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"There's something amusingly addictive about Lego characters fighting to the death"

Lego Star Wars. Finally it has arrived on the Gamecube, and finally I get a chance to play it. Let me say that from the very start, it was very amusing. Quirky humour being poked at Star Wars by Lego characters is quite possibly one of the greatest things about this game. It's not all that common that a game like this comes along. A game designed to be pure and simple fun, nothing else. Enough of this, let's take a more in-depth look.

Graphics: 7
The graphics for the most part are quite good, but can be pretty bland at times. I've heard that the graphics for all versions of the game were modeled around a model made for the PS2, so maybe that can explain some of the hiccups in quality. Most notable of these is the facial expressions during cutscenes. You'll gasp in horror at their poor quality and wonder if your Gamecube suddenly turned into an N64. While this is no Metroid Prime or Rebel Strike, the graphics do what they're meant to – show a bunch Lego Jedi duking it out. Not really all that outstanding, but other than the few hiccups, not bad either. Just average.

Sound: 9.5
Gotta love that good old Star Wars sound. Lightsabers hum, the music plays, blasters, well, make that sound they make. Explosions are nice and crisp, and there's an enjoyable thud when you destroy an enemy. Nice. If you closed your eyes you wouldn't doubt for an instant that you were playing a Star Wars game, although you likely wouldn't be playing it all that well anymore… My one little gripe here is that Episode III doesn't feature Episode III music. Of course, you could just turn the game music volume right down, then turn up the soundtrack you've got sitting in that CD player over there…

Presentation: 8
Quick and simple menus is what you get here. Then you roam around Dexter's Diner and decide what mission to play, or buy characters, extras, hints, and enter codes over the counter from Dexter himself. You could also exit the diner and check out all those pretty Lego sets you've been “putting together” in the missions, and watch as those characters you bought earlier duel it out. Or you could join them. It's all fun.

Controls: 9
Controls are easy to adapt to, and suit the game well. You'll soon be double jumping and pulling 3-move lightsaber combos at the slightest need. The C-stick and D-pad are unused, although you could, if you want to, use the D-pad for movement. Although why you'd want to do this when you've got a nice analogue stick right there is beyond me. (I could understand while playing the PS2 version, because it's more comfortable but on the Gamecube, it's really not needed). Some would complain that the C-stick should've controlled the camera angle, and in many other games I would agree with them, but here the set up camera angles are nicely done, and there is rarely a time when you will wish for that camera control. The shooting aim could have been better, as it can be hard to aim at non-enemy targets, but for the enemies there is auto-aim, so there's not really much or a problem here.

Story: 10
Good old Star Wars gold here. While the story isn't emphasized all that much, it's Star Wars! Thankfully, we aren't given the same old scenes taken from the movie that we're usually given. Instead, we get Eidos' Lego versions of them, and their usually funnier than the movies too…

Gameplay: 10
Ah gameplay, the core of every game. Having played too many button-mashing games recently *coughcough*darkalliance*coughcough* it's nice to play a game that encourages just having fun. While playing the story there's not really much penalty for dieing. You lose a few Lego studs (used to buy things from Dexter) but that's not really a problem unless you're saving up for something or going for True Jedi Status on that mission. A wealth of characters is available when playing freeplay mode, and for a Star Wars junky, watching General Grievous fight Darth Maul or Qui-Gon is about the greatest thing ever, even if they are just Lego characters.

There is co-operative play, and the game is well-designed for it. Players can drop into the game or drop out of it whenever they want, which can be useful at times when it's best if only one of you has to complete a task. Those tasks are usually jumping related. Here we encounter a slight problem with the gameplay, but not big enough to warrant a lower score. You will often be required to do a bit of platforming, and at times it can be very difficult because of the perspective.

Final score: 9.3 (not an average)
This is a wonderful game. Fun, creative, quirky, and addicting. Also, what other game let's you play as Anakin, Darth Maul, Mace Windu, Yoda, General Grievous, Darth Sidious, Obi-Wan, Droidekas, Magna Guards, clones, and droids all in one game? A definite for any Star Wars junky, and a definite for everyone else too, because of it's amazingly fun gameplay. Also, I don't hate him myself, but for those of you who hate Jar Jar Binks, this is a game where you can kill him, again, and again, and again, and so on until you don't hate him so much anymore. So here's what you have to do: Get off that chair, grab some money, go to the closest video game store to your house, buy this game, and then spend hours enjoying it to full extent! What are you waiting for?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/14/05

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