Review by Beepo435

Reviewed: 04/05/06

A very odd racing game. I like odd.

Ok, there has been mixed rumors about this game when Shadow the Hedgehog came out. Most said it would suck because it was a sonic racing game and it only took 5 or 6 months for a game to come out after Shadow the Hedgehog. After some videos, more and more people thought it would be better then the Money burners known as Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog. I seem to agree. Moving on.

Graphics: 10/10
Your thinking, "10/10, WTF? It cant be that good." Guess again. These tracks are very long, and you can go through them in at least 3 different ways. You can see the scenery and just stop and look if you dont mind losing speed. It is very well done, as was Shadow the Hedgehog. Although, most of the boards look the same and so do the jet boots/Bikes. The onky difference is colors and very rarely size. But boards are for stat boosts, not for looking at saying "SHINY." There is a total of 8 Tracks and 8 Mirror versions. The mirror versions are not very different from the original excepet in some cases.

Sound/Music: 7 1/2/10
Who cares about sound in a racing game? This is true, and there isnt much sounds, and the ones there werent annoying. The music is very fast pace, usally techno beats, and in some courses there are usual sonic beats. The voice acting is very bad, as usual in sonic games. Sonic sounds like a 5 year-old TV show. Tails sounds horrible as usual, but the voice acting is slowly getting better. Knuckles is fugging Yu-gi-oh. Jet sounds like Sonic with puberty. Wave sounds very odd for a girl. Storms voice acting is....well its better then bigs anyway. Others cant be spoiled in a review but there isnt much voice anywise that hasnt been recoreded fro a previous Sega Game. Well Im blathering on, on to story.

Story: 8/10
Well the story is very good, as in most sonic games. But this is a racing game, so not much was to be expected, which might have caused the very high score. The baisic Idea: Sonic enters Eggmans's Extreme Gear Grand Prix to find out the mystery of what the Babylon Rouges are doing along with Eggman. The word babylon seems to have a similar context to Babylonian. Perhaps the story was somehow baised on that. Anyway, thats all I can say withouht spoiling. It seems a bit rushed in all.

Gameplay: 7/10
Whoa. This game has very wierd gameplay. You ride on a waveboard-of-the-sorts and do tricks going up ramps, while riding on turbulence, and type shortcuts. Seems very fast right? Well, you can also boost. Its a little overwhelming at first but after a while you will get over it and even think some of the longer tracks are short. The difficulty is very high over average, and there is ni difficulty switch i think. The Multiplayer CPU is only slightly weaker then the Story and Grand Prix, meaning your friend who is just learning may came in 8th or 7th place. Meh. You can only pratice on the first 5 courses, for the rest are unlockable, meaning at least 1 retry per couse. At the last stages, you seem to need to get eveyrthing perfect. Note this. THE DIFFICUTY IS CHALLENGING, NOT HARD. I like challenges, for not much games these days are hard. There is also a mission mode and tons of Boards to unlock.

Overall: 7.5/10
Well this game is a must for racing-sonic fan hybrids. Strange combination, but ok. Well rent before buying, as I do this before EVERY game. Its very worthwhile. The game is above average, dont say "omfg anotha sucky sonic game" and through the game out your window. Be patient.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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