Review by AuroraFox

Reviewed: 05/14/06

This game is actually pretty good

When I first got this game, I wasn't really all that sure about it. Shadow The Hedgehog made me so glad that I decided to rent it instead, so how would Sonic Riders fair? Was it better or just as crappy as Shadow. Many people said it was crappy, but after getting used to the game for about 30 minutes, I say it was a BIG improvement.

Graphics: 9/10
I loved the graphics in this game. The cut scenes were just awesome; I found myself watching them over and over again after unlocking them. The scenery was pretty detailed (as expected since it's a pretty late release on the GCN/PS2/Xbox). I don't really suggest slowing down to view the scenery unless you want to loose the race or get a bad time though. But you can at least tell that Sonic Team spent some time on the graphics this time, unlike on Sonic Heroes...

Gameplay: 7.5/10
Rather different for a racing game. Basically, you're racing on hoverboards, air skates, or air bikes (depending on what you choose) since the "Sonic on a Snowboard" thing is... yeah. Winning requires some skill, riding on your opponent's turbulence, attacking opponents, performing tricks off of ramps, using special shortcuts, gathering rings in order to level up, & watching your air (the fuel system in this game). There's a few other things as well, but I'll let you find out yourself when you play this game. ;)
There's quite a few mode settings as well besides the normal race (such as Story Mode & Mission Mode, to name some) & PLENTY of stuff to unlock.
This game is a bit challenging at first, but after getting used to the controls it gets much easier, & you'll find yourself winning every race.
Overall difficulty of this game: Easy to Medium

Controls: 6/10
My only real complaint about Sonic Riders; The controls were too simple. So simple that there's actually a lot of confusion during gameplay (just as much confusion that a game with a buttload of controls would provide) Thankfully they can be ignored somewhat if you're good at the game (which shouldn't take very long)

Sound: 7/10
Well it's a racing game right? You're not really going to be focusing on the music while racing. I loved the main theme however, & the music during races is pretty catchy & fits the racing scenario (but after a while it gets old...) The voice acting in the game was not good on the ears (I began to loathe Amy's & Jet's voices with a passion)

Story: 8/10
Pretty good story for a racing game. Many people complained about how short the story was, but you really can't expect a long & drawn out story for a game like this, can you? I'm not going to really say much here; I'll let you, the reader, find out yourself.

Overall: 7/10
Sure, it's got it's flaws here & there, but it turned out to be a pretty good game in the end that should keep you busy for quite some time (if you're working on unlocking everything, which will take quite a while to do) I guess Sonic Team just crapped out Shadow to keeps fans occupied until they could release the REAL gold. ;)

Rent, Buy, or Don't Bother?
It depends. Rent it first & play it for a while. There were lots of mixed opinions on this game, so if you end up not liking it, at least it wasn't a waste.
But if you enjoy it a great deal & become sad on the due date, buy it!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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