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"A fun game that could have been better"

This game is a fun, fast, racing game. I was disappointed sadly, because the preview's of the game, made it look awesome, the game is fun, don't take me wrong, but there was some things that well....could have been better. I would like to see a Sonic Riders 2 for the wii or ps3. This game is defiantly better then Sonic R. Only it's not as cool as they made it seem, I first thought that the game was just a plain racing game, but the actually game makes it allot different.

Story: 4/10
The story of the game was not the greatest, in the begging, sonic, tails and knuckles are in a city. Then, some guy on a hover board comes smashing out of the building with a chaos emerald. The three start chasing it, and then after he gets away, Dr.Robotnic comes on the screen about a contest blah blah blah, then you race. Then you're in the jungle, telling no way how you got there. The game is way to short. The game can be beaten in a good 4 hours of game play. Once you beat the main heroes story, you gota go threw the other guys story. It gets lame once the game gets really hard and you don't know how to grind or fly.....

Music: 9/10
The music in this game was awesome!!! The songs are really catchy. Although there has been better music for video games, the music in this game was cool and catchy. The songs gladly don't get stuck in your head, causing the game to have awesome music, my favorite is Egg Factory. Theres not much to say about the music, I guess saying that it's cool pretty much sums it up lol

Control: 6/10
The games controls are very hard to master. The game starts off with you playing as sonic, not knowing how to play or what to do. Once you think you know how to play the game, you have got to master grinding and flying, that takes a loooong time to get good, but once you have the controllers mastered down, the game is extremely fun

Game play: 9/10
I thought the game play was good. Everything is going by so fast that you don't have time to think on what your next move is, you have to have extremely fast reflexives and quick thinking to beat the game, defiantly worth buying the game for the races. Although the game can get you extremely frustrated, the game can be fun just to play with ease, not something to stress over (although you will get annoyed with the game) Then there is the tricks.....the tricks look really cool, they are really easy to land, just let go of the control stick, tricks are used to get air back up, if you dash to much, you loose allot of air, if you lose air, then your character must run, causing people to speed ahead of you very easily, you can also do special scenes, like your character goes on a lift or rides a dragon, all you have to do is move the control stick around and you can gain back some air. While you race, you can attack people by pushing B, causing them to loose some coins and stop momentarily. Coins are used in the game, not as a time limit as I thought they would; you use coins to buy new boards (for multiplayer only) and get level ups. You can only level up 3 times, when you level up by getting coins, your dash goes faster and your air tank gets bigger

Multiplayer: 5/10
There is multiplayer of which you can play with four people. Once you beat the game, you can unlock cool characters like Shadow, Super Sonic, Dr.Robotnic and many, many more. Although its hard to play with friends that don't have the game, sense the controllers are hard to master, there is not much fun playing with people who don't know how to play, you can buy boards and skates, but it takes way to long to get coins, the battle can be confusing and may drag out for a long time, There is also some air mode thing, its were you share am air tank with a friend, so its like a team race, sense both players use the game air tank, you can run out of air if all your partner does is boost, and also, if you get to far or behind your teammate, you will get shocked, its hard to try to win, and work together. After all ive been threw, id say that the multiplayer is only for pros only

Overall Review: 7/10
The game lacks length and plot, but the game play and music help make up for lost points. There is a variety of things that you can do, definitely a fun game; it's not worth 50, 40 and maybe 30 dollars. Buy the game used or really cheap. A fun game that should be welcomed into the Sonic Games, although I miss Silver the hedgehog, who did not make an apprience in this game (Silver the hedgehog is from the first Xbox360 sonic game.....just go look it up on wikipedia)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/16/07

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