Review by SnowStormIanAmy

Reviewed: 08/22/05

Sonic Gems Collection is good..... but be sure you want it.

I am a Sonic fan, no doubt about it. In fact, when I heard that Sonic Gems Collection was coming out, I was expecting it to be good, if not better than Sonic Mega Collection. After playing it, I thought it was good, but Sonic Mega Collection I thought was better.

Graphics and Sound: 9/10 Although they might be old, the graphics are still good. Sonic the Fighters and and Sonic R gets a much-need graphic upgrade. They looks fantastic. Sonic CD looks much the same, but still good, but Sega made some changes, and not for the good. Also the Sound and music are ok.

Gameplay: 4/10 I was disappointed with the gameplay of this game. Although Sonic CD, Sonic the Fighters and Sonic R are good games to play, all the other ones, which are GameGear ports, makes Sonic Gems Collection feel disconnected. You can play them on Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut. Although the controls are good, Sonic Gems Collection does not provide enough challenges.

Replay: 5 Sonic CD, Sonic R and Sonic the Fighters are worthwhile. But the others does not have the desirability like those three. Also, although Sonic the Fighters is fun to play with two players, it do get boring quickly playing it on Single-Player. Some of the games are too easy, too, preventing you from wanting to play them again. And, if you do own Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut for GameCube, you can play them.

Final Recommendation: If you never played Sonic CD, Sonic R and Sonic the Fighters, or a die-hard Sonic Fan. then you should pick up this game. It is good, but Sonic Mega Collection, although does not got Sonic CD, is a better Collection. No doubt about it, Sonic Gems Collection is fun to play, but if you are expecting the best Sonic Games, well you are going to be disappointed. Sega should of included the Sega CD version of Sonic CD, and Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 from the DreamCast series to Sonic the Fighter and Sonic R.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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