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Reviewed: 03/27/06

Sega has finally made a racing game that's worth it!

I've seen a lot of interesting Sonic games during the past few years, and Sonic Riders is one of them. When I've checked out the game, I've noticed that people were giving the game mediocre ratings. I'll do my review for Sonic Riders to try to make it look good.

Graphics: 8/10
I'd have to say that the graphics in this game were rather interesting. I've seen 2D, 3D, and even CG graphics while playing this game. Of course, I really can't say too much about the game's graphics except for that it pretty much remains the same as with any other 3D Sonic game. At least the graphics look realistic with the way they showed the turbulence that the Extreme Gear would make. The graphics in this game aren't perfect, but I'd have to say that it's pretty good, which is the reason for the rating above.

Game Play: 8/10
Sonic Riders is a racing game, and basically you're riding on an air board while trying to finish races before everyone else. There are 3 character types that are known as Speed, Flight, and Power. Speed characters are able to grind rails during races. Flight characters can keep their boards airborne while passing through dash circles. And Power characters can break through various obstacles that Speed and Flight characters couldn't do themselves. Also, while racing, you'll need to pay attention to your air gauge. The air gauge tells you how much air is in your board. If there isn't any air, you'll have to run to a pit stop to refill your air. The game play can be tough to understand, but it's still rather good for the rating above.

Sound: 7/10
Once again, the sound isn't completely good, but still decent. The BGM that was used in this game was limited since you only heard probably 6 tunes while racing. Also, the announcer in this game can be frustrating to some people, because he could make you look bad for making at least one good trick. In some cases, people will want to just get rid of that announcer by turning him off. Of course, this flaw isn't that terrible if you're used to those things. Even though the sound isn't that good, it's still good enough for the rating above.

Controls: 7/10
The controls in this game can switch between simple to complex. Depending on your situation, you might have difficulty controlling yourself. Also, to perform tricks, you'll have to time
your jumps right or else you'll drop. There are even times when you'll have to do various actions with the control stick (rotating it clockwise for instance). And, there's even times when you'll try to get into the turbulence. While the turbulence can be helpful, it can be tough controlling yourself in there. Despite of those flaws, the controls aren't all that bad after you get used to them. While it may take some time to master them, it's worth it. The controls may not be great, but it's still pretty good in my opinion.

Multiplayer: 8/10
The one thing good about multiplayer here is that you can play with 3 more people. You can do free races, grand prixes, even certain battles with or against your friends. There's even a tag mode in which requires you and your friend to stay within range of each other in order to keep their shared air gauge full. There are many ways to play multiplyer in this game, and it'll be even more interesting if you use various Extreme Gear in your races. Multiplayer can be interesting if you want to play with some friends. Go ahead, multiplayer here is rather good (at least in my opinion).

Story: 7/10
The story in this game pretty much follows the stage as the grand prix races in the game. Of course there are some added twists. You'll have to race on various courses and finish 1st place in almost every course. Anyway, Sonic and his friends have ran into 3 thieves that are known as the Babylon Rogues. After the thieves escaped, Sonic had then found out about a grand prix being held. And shocking enough, the Babylon Rogues are competing in this race. So, Sonic and his friends planned on competing in race to not just prove who's the fastest, but to also settle some scores. There's another story which involves the Babylon Rogues, but I won't spoil it for you. The story in this game is interesting, which is the reason for my rating above.

Replay Value: 8/10
While you're not able to repeat buying new gear, you can repeat everything else in which include grand prixes, the story, and other various things.

Final Rating: 8/10
I'd have to say that Sega did a decent job with this game. Try it out yourself if you want to see if it satisfies you.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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