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"It would make better sense if Sonic was really running."

What can we say about Sonic games.... well lately, their games have sucked badly, (coughcoughShadowtheHedgehogcoughcough)? Sonic Team has been fooling around with different gimmicks to sell their games. With a character like Sonic, who is an insanely fast hedgehog, it would make perfect sense to make a racing game. Sonic Team really has been desperate on saving the little blue mouse from utter destruction (excuse spelling errors). Remember Crash Bandicoot? I didn't think so. Anyway, this is nothing but another attempt to save this hero..... And it's a good one.

Graphics: 10
First off, the graphics are nothing short of gorgeous. Developers of this game should be proud. The cut scenes rival that possibly of Advent Children which is a movie. I just think that the in game graphics of E-10000 series could have been tweaked.

Storyline: 6
Once again, Sonic and friends search for the chaos emeralds.... again. What is this like the 48th time (besides Sonic CD)? This time Eggman revives the World Grand Prix. This kind of storyline was already used once in Sonic R. Eggman hires these "racers for hire???" group called the Babylon Rouges. All they do is get in Sonic's way of the Chaos Emeralds.... again.

Controls: 7
The Controls are quite annoying to start off with and don't help much with the feel of the game. Unfortunately, this hurts the game a lot.

Sounds and Music: 5
The music is quite fine and if you get the Hang-On and the Super Hang-On, You get the music from those games, but the voice actors come from that of Sonic X, which has the worst voice actors of any anime! Sonic sounds like he's stoned!

Fun Factor: 8
Where this game lacks in one-player modes like story and the mission mode, it comes back in multiplayer. Now it's not better than double dash, but it comes very close. The survival race and battle modes are a lot of fun and the team battle mode is very addicting. Plus, if you're a loser like me and have no friends, the computer picks up the slack and plays with you. One thing, though, turbulence kills you more than helps you.

Overall: 8
All in all, the game is a step up from most Sonic games, but does not have the same luster as Sonic Rush (which indeed picked up a nomination on Game of the Year by X-Play, very nice). Now it may not sound like it but I am a Sonic Extremist, regardless if it sucks I'll most likely buy every Sonic game that's out there, and I do. This game is meant more for multi-player than the single player experience. If you like racing games, buy this. If you like Sonic games, buy this. If you're new to the series (which I doubt) rent it. This game is not worth the $40 if you're a newb. This game isn't perfect, but hey, it's not Shadow the Hedgehog.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/17/06

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