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"You're never too old to play with Legos."

Lego Star Wars. Well, the title certainly gets your attention. But just what exactly is this game? Surely this must just be a less intense version of the Star Wars series for children, right? Actually, it's not. Lego Star Wars is an incredibly addicting, if not quirky, little game. The fact that the game is so quirky adds to the enjoyment of the gameplay.

Gameplay-10: Of course the most important aspect of a game is its gameplay. This is, of course, where this game shines. The gameplay in this game is very simplistic, yet very satisfying. Swarms of enemies come at you with their blaster weapons firing. And just like any good Jedi would, you jump right into the middle of the fray and tear them all apart. Deflecting blaster shots, using the force, force jumping, and on and on, the gameplay as a Jedi is very entertaining as well as versatile. But not only does this game sport the feature of playing as a Jedi, you can also play as dozens of characters from the Star Wars series, including some of the villains. In addition, many of those characters have blaster type weapons themselves and other attributes unique to their character type. There are two types of modes to play. The first of which is Story Mode in which you play through Episodes I II and III. However, after completing a level, you can go back and play in Free Play Mode, in which you can play as about a dozen of the characters you have unlocked in any given level of story mode you have beaten. The main reason for playing this mode is to collect studs, which allow you to buy certain features in the game and also to unlock certain secrets for other parts of the game. Not only is there play through levels, but there are a few levels which entail vehicle use. Also, the game sports two player co-op so your and your buddy can play with Legos together, just like when you were kids. The gameplay makes this game shine and is perfect for all ages, young and old.

Controls- 10: Ordinarily in a review I incorporate controls into the gameplay section. However, this game is very unique in terms of its controls and deserves a separate section. It's not because the controls are anything spectacular or because they use the GameCube controller in a unique way. The reason the controls in this game are so fabulous is because of the fact that there is literally no complexity at all. With most games a learning curve of about half an hour is required just to get comfortable with the controls. However, the controls for this game allow you to jump right in and start playing. Very simply put, A jumps, B attacks and defends, X uses your special ability, and Y changes the character you control. That's it. Of course you can move with the analog stick and you have the option to save mid game with the directional buttons, but overall, beautifully simple controls.

Graphics- 10: Now before anyone thinks I'm insane for giving this a ten, remember, these are Legos we're playing with. The reason that the graphics are rated so highly is due to the fact that the game looks exactly like a living Legos set. I challenge anyone to go out and buy the Lego Star Wars set and compare it to the characters in this game. The graphics will have you feeling like you just built the greatest Lego kit of all time without so much as risking a paper cut opening the box.

Replay Value- 6: Aha, this is where the game tends to struggle a bit. The main problem with Lego Star Wars is that it's just too short. I beat the first three episodes in less than ten hours. But fear not, for this is not what it seems. There's a secret level that can only be unlocked by attaining "true Jedi" status on all 17 missions. This can only be done by collecting the required number of studs, or Lego pieces, each level. That is a far more difficult task to accomplish than it sounds. That could easily bump the total playing time to upwards of 15-20 hours.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/19/06

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