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"Hence the title, you'd think that ALL of the games would be gems..."

Sonic Gems Collection is a collection of sonic games, much like Sonic Mega Collection, except it has different games and has more things than the crap we got in Sonic Mega Collection. I feel like a collection of games should be scored by the games, not by Sound/Graphics/Gameplay, because all the games are so vastly different. Here are my reviews for the main three games.

Sonic the Fighters: 5/10
Oh my god. How is this a GEM? Some GameGear games are more fun than the single-player on this. This was basically an Arcade Game with Sonic in it, and apparently Sonic decided to kill Tails and Knuckles and Amy, so they decided to have it a fighting game. As most Arcade Games are, this game is extremely difficult. At least you don't lose quarters rapidly, as you get to restart on the same level without paying. (Think how mad the people paying $500 to finish this game in the arcades would be when they found out that Gems Collection was out.) The graphics don't look very appealing at all, really. This would be a 1 if not for its Multiplayer, as that is pretty good.

Sonic CD: 10/10
Yay! The only thing that made Sonic Mega Collection was bad is that it didn't have this game. Sonic CD is, oh, say one of those terrible Sonic Advance games they have on the GBA nowadays. Now make the music awesome. Add features such as smallifier rays, actual FUN bosses, scary music when you die (oh my gosh its more realistic) and Amy hugging Sonic and you've got Sonic CD. The only platformer Sonic game better than this is the new Sonic Rush for the DS.

Sonic R: 7/10
Uhm. I sort of have mixed feelings about Sonic R. It's a racing game. So you're thinking about Tails riding around in a cute little car, right? Wrong. It's a FOOTRACING GAME. Yep. In short, Sonic R is a terrible idea executed well. But because it was a terrible idea in the first place, it didn't end up so snazzy. The music is OK, but the sounds are terrible. The ring sound is annoying when you grab a bunch at once. Playing with Tails, even if you aren't flying, it makes this propeller sound that is so annoying that even if Tails was the best character (which he isn't) you would never use him because of it. Honestly, no shortcuts are hard to find and you can beat anybody in 1st on any of the fove races. Yes, I just said five races. There are only five courses in the game. They could've used less of the useless characters, less of the annoying sounds and less of the stupid time trial thing (there's one time trial where you have to Tag 4 Characters, and it is the stupidest thing ever) in order to exchange for an extra course or maybe a Challenge Mode or something. Sonic R, however, does get points for being fun for the short amount of time it is, for having non-eye-damaging graphics *ahem*Sonic the Fighters*ahem*, having good music (not sounds), and for having the Chaos Emerald thing. Some of those Emeralds were a little hard to find.

GameGear Stuff: 2/10
Ugh. I got all GG things on Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut, and I swear that unlocking them was stupid and I would rather have gotten the terrible, laggy 2P modes in Sonic Heroes for collecting the emblems than the GG games in SADX. However, there is Tails' Adventure and Sonic Spinball in here, so I give this one extra point. But they really could've wiped out all GameGear games for Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic 2 and Sonic 3. There is a GG Sonic 2 in this game, but it isn't remotely close to Sonic 2 for the Genesis.

Vectorman & Vectorman 2: 8/10
These games were of a freaky green guy with a gun shooting things and doing stuff. I haven't really learned the story, but it's a platformer like Sonic, and it's fun. It has no relevance to Sonic whatsoever, like Ristar and Flicky from Sonic Mega Collection.

Overall: 8/10
Sonic CD, Sonic R (until it gets boring), Tails Adventure, and the Vectormans keep this game alive for a while. Even though there's a bunch of crap in between, you don't HAVE to play them.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/06/06

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