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"Gems is so underrated..."

Many of the games on here were naturally fun to play, and I think that Gems has been deprived it's title as a good game. Sure it's not great, but the game is still fun and was a blast to play.

Many people may call me a stupid Sonic fanboy for liking this game. They may call you a stupid Sonic fanboy for liking it. But, they can't say that we're narrow minded. Sonic Gems Collection has a great assortment of games to keep you playing for a while. And while some of them were not so great (Gamegear games), there's still enough fun in this game to go around.

1. Games - 7.5/10

This is one area that the game scored the lowest in. While Fighters and CD were a lot of fun, and even R was a bit of fun, I felt that they were dragged down by those lackluster Gamegear games. Sega could have put NiGHTS in this game, or even Chaotix in this game. But, instead they put in these crap carnivals. But, they weren't all horrendous. Tails adventure was okay, and so was Spinball, but the rest were garbage.

2. Sound - 8/10

Some of the songs in this game were great. I liked Sonic R's vocals (though many people hated it). I loved the song Sonic Boom from CD. I loved the music from Fighters. But again, the Game gear games weighed them down. The sound effects and music were just straight up pieces of crap. Everytime I play one of those games and am determined to enjoy myself, the music destroys any shred of fun I am attempting to have.

3. Controls - 9/10

The controls are simple enough to have a good time with. Almost all of the games here have simple controls, even the Gamegear games. There was only one exception, Sonic R. In Sonic R, the controls tend to be a bit slippery. But other than that, the controls on these games are simplistic and easy to learn.

4. Graphics - 8/10

This wouldn't be too fair if I rated these graphics by today's standards, so let's step back into the past. The graphics CD, Fighters, and R were a bit better than I thought. And the graphics on *SPOILERS!* Vectorman and Vectorman 2 were great.In my opinion however, the graphics on the Gamegear games could have been better though. The games graphics are pretty decent. Please do not look over this game if you're turned off by the graphics. It is still a pretty good game and shouldn't be passed up.

5.Codes/Glitches/Secrets - 8.5/10

Many of these games have codes that can make a game even more enjoyable or easy. Many of these games even have very hidden secrets, such as **MORE SPOILERS** Vectorman's cab mode, which allows you to move freely in a level, Fighter's Super Sonic cheat which allows you to become Super Sonic and mop the floor with any opponent, and CD's button codes which allow you to see cool Sonic artwork and pictures. In other words, this game has some pretty cool secrets to unlock.

6. Multiplayer - 9/10

This game got this score on Fighter's multiplayer alone. Fighter's multiplayer proved to be hours of fun for me. Beating Sonic characters senseless was way more fun than should have been allowed. The one other multiplayer game, Sonic R, was a bit fun, but made me crave more of Fighter's multiplayer skull bashing fun. The multiplayer of this game was great if you like fighting games, but if you don't, you should still buy it for the great one-player fun.

7. Originality - 10/10

Even though I felt that the Gamegear games weighed the others down, I still had to give it a 10/10. In CD, you get to travel between the past, the present, and the future while trying to find the seven time stones and saving the zone's future all at once. In Fighters, you get to beat each other senseless using Sonic characters, whats's more original than that? In Sonic R, you get to race... on foot! Most other racing games have you in cars/boats/planes, but in this one you get to race on foot (except for Amy, because she's slow. And Eggman, because he's... well fat.).

8. Unlockables - 10/10

The game didn't have many unlockable games (It had a hell of a lot of pictures of Sonic and hints), but those two games were the best! *MORE SPOILERS* Vectorman's 1 and 2 were some of the best games that I have ever played. They proved to be hours of fun and nostalgia. You can also unlock game pics and hints by playing games a certain amount of hours or by playin through them a certain amount of times. You'll spend hours playing just to unlock those two great games.

9. Enjoyability - 9.5/10

I just got the game recently and it's been a blast. Fighter's, CD, V-man's 1 and 2, these games were all so great. Once again, the Gamegear games weighed them down a bit, but this game was a hell of a lot of fun to miss out on.

10. Replayability - 9/10

CD was fun enough to go through a couple of times. and who wouldn't want to kick Sonic's skinny ass in Fighter's? V-man's 1 and 2 are a mandatory 2-3 playthroughs, and plus, there are enough unlockables to keep you busy and working for a while yet.

Final score - 9/10

This is a great game to pass up. You should definitely go out and buy it if you were thinking to. Even if you weren't, you should still pick up a copy or at least rent it and try it out. The game is worth buying for Fighters, CD, and V-man's 1 and 2 alone. And plus, at $30.00 this game is a steal.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/23/05

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