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"An Edventure worth remembering"

The Eds worked so hard on the Scams, yet something always goes wrong. But, no matter the case, they always move on to their next Scam. Anyway, time to talk about the game itself. I thought this game was really good. It does have a few flaws, but mainly everything is so perfect. Here's what I have to say on each subject.

Story: The Eds are up to no good as usual with their Scams. They are trying to make money so they can get Jawbreakers. That job is getting old if you're a veteran of the show (like me), but then again, not many games have situations like this, so the game is very unique based on the type of story the characters are in. The scenes of the game are very easy to understand about what's going on in each of the Scams. By looking in the objectives section, you'll know what you should be trying to do. The only thing I didn't like was a few of the endings of the Scams. Other than ending problems, I really thought the developers did a good job explaining what is happening in each of the Scams you play in. Not only that, they also put a few surprises in that you wouldn't expect to happen. There's always something new just around the corner. I give Story a 9.

Graphics: This game doesn't have graphics that matches today's gaming graphics, but I don't really care about that. I can't say exactly why, but I look at graphics at a slightly different angle. The game's graphics look EXACTLY like the show would use. The game uses just the right colors and they look great. The character animations could use a little work, though. They look slightly dull, but that doesn't upset the game a whole lot. I give Graphics a 9.

Sound: This is my favorite part of the game. The music is fantastic. Some of the different types of music completely match the theme of the Scams. I noticed some parts of the music were from the show as well. Know-it-all Ed has Scam 6's music. Oh, and let's not forget that the theme song for the game is the same as the show's title song. Other than that, I can't really comment on the music, but it's really good. As for sounds, I don't really pay attention to sounds that repeat, like the sounds Edd makes when buying Vintage Jawbreakers, but the voices of the characters are what they might actually say in the show, so it's really good. I give Sound a 10.

Gameplay: The controls are not very complex, but you will spend a few minutes adjusting to them. Each Ed has his own moves. Ed does not have a weapon, but the others do and they come in handy at various points in the game. They also have special abilities, such as lifting and throwing things, to activating a volve to open up a door. They also can use formations, which is where all 3 Eds work together to break things down, grab things up high, or walk across narrow planks. Enemies come in various shapes and sizes, though some of them could give you some trouble, especially if two or more of the enemies come at you at once. They're very easy to dispatch, but the few bosses in the game require you to think a little about your method of attack. You'll get stuck at some points in the game (I did a lot of times), but eventually with a little research, you'll figure out how to handle the task at hand. Sometimes, the Eds might give you a clue themselves. I give Gameplay a 9.

Replay Value: This is where things start to take a nosedive. There isn't much to satisfy you once you complete the game 100%, but it could take a few days to get everything. Good thing you can unlock stuff in the game. The Easter Eggs you obtain from Chickens give a new look to the game, plus unlock videos you can watch. I wish they could have put in an episode or two of the show in here, but the videos here are worth it in the long run. What surprised me are the names of each of the Jawbreakers. The developers were very creative in the names of these sweet candy balls the Eds know and love. They also come with a quote from the show. Veterans would easily know some of the quotes. Also, the cheats you get later on in the game are worth the hard work you put in. They add a new element to the game, such as being able to run very fast or simply walking past an enemy without it noticing you, even when you are right next to it. The game is very short, to be honest. The levels aren't very big themselves, either, but some are longer than others. I give Replay Value a 7.

Overall: The game is worth at least a rent if you're having trouble deciding if you should get the game. But I say, buy it, even though it's short. Plus, if you decide to make a FAQ for this game (like I did), then the replay value begins to soar, because you'll be going through the game again. I'd say the best part of the game was the music itself. Veterans of the show will want to pick up this game, not only because of the music, but they get to do some of the Scams the Eds plan to use. It would have been awesome if you were able to use the "Imported Canadian Squirt Guns" in the Scams, but the game's contents will do nicely. I give the game a 9 overall. Keep your fingers crossed for another Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy game like this one.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/03/06

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