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"Finally on the Gamecube, but... not one of the best ones out there...""

Now, for a long time, I was one of the kids who didn't get a PS2 (I just got on recently, so it doesn't really matter now), and I was missing out on alot of games, Karaoke Revolution being one of them, as I had fun playing them elsewhere.

So, then at one point, I got to own a Gamecube, as my alternative to having a PS2. It was great, it was fun, but it was totally missing the fun factor of Konami's games such as DDR and Karaoke Revolution. Then, a year or two later... much later, Mario DDR and Karaoke Revolution came out (I only got the Karaoke Revolution Party).

Acting like a total idiot after I saw the ad for Karaoke Revolution in my Nintendo magazine, I sort of rushed out to Best Buy and bought a copy of Karaoke Revolution Part for the Gamecube. I actually couldn't wait to play this at home. Was it worth it?

Well, putting everything else aside, let's just look at the song selection. The game has it's strong points in it's hit music, as it had some known tunes like "Pieces of Me" made popular by Ashlee Simpson (whom, I don't like at all, but that's not the point, it's actually a fun song to sing along to). Then it had some songs that were totally not on my radar of existence, and I had to "learn" such songs as "Fly" by Hillary Duff, "Dust In The Wind", and a couple of 80's tunes like "Take On Me" and some of which I never heard of (and I'm an 80's music fanatic too). So, after a while, you have a handful of more modern mainstream music (eg. Crazy In Love, I don't Wanna Be... etc), your oldies (The Time of my Life, Time After Time... etc), and your odd variety (That's Amore, Bobby McGee [What the heck is that song?!]). So, I guess this game was sorta made for "everyone", although I feel like only kids and young adults would even own a Gamecube, so I don't know why all the oddly-mixed variety of music was put together.

Due to the songs aren't sung by the original artists as the Japanese version of the game does. You have singer alternatives, which can be good or bad. As some artists try to emulate the sound of some of the original singers, and it can get annoying. Like, why bother trying to sound worse than Ashlee Simpson? It's just not right. Then there's some who don't, like in Beyonce's "Crazy In Love". You can clearly tell that it's not Beyonce and Jay-Z in the song. But, there is an option to lower the volume of the lead vocals, so it doesn't really matter now, does it?

Now, down to everything else. Let's start off with the gameplay, it's your simple "sing along and win" thing. But that really depends on the level you play at. Just like every other Karaoke Revolution, you have your easy to expert level which determines how you hit the note bars correctly, the easier it is, the more you "stay on tune", the harder it is, you realize you're not so in-tune.

But yah, what makes this Karaoke Revolution so special from the other ones? Well, for starters, they had the newly added "Dance Mode", which is a nice idea, but one you try it. Although, you would need a dance pad, most likey from MArio DDR of that Mad Catz game since buying a pad for this game alone is not worth it. It's actually odd. It's probably nothing like that DDR: Karaoke Mix, because the steps in this are just extremely odd and horrendous. Again, I was doing "Pieces of Me" (being one of the easier songs in the game), and it's rather annoying when the dance steps to that are when you sing "Pie-ces of me" in the song, you basically hit the directional pad in the mat when you say "pie" and "ces". I see how it was put there, but it just makes Karaoke seem like the most idiotic ideal while doing so. It would be better off making the steps more "danceable" then weird off-beat steps that feel so monotone while your'e making yourself out of breath while trying to sing alot.

Now, down to the visuals... there's nothing really special about the graphics, but I do wish they would've made the people look more realistic instead of some weird 3D cartoon-looking people who have a weird sense in fashion and facial features. Editing them don't really do any justice, although it can actually get more fun than the actual game. As my sister almost spent an hour trying to make the cast of LOST with the Character editor. It was hilarious and kind of creepy.

Then there's the factor of replayability, it's Karaoke. You're bound to replay it once in a while. You would want to "master" each song, but sometimes it gets really odd when a song choice is gender oriented (like, do I really want to be a "Material Girl" or a "Natural Woman"?" But due to the constant playing and limited song list. It bounds to get "old" after a while. Which makes the PS2 version superior in that it has expansion packs. Also, the gamecube version comes with that Mario Party mic, so I'm pretty sure the PS2 version has the advantage (even adding the fact the PS2 version has Eyetoy support)

So I say, you should get this game as it's fun for everyone, but it doesn't supply much to keep the fun going on any longer than a few months.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/13/06, Updated 08/21/06

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