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Reviewed: 03/01/06

The game may have its minor frustrations, but that doesn't stop this game from being a recommendable Sonic game for all fans!

Pros: Not too easy to beat; good replay value; offers multiple multiplayer and single-player modes; over 14 tracks and characters; over 50 types of Gear; Story Mode is quite difficult ( not too easy...)

Cons: Sometimes, may seem like cheap AI computers during races; minor turbulence problems; Story Mode is quite difficult (...but still kind of hard); takes a while to get used to the controls


I always knew that once I heard about Sonic Riders, the game would be a success. Boy, was I ever so right! Sonic Riders offers excellent as well as fun and unique modes that will have you 'riding on the Super Sonic waves' for quite some time! However if you are skeptical as whether or not to get it for yourself and/or if it's right for you, please read as I review the game bit-by-bit:


Numerous modes that tailor to your needs are found within the contexts of Sonic Riders. Normal Race offers 3 seperate games - Free Race, where you simply race computer-controlled opponents and/or your friends on a designated track; Time Attack, where you race against the clock to get the best times; as well as World Grand Prix, where you travel across 5 pre-selected stages and aim to come out on top by getting points for coming in top positions for each race.

Story Mode, the main part of the game, has you facing the Babylon Rouges, at the start, across various tracks whilst trying to uncover Eggman's secret plot that has had him to create the EX World Grand Prix. After completing that Story, Babylon Story has you traveling across stages, proving yourselves to Sonic and the others, as well as trying to locate the Chaos Emeralds, and trying to uncover the secrets of the Babylon Rouges. Overall, a fun (and sometimes frustrating) experience.

Tag Mode has two players team up and share a single air tank. The two must try to cross the finish line as a team first. If you stray too far away from your teammate, you will get a shock and you must wait until your teammate catches up which wastes quite a bit of time. Tag Mode offers a unique spin to the game and should be enjoyed as much as Normal Race.

Survival Mode can have up to 4 players participating in one of two modes - Survival Race, or Survival Battle. In Survival Race, players aim to get the Chaos Emerald found on the stage somewhere and must quickly dash through a designated number of gates to win. But be careful, opponents can easily overtake you and steal the Emerald back from you. Not only this, but your air decreases much quicker when in possession of the Emerald so you'll need to be one with your Gear to keep the Emerald in your possession. Survival Battle has you and three other opponents battling each other atop one of three exciting stages. Survival Mode is, overall, a wholly enjoyable experience and a whole lot of fun for you and three of your friends, even with one player!

With the number of modes this game has to offer, you'll be riding your Gear for quite a long time!

Replay Value:

As you can see, the game excels in this area as there are numerous modes and races you can participate in! Even with one-player, the game can be quite enjoyable. However, to fully enjoy the games Sonic Riders has to offer, gather up one or two or three of your friends and set the stage to see who's the best of the best with Extreme Gear!

In short, Riders will have you playing for quite a while which makes the game quite enjoyable and worthy of buying.


Riders offers an excellent soundtrack that will easily attract fans of the game. Each of the major tracks has a different theme that will be played whilst you are racing. The sounds and beats of the music make the game much more enjoyable as it is not a nuisance to listen to. Especially the music of Sega Carnival (which is a remix of the Future City theme in the game) is noteworthy of those playing the game! Overall, the music is more enjoyable than annoying and will help you stay on task when racing. You may even find yourself tapping to the rhythms of some of the songs!


Another area the game shines in is the area of Graphics. The cutscenes offer the sweetest graphics you could find in a game! The CG Movies also incorporate good graphics as well. When racing, you may find yourself in awe of the graphics set before you! The graphics in this game are just so sweet, you will certainly be pleased with the effort put into it.


I knew my efforts wouldn't be in vain as far as my anticipation goes. I waited long and hard for the release date to come and I must say I am very pleased that I didn't give up!

This game will please Sonic fans everywhere, whether you are a long time fan like myself or even if you are new to the series, Sonic Riders offers numerous gameplay modes, an excellent replay value and good multiplayer games to boot to attract any Sonic fan out there!

The incorporation of SEGA Carnival will, no doubt, strike any Sonic fan as wholly enjoyable and one of the greatest levels since Green Hill Zone!

All's I can say is that this game is definitely worth buying even despite what some people are saying about it. Certainly, you will be thoroughly pleased with the amount of effort put into this game and although a sequel isn't too far away either, enjoy the wonderful game SEGA has created! Start your Extreme Gear, everyone!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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