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"Can you keep up?"

First off, sorry for the horrible cliche. This game gave me a lot more than I was expecting. When the first screenshots and movies came out I didn't think that it would be very good. Man was I wrong! While this game has a few flaws, it is a very great game.

Story - 8

Okay here's the deal. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles have found a Chaos Emerald somewhere in the city. They are trying to track it when suddenly, Jet, Wave, and Storm jump out of a building holding a Chaos Emerald. Knuckles hits Storm off of his ride and Sonic decides to catch the thieves using the gear. Sonic, who is inexperienced with air riding, falls off when Jet hits into him. Later, Eggman announces that he is holding a tournament to see who is the fastest. The entry fee is one Chaos Emerald. Sonic wonders what Eggman is up to now and decides to join after seeing that Jet, Wave, and Storm have also joined. I find this story kind of random but it is actually pretty good at most points.

Graphics - 9

These graphics are a step up from Shadow the Hedgehog! The opening FMV and several others just like it will blow you away, but the actual graphics themselves are just a little improved from ShTH. This is a good thing! The style is a little bit different, but you will most likely love these graphics.

Sound - 8

If you are hoping for some good rock music in this game, then be ready to be sadly disappointed. The game is mostly techno music. That doesn't mean that the music is bad, it is actually pretty good! As for the sound effects, they also sound really good.

Voice Acting (VA) - 8

As you are aware, 4Kids did the VA's for this game. I know what you are probably thinking; "Oh no not another Sonic game with crappy VA's!" If that is what you are thinking, than be prepared to be extremely surprised. When the first trailer of Sonic Riders came out, Sonic's voice sounded... bad. But that is just because it is only a few of his many lines from Sonic Riders. His voice is the same as it was in ShTH. The other VA's are not bad either. If you are used to Sonic X than the voices will not bother you at all.

Control - 8

The control is smooth once you get the hang of it. It may take a few tries to figure them out, but it won't take too long. You do not need to hold any button to accelerate. All you need to do is move left and right to dodge obstacles.

Gameplay - 9

Now for probably the most important part of the game. The gameplay is outstanding. It isn't totally perfect, but it is very close to it. First, lets talk about tricks. Tricks can be preformed at certain jumps to increase speed and the amount of air that you have left. More tricks equals a better grade which equals more speed when you land and more air that you gain from the trick. If you do not land the trick, you will get a C rank and gain very little, if none, air. Now lets talk about automatic paths. In some parts of a track, there are paths where you do not need to press anything to maneuver through it. (For example: A river or a pulley-like object) But, while you are on this auto-path, you can quickly rotate the joystick in a clockwise direction to gain air, and sometimes speed. The faster you rotate it the more air and speed you gain. Now it's time to talk about levels and attacks. Levels are gained by collecting a certain amount of rings. The higher the level, the faster you will go. Levels will also affect your attack. First off, to attack you need to boost up to a rider. Your rider will automatically attack the opponent. The higher your level is the better attack you will do. One more thing about gameplay. Depending on what type of rider you are using, (speed, flying, or power) you can grind rails, fly through air accelerators, or hit obstacles out of the way. Speed characters can grind rails, flying characters can fly through air accelerators, and power characters can knock obstacles out of the way.

Replay Value - 9

There are many characters that you can unlock through the game. There is also a shop where you can use your total amount of rings to buy gear. Not only that, but there is a mission mode. After you beat the heroes story, you unlock mission mode. This mode is all about doing certain tasks in a given track. It is set up as kind of a to do list. I haven't personally tried out mission mode, but from what I have read and heard, it is extremely fun.

Rent or Buy?

If you are a major Sonic fan, you should buy this, but if you are still unsure after reading this review, I suggest to rent it and decide for yourself.

Overall - 9

I can hardly think of any words that can express how I feel about this game. It impressed the heck out of me. It is a very fun game that you will most likely enjoy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/23/06

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