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"Best Ty Game Yet!"

This is the best Ty game that's been made so far. The day I bought it I thought it wouldn't be that great. I had the other two and after a while they got boring. So I picked up a copy and went home to play. Boy was I surprised. There was all new gadgets, new characters (along with the old ones) and the best yet, new 'rangs. Anyway on to the review!

Storyline: 9/10

The storyline is pretty good thought it's confusing sometimes. It starts out with a cutscene involving Ty, Shazza. (also called Sharon in this game, for some odd reason) and the Bunyip Elder. The Elder informs you that spirit monsters, called Quinkan, have invaded the Dreaming (Dreamtime in the last two games) and are stinking up the place with their war. Ty and Shazza then jump into the portal and are transported to the Dreaming. When you get there your pretty much just have to run to a point where a weird lookin' bird lady named Rithana who tells you that you cannot defeat the Quinkan without the Shadow Gauntlets. So you go get 'em. But there's only one problem. Not even the Shadow Gauntlets are powerful enough to bring down the Quinkan portal. Time to bring in the big guns! The Shadow Bunyip appears and you're ready to move. Once the portal is brought down you are invited to train in the Dreaming for a while. After a cutscene you are ready to go back home. Through the portal you go! On the way back to Buramudgee, a Quinkan makes it's way into the portal and knocks Shazza and Ty apart. Shazza gets sent back to Buramudgee and Ty ends up spiraling through the portal. When you finally get back through the portal, you find Buramudgee in ruins. You also find a Tazzy Tiger, named Ridge, who's trying to protect someone named "the General". So begins the story. If I tell you anymore it'd be spoilers. So anyway the story is pretty good and definitely better than the Ty 2 storyline.

Graphics 9/10

The graphics are the sweetest type of eye candy on the market. The surrounding look real. Though when you start walking up to a bush it seems to just pop outta the ground. The water effects are great and look like the wind is really blowing over the water. The character designs are pretty ok. They're pretty much the same characters with new clothes and even more awesome gear. The best part is... TY GOT RID OF THE HAWAIIAN SHORTS! Now that we've established that the graphics are awesome let's discuss the gameplay!

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay is very enhanced from the original Ty games. The old mechanics just involved Ty chucking 'rangs and biting stuff followed by the occasional ride in a vehicle. This game incorporates a new element into the game, hand-to-hand combat. Instead of chucking boomerangs you can get up close and personal and start beating the living crap out of the enemies. You can string together wild combos using bites, jumps, and and rang swipes. Not to mention you no longer have to upgrade or buy new rangs. You just need to buy a chassis and some new Bunyip Stones (which give rangs new powers) and you're good to go. With this new customizable 'rang feature there's over 1000 possible 'rangs.

Music: 7/10
The music gets repetitive, but it's still pretty good. It's got the traditional Aussie music from the originals and new tunes with a darker mood. Each area has a different tune. Music isn't real reason you buy a game though

Overall Rating:10/10. Excellent.

Buy or Rent: Rent then buy if you like it.

So anyway I hope you enjoyed this review. Have a nice day!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/28/05

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