Review by Keith_da_Hybrid

Reviewed: 08/23/05

Make It Real!

Call me obsessed, but I got this game the day it was released. Gems, as I like to call it, is a Sonic fan's wet dream, being home to games one could otherwise never own without the help of Ebay.

I'm rating this game mostly on basis of the three games most prominent in Gems: Sonic the Fighters, Sonic R, and Sonic CD.

Sonic the Fighters: More fun than a kick in the Gems!

This arcade fighter received limited release in America due to the controversy over violence in games at the time (and was named Sonic Championship in the west), so don't feel ashamed if you never heard of it before.. The game uses a simplified Virtua Fighter system, requiring only the joystick/d-pad and 3 buttons to play. Very addictive, the graphics are better than in the original release, and the music is great. Only quirks I have about it is its length, and the final battle is pretty easy, but that's about it. Score: 9/10

Sonic R: 'Cuz everyone loves Super Sonic Racing!

"R" was originally released on the Saturn, then ported to PC. The version in Gems more reassembles the PC version, which is good because it has superior graphics and weather effects. This is a racing game with Sonic and crew, and it controls like a racer too, so the controls take some getting used too. Each character has their own special ability (Sonic Double-jumps, Tails flies, Eggman fires missles). The music, while kinda weak, is nice and upbeat. The major flaw of "R" is its graphics. The characters look extremely blocky. Overall, 7.5/10

Sonic CD: C'mon, you know time travel is fun!

CD was originally released on the doomed Sega CD, then ported to PC, but many fans missed out because it's not XP compatible. CD plays most like a traditional Sonic-style game as compared to the rest of the games, which is good, because the old Sonic games are good. The twist in this game is the time travel system. Pass through a sign posted and dash away to travel through the past, present, and future of each zone. The music in the game rocks too (to be honest, I prefer the Western soundtrack over the eastern) Enjoyable, all in all. 8/10

The other features in Gems is also a treat. Playing the games rewards you with bonus images and remixes of the music in the games, plus the VectorMan games are unlockable (which rocks). All in all, a welcome addition to any Sonic fan's library. Others might enjoy it too.

Final score: 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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