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"Poor poor neversoft"

Introduction: this is tony hawk's american wasteland and to me it seemed like this video game was like a real life thing cause they always comment about the older games.

Gameplay/story: 9/10

The game play is very addictive and the story mode is that you're a so called newbie which they think you are and you don't and as you go along you start to learn new moves like my favorite “the bert slide a.k.a. the Z-boy slide” this time they added a new bike control in here but the only reason to use that is to get some money off it but using your skateboard you get more money so there is no reason for the bike in the game. There is also a classic mode like the olden days but the only problem is that there are only 6 levels! Anyways the levels aren't that great either because of the little place you can move through the game in one level I liked the no load time through out the levels but the only way to get to this levels in threw a little narrow place like a indoor parking garage or a sewer with only rails on the sides and one jump. The voices on this game isn't that great either and even the subtitles don't match up with what the person is saying! Haha!

Customization: 5/10

First thing is that I didn't find any reason to use the because in story mode do you get to play your character like in THUG2? No you don't. you get the good way of picking a character in story mode and customization it.

Audio: 6/10

The music was ok but I just stuck with the radio because I went threw the soundtrack and found that the only one I liked was green day's holiday. So the older versions soundtracks were better than this because they had more than one song I liked.

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics was ok but not all that great I think I like the older versions graphics better.

Rent it or buy it?

If you don't know about the tony hawk series get Tony Hawk UnderGround 2 a.k.a. THUG 2 then rent American Wasteland and you figure out which one is better then if you like American Wasteland better then buy it, I wouldn't buy its all up to you.

Pros: little load time
Online mode

Cons:rushed level design
Short on story and classic mode.
And the game just feels rushed (I know I already said that but that's how much I feel its like)

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/08/05

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