Review by HorseBurger

Reviewed: 03/13/06

Greatest guilty pleasure ever? I think so!

A lot of people grw up watching Star Wars. a lot more people had Lego as a kid. What better game could there be than one that combines the 2? This game is a hilarious little trip back to the days of your childhood.

Gameplay - All this is is a basic little beat-em-up/hack-and-slash. You, as one of dozens of available characters from the Star Wars universe, hack your way through legions of droids, stormtroopers, and other common enemies from Episodes 1-3. Each character has unique attributes and abilities, meaning you'll need to use all of the ones in your group to finish the level. This game actually does a good job of covering the series. All the major fight scenes from the movies are offered, and each important "boss" character has their own unique fight. The big draw of the gameplay is being able to unlock all these cool minifigures to play as. General Greivous is insane fun to smash stuff with. It does however, after a while, seem to get a bit repetitive.

Graphics - They're Lego, of course they're gonna be blocky! Actually, they aren't too bad. Simple, but bright and colorful, and they capture each of the movie's environments really well. I liked them, to be honest.

Sound - This game uses all the tunes from the movies, so the soundtrack is excellent. The lightsaber sounds are ripped from the films, so they are realistic as well. The rest of the effects are pretty simple, but they don't have to be that complex for a simple little game like this.

Buy or Rent - This game can be finished in a day. The levels are pretty short. however, the large bunch of unlockables and the endless multiplayer fun make it worth the purchase, since it's now a budget title. If you see it, go for it.

Overall, this is a fun, simple game suitable for all ages. younger kids will be able to have fun with the gameplay, while older players will be swept up in the nostalgia. I give this an 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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