by 
    inexperienced hosts that get bored with watching others. You can’t skate after 
    zero in elimaskate.
    Trick Attack
    TA for short. This mode is the simplest. Score as much as possible.
    Graff for short. Another simple mode. Get as many tags as you can.
    ES for short. This can be played with tags or points. This section is about 
    points, “Elimigraff” is discusses tags. 
    When the timer reaches zero the player with the lowest score is eliminated. If 
    two players are tied for the lowest score they both will be eliminated. When 
    you’re eliminated you may view other players. Use this as an opportunity to 
    learn from them. Combos landed between rounds don’t count. Usually score resets 
    are turned off. When score resetting is on all players will lose all points at 
    the beginning of each round, your special meter will empty, if you’re in a 
    combo when the round start you’ll lose it (you won’t fall, it’ll literally 
    disappear), and score degradation will reset. You have no way of knowing if 
    it’s on or not until the beginning of the second round. If the preceeding 
    happened, it’s on. Usually the game is played with a 30 second time limit on 
    rounds, but sometimes it’ll be played with 1 minute rounds; 2 minute rounds are 
    extremely rare.
    When score resetting is on, you need to be fast and consistent. Score as much 
    as you can within the time limit and make sure to land before the time hits 
    zero. I find it’s best to build a decent base score first and then focus on 
    your multiplier. Use your special tricks as much as possible. Fall and you’re 
    When score resetting is off strategy will come into play. Very high scoring 
    combos take much longer than the 30 seconds you’re usually allowed, so you’ll 
    want to go several rounds without landing. However, if you don’t land you run a 
    big risk of ending up in last place. This gets very unpredictable when 
    everybody is evenly matched. I usually try to land at least 1 million points 
    during my first combo in the first round, and then hope I can continue my 
    second combo into the third or fourth round, but doing this isn’t a guaranteed 
    win. Often people jump from last place to first place, so be wary of the 
    scores. If you see red text on your screen telling you you’re in last place you 
    must land or face elimination. If you’re told by red text how far ahead of last 
    place you are, unless you’re confident the last place person won’t beat your 
    score, you should land.
    Also, because of score degradation, it’s better to save your special tricks for 
    your larger combos. 
    The most important thing is not to fall behind early, and you’ll be fine.
    This is Elimiskate with tags instead of points, and with good players it can be 
    insanity. All the stuff I said about Elimiskate still applies, but now you have 
    to worry about stealing. It’s possible to be relaxed in first place then 
    suddenly find your self on the brink of elimination because somebody stole most 
    of your tags. For at least the first round you may want to try and tag more 
    obscure areas. The more often people touch an object the more likely it is that 
    somebody will tag it with a high score.  When you start in the second round you 
    want to play it’s like Graffiti. Score as much you can while tagging as much as 
    you can. It’s best not to land every round, but beware of the scores. People 
    like to land within the last 5 seconds and this can be painful if they’re 
    stealing from you. If you think you’ll be eliminated land, other wise keep 
    skating and hope for the best.
    Combo Mambo
    CM for short. This can be played with either tags or points. Only your highest 
    scoring combo counts, and there once you land score degradation is reset. If 
    you want to play it safe, land before the clock hits zero and then going for 
    another big combo after time. 
    When playing with tags there is still stealing, so you do have to make sure you 
    land a very high combo. The score that counts is the combo that is the highest 
    scoring when you land it. If somebody steals those tags your score will go 
    Offline, this is broke when played with tags. It will be scored as normal 
    graffiti and all combos will count.
    The goal is to slap your opponents as many times as possible. You slap by 
    riding into them. The player that’s going faster will slap the other. Once time 
    is up you should continue for as long as you can and keep hitting people to 
    rack up points. After time they’ll stay where they are when you slap them 
    opposed to them respawning when you slap them in game. 
    Pot O’ Gold
    The goal is to either get points or tags while in possession of the pot. If you 
    land a combo without the pot you won’t get the points. If you have the pot and 
    land a combo you will get the points. If you’re in a combo when somebody takes 
    the pot from you, you’ll fall. If your in a combo when you get the pot you can 
    continue your combo. Doing a big combo then getting the pot before you land is 
    a good way to win, but it’s not easy. After time you can continue skating, so 
    if the person with the pot lands before you, steal it from them. 
    Capture The Flag
    Steal your opponents flag from their base and return it to yours while keeping 
    your flag at your base. Ride over the flag to take it from the base. Hit an 
    enemy flag carrier to return your flag if they have it, or take another team’s. 
    You can only carry 1 flag at a time. If two flag carriers collide, the one 
    going faster will slap the other and if possible return the flag. When you’re 
    playing with a time limit, it’s a good idea to try and get points after time is 
    up, but don’t fall with the flag or your team won’t be able to recover it.
    King of the Hill
    The goal here is to hold the crown for the assigned amount of time. You’re 
    slower when you have the crown. Slap the player with the crown to steal it. 
    There are a lot of players that have some mastery of flying around the level in 
    a way that’s almost impossible to follow. In this and scavenger hunt knowing 
    the levels very well helps more than being able to score. 
    Scavenger Hunt
    You spend the first half of the game hiding your tokens and the second half 
    hunting down everybody’s. Try to put yours in a place where you can get them 
    easily but other people won’t. I prefer to put all five of mine together 
    somewhere that it’s not obvious how to get to. A lot of people hide their coins 
    within glitches. This game has nothing to do with scoring.
    Fire Fight
    Shoot fire balls at your opponents. Doing big combos will make your fireballs 
    bigger and more powerful. It’s very possible (a necessary) to kill people in 
    one hit. Once your balls are big enough spray all over the level. Remember to 
    shoot backwards if nobody’s in front of you. You can fire up to four balls at 
    once and doing so will cover a very large area. Avoid common scoring lines or 
    you risk being fried before you have enough points to do any thing decent. 
    Goal Attack
    Complete the goals as fast as you can. The goals are the same as the classic 
    mode goals on sick. If you play this a lot it’d be wise to memorize this, but 
    it’s not something I’d bother with.
    Horse (2-player only)
    You get ten seconds to start a combo, and you can continue for as long as you 
    like. Score as much as you can. 
    While this isn’t really important, it does matter. A lot of people think that 
    scoring is everything, but many don’t and I’m one of them. While it’s good to 
    go into a server and just be unbeatable, that doesn’t make you interesting to 
    While technically it doesn’t matter, if you have style you’re going to be more 
    interesting to watch and generally be more able to adjust do different 
    situations. The basic things to do when styling are to spin and not get 
    repetitive. You should also make an effort to use things like spin outs and 
    bert slides and to avoid walking or losing speed.
    There’s also the thing called improv, short for improvisation. Doing this will 
    yield lower scores than lines, but you look cool. The key principle is to be 
    unpredictable and creative.
    Copyright Information
    Copyright 2005 Alfred Blackman III (Sik and Twizted). This document is may be 
    printed for personal use. It may not be posted in whole or in part on a site 
    other than gamefaqs.com. You may not link directly to this document without 
    permission. If you’d like to please contact me at t3h_nO_ob ( at ) yahoo.com

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