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Reviewed: 07/27/06

The rare gems of Sonic are put together in this new collection!

Sonic Gems Collection is a release of Sonic games that were hard to find. It contains games like the Sega Saturn's Sonic R, the Sega CD's Sonic CD, and the Arcade game Sonic Champions (Sonic the Fighters in Japan). This collection also has various Game Gear games that may also catch your eye. You are bound to find a variety of games you like on this collection. You may even find some secrets.


Most of the games on this collection have good gameplay. Two of the games were a bit lacking, but, other than that, good solid games were very abundant in this collection.

For the most part, the controls of the games on this collection were very good, and I don't think I had any problems in this stat. This game was pretty good on making it so the controls were not frustrating. I believe that Sega always has good controls.

The difficulty for the games vary quite a bit. Some of the games have perfect difficulty ratings for you to play through, but there are some harder games, if that is your preference. Whatever you prefer, you should be able to find it in this game. Just don't let the bad ones get to you.

This collection was defined by it's level of fun. There is not much more that they could have done to increase the fun. A few of the games, however, tend to make me bored, more than they make me have fun. Sega probably could have left those games out.

Overall Gameplay: 30/40


There are many stories to this game. The main ones are the ones that count, but I will brief over a few of them.

The stories can range from Sonic having to save Amy Rose from the evil clutches of Eggma, to Sonic collecting eight Chaos Emeralds and heading into outer space. Even Tails finds himself saving his favorite vacation spot. Sonic even has to go in a few races to collect the chaos emeralds before Eggman gets to them. There are many more great stories behind the collections for you to find. Sega capitalizes here.

I think that the majority of the games have good stories behind them, which helps this collection in this stat.

Overall Story: 18/20


The graphics were very good for the most part, providing the original game had good graphics. This is not always the case. Due to the fact that some of the games were Game Gear games, some of the graphics are rather dull. Some of the 3-D graphics could have been sharpened up as well. Sega could have done a little revamping, but they chose not to. Their loss.

The sound was very good in almost all of the games. Even some of the Game Gear games had good sound (and some did not). Sega always has been pretty good with music. They even have some remixed versions of the music in the gallery, some of which aren't bad.

Overall Graphics/Sound: 14/20

Play Time/Lasting Appeal-

Sonic Gems Collections is a collection, so it obviously has a lot of things to do. Each game can unlock things in the Gems Collection museum, and a lot of games provide a lot of things to do on their own. You can easily rack up 30 hours of play time, and you can also keep replaying all the games, to try and unlock all the museum pictures and demos. You will not run out of things to do with this game.

Overall Play Time/Lasting Appeal: 20/20

Overall Score-
Gameplay: 30/40
Story: 18/20
Graphics/Sound: 14/20
Play Time/Lasting Appeal: 20/20
Overall Score: 84/100 (about an 8/10)

Since a lot of these games are rare, and Sonic R and Sonic CD are on this game, you should definitely buy it, unless you already own the games by themselves. DO NOT rent this game, as you will not get to do everything you want to. So, once again, I recommend you buy this game (it is pretty cheap).

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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