Review by Cyptosporidium

"Decent Game, Nowhere Near Great"

Not a very good played by yourself. But with family and friends that don't mind hearing you sing its pretty fun.

Game Play
Pretty fun, the best thing about this game is the many unlockables which is one of the only things about this game that is good. Easy to cheat at this game just hum louder or softer until you get the arrow on the line but still fun. Another feature was that you could add a dance pad so you dance and sing while you were playing. If you sing badly, then you may get thrown off the stage. It is really funny to watch you friends and family get thrown off the stage, trust me, I know. You can also customize your character, but not very much. Just some limited costumes and clothing. You can also choose your difficulty of your vocal judging. Basically it just lengthens the bar that you fill up by keeping the arrow on the line. There are also different modes that you play. Like singing a medley, which is 3 songs shortened and you will change through while you are singing. Then there is short song, which is obviously just a shorter version of the song. And then the last mode, is Full Song, again it's pretty obvious what that is. Note: these aren't the main modes, I just mean the modes that occur within multiplayer mode I believe.

Well the sound really just sounds like the songs, shouldn't even be rating the sound. Most times I played I couldn't hear myself over the music, but that may be just that I didn't sing loud enough. Also, there were very few good songs. In my opinion, the best songs are Headstrong by Trapt. I don't wanna be, and What I Like About You. A lot of the songs I had never even heard of.

These were definitely not very good. Maybe one of the worst things about the game, but this game isn't about graphics it's about singing. So I guess it doesn't matter that much.

Fun party game, but just rent it for like a party if you have one. That is if you are brave enough to sing in front of other people. Just don't buy it unless you are really determined at unlocking everything.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/06/06

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