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"Wow, what a great game!"

Sonic Riders is actually one of the most addictive Sonic games I have played. Being the fourth Sonic racing-type game (after Drift, Drift 2, and Sonic R), with each racing game getting better, you can bet this would be a great game. Well, lets take a look

Storyline- 8
Sonic and his gang are seeking a Chaos Emerald, when suddenly, a team of three "skateboarders" breaks through a glass window and races off. Tails' gadgetmabobby thing says they have a Chaos Emerald. Sonic races after them, and falls over, only to have Knuckles punch a rider off of his board. Sonic grabs it (and if you have seen Sonic X, Knuckles hates it when Sonic steals all the cool stuff) and chases after them. Not adept at boarding, he soon falls over and lets them get away. Now Eggman started the EX World Grand Prix, with an entry fee of (who knew?) a Chaos Emerald. Sonic sees the pics of the competitors, the shadowy birds that got away from them the other night, and immediately joins. Now if there are only six competitors, where is the last Chaos Emerald... Amy is joining too -_-. Now they are off to get the seven Chaos Emeralds.

Graphics- 9
A little sharper than Shadow the Hedgehog. This game may feel a lot like Sonic Heroes, but it sure looks better (no more shine on Sonic's head). Nice, smooth graphics make this game even better than thought possible.

Sound- 8
Cool sound. The music, however, wasn't like SA2 and ShtH, where it was rock. It is now upbeat and fun (that is an up or down based on your personality). The SE was accurate, and it doesn't really skip or loop. The sound during turbulence riding is nice, just like everything else.

Controls- 10
WHOOOA!! Well, I may think that because I'm a Kirby Air Ride fan. I don't wanna hold a button to move, and if you read the controls section of the manual, there IS no accelerate. Although its more complex than KAR. One thing I saw similar is if you slide and release the button while still sliding you boost forward. But there are LOTS of obstacles and paths so be on your toes.

Gameplay- 10
All I really can say is w00t... when I did the babylon garden race literally about fifty times, I was still very calm. Normally I'd be going nuts if I had to start a level over 50 times. Well, I guess anyway that this is what you expect of a sonic game: fast and out o' control!!! The tricks are cool (looks at trick name: melon japan jessy... ok the names need some work) and the "air" system of fuel is innovative. w00t...

Lifespan/Replay Value- 9
Dunno... I didn't finish yet!!! Anyway, the quest to unlock all of the vehicles (w/o an Action Replay ^_^) is a looooong, somewhat painful quest...

Buy it if: You are a huge sonic fan. I was willing to shell out 43 USD for it. Basically if you loved Sonic R (like me) you will looooooooove this game... Or if you like racing games it is great too
Rent it if: You're not sure and my review doesn't convince you (thaanks alot...). If racers wanna make you play catch with the controller against your window, this may make you sick in a week.

Overall: 10 (yes I know this isn't a total average)
I gave it this because I don't really care about sound or graphics as much as gameplay or controls. Its awesomeness stunned me. I normally take over an hour to eat dinner but I took five minutes that day so I could go back to playing Sonic Riders. If you think you might like this game, you most likely won't even get up for a bathroom break... eew...

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/27/06

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