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Reviewed: 03/06/06

Super Sonic Speed; Just Read.

Hello everyone. This is my first review on any game on G-Faqs. Let's make it speedy, eh? (oops, pun)

Story: 6.8

Sonic and his good friends Tails and Knuckles are walking through Future City at night. Tails is holding a radar, and is trying to track the location of a Chaos Emerald. Suddenly, the radar kicks on and pin points to a building window, where which 3 mysterious figures burst out on to the scene. Sonic gets geared up, and speeds after them. Knuckles joins in and slams one of them off with his trademark fists. Tails looks at the fallen brute's board and notices a strange mark. The big guy is taken away with another of the air board-riding figures.

Sonic, without hesitation, flips the board in his hands, runs after them and jumps on for a wild ride. He begins to speed after them, more particularly the green feathered board rider. However, as Sonic is inexperianced with unfamiliar mode of speed, he ends up losing his footing after a swift head-on attack from the stranger.

"YOU'RE supposed to be the Fastest Thing Alive?" The green dude scoffs at him and speeds off with the other two.

Later the next day, Sonic and friends see on a big screen in Metal City turn on with Eggman, announcing a tourney is being held, with the entry fee being one chaos emerald. He also shows off the three best entrants he has currently. It's the same three from the city! Sonic immediately decides that he's going to enter.

The story is pretty weird, to say the least. But you'll get the gist of it, and it's not all that bad really. Some comic relief is found here and there...

Graphics: 9

Jebus, the graphics are amazing! Heck, I'm impressed even by the 2d Animation sequence at the beginning of starting your game up. But the 3D models in the cutscenes are great, even better than the latest game, Shadow the Hedgehog. The in-game graphics, are of course, a different story, HOWEVER. The shiny-ness is not that bad anymore and the enviroments are quite well done. Still better than Shadow.

Music: 6.5

Meh, they could have done better in this section. I like a few of the music tracks, but not all of em. I was expecting Crush 40 to do some good ones here and there, but no, it's this hum-drum, heart-beat music that's kinda techno-ish. I like techno, but not in a racing game. Meh. Do what you will with this.

Sound and Voice: 7

Air Board racing, air pumping, air releasing, trick waves, turbulent riding, bashing, bonks, rings, and the whole kit and kaboodle's all you got. It's actually pretty well done and sounds just as you would imagine it to.

Voice acting's just fine. I don't care really much about that, except I HATE Jet's voice. Dunno why. All sqwauk! - like... But most of these are the 4Kids, so be aware of that if you absolutely HATE them...

Control: 7.6

It's better if you play this for the whole 20 hours it may be worth if you really want to get good at the control. Don't sit there at Story Mode and think WAH WAH I CAN'T BEAT THIS LEVEL CUZ THESE CONTROLS SUX! No. They don't. It's just the learning curve's a bit hard to get over. Don't sulk over it, play the game and practice.

Gameplay: 8

This is where I thought it'd crash and burn. It didn't. The Air System, the character selection, the unlockables, the air boards... There's a lot to do in this game. The problem is, all that LOT to do is cut pretty short once you beat all the missions. I'd explain more about this but I'm not going to.

However, the controls and gimmicks of tracks are outstandingly professional. Who knew you could ride a rainbow down a waterfall if you backflipped twice? Who knew you could gain a lot of speed by tearing your thumb rotating the control stick during a non-movable portion of the track? They're pretty nifty I tell ya.

But you might get bored with this... Explained in the Replay.

Replayability: 5.6

Once you unlock everything, beat the missions, and buy the boards... It's kinda boring, especially if you only play it by yourself. This game is better after you beat it if you have friends to play it with, you know, competition. But see, you can still play this game and know that your good at it. It's one of those few "pick up and play for a bit" games.

Rent or Buy: Rent this first. Seriously. First rent it once or twice, beat everything, and then play it after and see if you still desire to play it. If not, don't buy it. Why waste 40 dollars on a game if it's so short and you won't even play it anymore? But if you STILL love it, then BUY it. I would, but I feel like I've gotten enough fun from it within my 2 rents.

Oh and if you can't rent it, watch someone else play it somewhere, or play it while your at a friend's house. Heck, read this review or other ones, or may watch some video and decide from that. That's what the net's there for, right?

Total Score: 7

It's good while it lasts. But if you love it more than I do, it'll last more and more...

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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