How do I beat both World Grand Prix modes easily with a gold emblem?

  1. I cannot seem to beat the world Grand Prix Modes please tell me which character and board I should use (I have already beaten both story modes and most of the characters.)

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    Hyuo - 8 years ago

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  1. Well, obviously, you have to be completely comfortable and familiar with all 10 courses' layouts. Which is, you must know each and every corner and turn, memorize what kinds of hazards are present, and most important of all, memorize all shortcuts for all three character types on all of the courses.

    Next, get yourself a gear(board/skate/bike) that grants you another character type. This is quite important in my opinion, as stringing several type shortcuts together usually gives you a huge advantage against the computer racers, who are locked to only one type each. I'll just list them here for your convenience.

    Magic Carpet (Board - Grants Flight)
    Air Broom (Board - Grants Speed)
    Grinder (Skates - Grants Speed)
    Destroyer (Bike - Grants Power)

    Not Recommended:
    Access (Board - Grants Flight, top speed is VERY slow)
    Omnipotence (Bike - Grants all three character types but unable to recharge Air from shortcuts)
    Chaos Emerald (Board(sort of) - Grants all three character types, good stats but runs on rings, Sonic only)

    Next choose your character type. For me, it seems like Flight + Power is a very good combo for the Heroes Cup. In the Babylon Cup, Speed + Power seems best for me, but Flight + Power excels as well. Speed + Flight is definitely inefficient compared to the other two in both cups, as usually Speed shortcuts and Flight shortcuts are located in the same place.

    Finally, choose your character and gear, depending on the character type you chose(from your saying 'unlocked most of the characters', I'll assume that you've unlocked everyone except the three cameo characters and the E-series robots). My character suggestions are based on the character stat breakdown part on WtR_Flash's Advanced Gear Guide.

    Speed + Power: Pick Sonic or Shadow, and choose Destroyer as your gear.
    Flight + Power: Pick Storm, and choose Magic Carpet as your gear.
    Speed + Flight: Pick Sonic or Shadow, and choose Magic Carpet as your gear.
    All three types: Sonic or Shadow on Omnipotence. However, you've been warned: no Air from shortcuts is very crippling.

    Avoid Flight-type characters as their top speeds are quite inferior compared to other types. If you feel you should use one, though, go for Rouge(best top speed among Flight-types) or Tails(best cornering), and then choose Destroyer, Grinder, or Air Broom as your gear.

    Of course, once you've chosen what dual-type you'll be, the characters are really quite irrelevant as the top speed difference is not overwhelming, as long as you boost frequently(all characters have the same boost speed). So, in fact it's not a problem to use Flight-type characters, or to use Power characters in Speed + Power combos.

    Finally, during the race, try to string as many type shortcuts together as you can, hunt for the 100-Ring capsules, try not to get attacked, don't fall off the course, use your boosts frequently yet wisely, try to get high ranks on jumps by doing tricks and get more Air, and be in control of your Air meter at all situations.

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  1. If u know the shortcuts well u should use the following character type/gear:

    Hero Grand prix:any/any gear that fits u best
    Babylon Grand prix: fly/Air Broom

    hope this helps!

    User Info: sonic_fan_guy73

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