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"Short but sweet!"

This is my first review here on, but I will try to explain everything as easy as possible.

Presentation[9]: It's Ed Edd and Eddy, whats not to like?

Graphics[9]:The graphics are really great on this game, it looks almost exactly like the show. It truly makes you think you are playing the show! The character models are sharp, and the frame rate is smooth. This game is a good looking game!

Sound[6]:The sound is good, but sounds are repeated so many times, and it becomes annoying. A good example of this is when Edd types something in a computer and says "My my... intriguing" Besides sounds repeated to many times, the sound is good.

Gameplay[8]:The gameplay is solid, but it lacks depth. It can also become old fast, but can also be loads of fun. Puzzles can sometimes be confusing and leave you lost, but if you just examine your surroundings, you will be fine. Some levels have way to many enemies that come at you , and that can be annoying, especially squirrels...

Lasting Appeal[7]:This is a very short game, and took me about 7 hours to get 100%, but the extras should keep you busy for awhile. For 30 dollars, this game is long enough to satisfy you.

Extras[8]:The easter eggs are great. You can see the voice actors for all three characters, you can see a commercial for the game that was played on TV, and you can see the video My Best Friend Plank! If you get 100% you unlock cheats, which are... unlimited stealth, super speed, and unlimited life.

Overall[8]:This game is a must buy for any Ed Edd and Eddy fan. If you are a fan of the show, 30 dollars is a fair price for this game, and is a solid buy. The Graphics are great, and the gameplay is solid. Even though the sound can be annoying, this game can be loads of fun, and I certainly enjoyed it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/05/06

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