Review by MetallicTreecko

Reviewed: 09/30/05

Sega dove into the ocean, and came up with this treasure chest.

These are true gems. The super rare games, that were something to talk about back then in the 90's, are now back on one disc. I'm a great fan of Sonic, so I thought cool! The game exceeded my expectations, and I adore it madly.

Sonic The Fighters

My personal favorite of all of the gems. This is a great, non-violent and humorous fighting game, with just the right dose of challenge. While some games may make you want to hurl your consoles across the room, this one will have you laughing, it had me laughing. I've nevered played Virtua Fighter, but I can get a great idea of how the game is. It's not as humorous, but I thank the creators for making this game.

Sonic CD

This is acclaimed by many to be one of the greatest platformers of all time. I think that this is true. The game has the same aspects of the other platformers in the Sonic series, but I think that the thing that gets me to love this game, is the super cool soundtrack. The music, and the time traveling, indeed, make this an adventure of a lifetime.

Sonic R

This is a crazy racing game. So crazy, you can't help but like it! The graphics are nice for the Sega Saturn, I haven't played the Saturn, but I think the competition between the Saturn, and Nintendo 64 really heated up. Mario Kart 64 has more features to it, but I think Sonic R has better music, more single player modes, and really cool tracks.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

I prefer the Sega Genesis one over the Sega Game Gear title, but I still think that it's an okay game. I don't play it often, but the game has good music and graphics for a handheld in the early 90's.

Sonic The Hedgehog Triple Trouble

I'm guessing this came out around the time of Sonic The Hedgehog 3, but I still think that the game is alright, not the best, but good. The graphics, once again, are good.

Sonic Drift 2

This is my personal favorite Game Gear Game. The music, and the track designs, are nice, and it makes one solid racer for the Game Gear, the inclusion of power-ups is also nice.

Sonic Spinball

Like Sonic 2, I prefer the Genesis version, but the Game Gear has a lot to it, just like the Genesis' does. The game is classic pinball, with a twist, and Sonic added to it.

Tails' Skypatrol

Released only in Japan, I don't really play this one. The graphics and everything are okay, but I think that the gameplay is different, compared to other titles.

Tails' Adventures

This is another good Game Gear title. I think that the action-packed gameplay of Sonic The Hedgehog, is packed with items, that give it a unique taste. I still think it's okay.

So this is not a bad bunch of games. The music's good, the gameplay is simple enough, and controls are better than ever. If you're the Sonic fan like me, I think that this game is well worth your money.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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