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"Suprisingly fun."

What a pleasant surprise. Judging by the box art, you wouldn't be too excited about picking this game up, would you? Lego Star Wars is actually better, in my opinion than the Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith game which came out around the same time this game did.

The main aspect of the game you're probably worrying about from the get go is the graphics because you're afraid of it being kiddy. Sure, it looks kiddy, but who cares? The environment is nicely done, the characters resemble the characters in the movie, but in Lego form, obviously. At times the characters faces in certain situations can be funny. For example when Anakin has turned to the dark side, one of the Jedi's is smiling, and then frowns, and then is back to smiling again.

Just because it's a Lego game doesn't mean it's game play is automatically bad. Another surprise is how fun the game play is. For the most part, the game is pretty easy, and can be beaten in about 2 to 3 hours. A couple levels may get frustrating, but oh well, you have an infinite supply of lives. Once you die, you come right back. You can play with over 30 characters from either side of the force. Go through playing as Qui Gon Jin in Episode III if you want, or even play as Darth Sidious in Episode I. You are able to purchase new characters by collecting coins.

There is also co-operative game play which is extremely well done in this game. You and your partner can depend on each other to get through a level, for example you may have to touch one button on side of a door, and your partner has to touch a button on the other side of the door to open it for you.

Star Wars has always had a good story, and this game follows it from Episode I to Episode III. You can battle through and defeat Darth Maul in Episode I, battle through to destroy the Clones, and then try to save the galaxy by defeating the Sith lord.

Which brings this to a related part of the game, the sound. The characters do not speak in this game, so if you haven't watched the movies, you get to dodge the major spoilers. You hear everything else like when you bring out your lightsaber, and it gets charged up to destroy an enemy, which also sounds like the movie. The music is very Star Wars-ish. Unfortunately the music from Revenge of the Sith is not in this game.

Thankfully this game isn't meant to complicate you, and it's meant to have fun. They made the controls easy to get adjusted to so you can quickly sweep through the levels.

You will play this game so many times because of how fun, short, and addictive it is. You will want to go back with a certain character and go through a certain Episode with him. Sure you can beat the game in 2-3 hours, but this really will add to the hours you log into it. It's definitely worthy of a purchase.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/02/06

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