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"A perfect example of how to do a license based game"

When it comes to video game adaptations of a source material (i.e. movie, comic book, etc.) the record is not that impressive while there have been good adaptations like Turok series (Iguana developed ones), Shadow Man, and Toy Story 2, most usually end up being bargain bin titles. Does Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy The Mis-Edventures break the mold of generic and cheap cash-ins?

Ed, Edd,'N Eddy follows the Eds as they do scams to make money to buy jawbreakers usually their plans end in failure, and The Mis-Edventures loosely follows several episodes from the hit television show. Story wise there really is not a plot, and each level (called scams) has its own story that is well written. Each level usually is based upon one or two episodes from the series with the exception of level 6.

Reaching the main menu, the theme song for the show starts playing, and the music is definitely one of the strength of the games. Unlike most games, Ed, Edd, 'N Eddy use a lot of brass instruments including trumpets, saxophones, and there are other instruments including piano, triangle, and snare. The game uses a lot of tracks from the television show which is plus, and the soundtrack has a relaxing feel to it. The game is fully voice acted, and each actor reprises their role from the television show which is a big plus. Each character acts like their normal self, and Ed loves cheesy B sci-fi 50's movies. Edd is the brain of the group, and Eddy is the loud mouth who only cares about money.

Selecting a new game will start the player off in level one, and the load screen is a hand painted water painting picture similar to the title cards used before each episode of the show. The first level starts off with Eds trying to get ice, and the whole level serves as a tutorial. Controls are responsive, and the layout is good. It does not take too long to grasp the controls.

The player gets to control one of the Eds, and each character has their own weapons and skills. Ed can bash enemies with his head, pick up items, and he can be used as a battering ram to knock down or smash objects. Edd has a ruler for attacks, slingshot to knock down objects, and he can be tossed to higher ledges by using Ed and Eddy as a trampoline. Eddy can use his chain wallet for attack or El Mando Stick Bomb to stun creatures or people, and he can also reach out of reach objects by using tower of Eds. Combing each characters skills is needed to progress through the game, and it is not too difficult to figure everything out.

The Mis-Edventures has a good looking cell shading look, and every character looks right. The cut scenes use paint and art style of the show, and these cut scenes look great however they are poorly animated. Overall the animation is good except for the eyes which have no animation at all, and because of this the facial expressions do not look right at all.

Like all platformers there are objects to collect, and thankfully the game does not go overboard with the whole collecting items. Each level has a few jawbreakers (which are well hidden), one outfit, coins, and chicken (drops Easter egg). Coins are used to buy vintage jaw breaks from the hub, and chickens drop Easter eggs which unlock goodies including bonus videos and special modes. Jawbreakers, the sugary coated treats the Eds are always after, unlock cheat codes once all 40 of them have been collected, but the cheat codes are disappointing because there are only three. Each level has one outfit piece (hidden in a sandbox), and there are two outfits in the game which unlock a bonus level once the full set has been collected.

Each level has a set of puzzles, and the puzzles are not too complicated, and they usually consist of using switch/keypad, collecting fuses, and hitting targets to lower a platform. The second part of level three is stealth, and MGS this is not. Thankfully the part is not too long or difficulty.

One thing that The Mis-Edventures does right that most platformer do not is the camera, and not once did I have a problem with the camera even in corners or tight spaces, the camera never once felt like I was fighting it. In corners the camera instead of trying to go backwards through the wall, it is pulled back and up the wall giving a bird's eye view, and it may sound strange but after seeing it in practice, it works perfectly.

After beating the level, the player is taken to the Cul-De-Sac, and fans of the show can run around and will enjoy exploring the place from the alley to the playground. The Cul-de-Sac is not a big place, and the characters from the show are scattered about however they just stand still and say/do nothing. Also scattered around are movie booths that house a video once they have been unlocked by collecting the Easter eggs. One video is a commercial, second one is called "my friend plank" a short music video about plank that used to be played on Cartoon Network, and a voice recording video. The voice recording video is a disappointing since all it shows is a photo of the voice actor and says who they are and what character they voice, and they speak one line from the game however the video only shows the voice actors for Ed, Edd, 'N Eddy.

Length wise, Ed, Edd, 'N Eddy is not a long game at all. There are only six levels (not including the bonus levels), and the game can be beaten in one sitting. This is also helped by the difficulty which is very low, and the game is a cake walk except for one boss from one of the bonus levels which is dirt cheap. The levels are not that long and for the most part they are well designed except for a few parts. In level three, the Eds have to race Kevin, and the race is way too long and parts of the course will collapse. It will take a few tries to learn what planks will fall, and the race is just not fun. It goes on for way to long, and falling off or through one of the holes means starting the entire race over again. The other problem is level 6 which is poorly designed, and it has one sequence where the player must use Tower of Eds to cross several narrow planks while avoiding swinging tires, and they have to knock down several planks so they can continue forward. Once the player has crossed it, they have to go back across it, but this time carrying a jawbreaker. Just getting across the part once was bad enough, but having to do a second time makes it tedious.

As good as the game is there are some problems including replay value which is zero since there is only one difficulty (extremely easy) and collecting items will not take too long. Also a few technical issues like I had the game crash on me once and there are parts where if the player falls into the water they die. Sometimes the characters that follow the player will fall into the water, and the game counts it as the player thus sending the player back to the last checkpoint which is usually very close by.

Ed, Edd, 'N Eddy: The Mis-Edventures is an example of how to do a license adaptation of a game, but it is just a shame that it is too easy and over way too quickly.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/24/12, Updated 04/29/13

Game Release: Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures (US, 11/03/05)

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