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"Lego+Star Wars=Awesome"

Lego Star wars as the name implies, puts you in a world made of Lego's based around star wars episodes one through three. You can play as almost any star wars character from episode one through three, from a clone trooper to a Jedi. As you progress through the game you gain a currency known as studs, studs can be used to buy new characters and special features. Here's my breakdown of the different aspects of the game:

Game play 10/10

The game play consists of playing through a level to get to a special objective. There are many characters to choose from, from droids and clone troopers, to Jedi and Sith. The first run through the game is not especially difficult but it will keep you entertained for a while, once you beat the level in story mode, you can go back and play the level with any character you have unlocked. The Controls are very easy to understand, it doesn't use very many buttons and they are very easy to master.

Sound 9/10

The music in Lego star wars is very catchy; it gets stuck in your head very easily. There isn't any voice acting, the Lego characters never talk, but the sound effects are excellent.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics are amazing for a gamecube game; every little detail and facial expression on the characters face is crisp and clear. The levels are bright and colorful and makes you feel like your right in the game.

Story 10/10

The story is based around the story in the first three movies. They tell the story in the traditional fashion; yellow rise up from the bottom of screen while the star wars theme plays in the back round. It tells a different story for every episode, and episode is a room with a number above it, which represents which episode it is, once you enter the room there are many smaller rooms which put you on the playing field, once you enter the room you select a character and the transport you to the stage. There is a different story for every episode, but you do not have to play the episodes in order

Replay Value 9/10

This game has a lot of replay value, after you beat the game you can go back to a stage, some things in the stages can only be unlocked with certain characters abilities, for example, an item could be hidden behind a black object, so you would need a Dark Jedi to move it, only Dark Jedis can use their force powers to move black objects. After playing a level you can also go back to search for minikits, once you collect all of the mini kits in a level it will build a vehicle which will be placed in the parking lot for all to see. Another aspect that adds to the replay value is obtaining true Jedi status, once it is obtained on every level you will be rewarded with a special prize.

Final Recommendation

This game offers a lot of replay value, but it is very short and easy to beat. If you just want to beat the game quickly I would suggest renting the game, but if you like replay value I would buy the game. Thank you for reading my review.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/30/06

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