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"All of your favorite racing games in Sonic form!"

Story Line 8/10

This Storyline is based on the fact where Sonic and his friends are searching for the last chaos emerald, but at the same time three Babylon rouges sought to get all the chaos emeralds to revive their fallen land and garden where it was said that the riches of the babylon treasure were there. Eggman knowing this sought to take the treasure and called upon the rouges to participate in a Grand Prix with your host announcer Omo-Chao (Don't worry you can turn the announcer off)

Game Play 9.5/10

Amazing simply art, the programmers for this game really outdone them selves by combining gameplay elements of SSX and F- Zero games. With even more important a sense of super sonic speed. The controls may get you fustrated and the Cpu's might get you annoyed but once you get the hang of this game there always is another challenge. This is definatly a game for hardcore sonic gamers that dont take the easy way out.

Graphics 9/10

The game's cinematics and game play absolutly looked stunning. Sonic team used about twice as many polygons as the shadow the hedgehog game. and wind comes at and in your face, the graphics give you a feel for being caught up in the race.

Sound Track 7/10

This is where the game lost points I've always approved of that rock melody crush 40 and julien - k played but this took it into futuristic techno music it fits the game perfectly but it becomes so old quick unlike the opening theme for sonic adventure "Open your Heart"

Boob factor 0/10

Sorry fellas wrong game look more towards GTA for that sort of thing although there are stuff on the Sonic Riders forums is about that, thats the thing that scares the living crap out of me.(... Must Think happy thoughts)

Bottom Line 9/10

Great game ignore and all the major magazines the reason this game did not do so hot is because it takes time to get used to it and they probaly just played for 20 minutes. It also has aiai and nights to play as if that influences any one to run and not trip over them selves buying this piece of art.. Thanks Sonic Team

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/01/06

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