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"Better than I imagined."

Hm… Sonic Riders. What is good about it? A lot of things actually. It is vibrant in color, has good gameplay, and it holds its own when it comes too sound. A while ago I was skeptic about this game. I thought it was a rehash of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle's multiplayer mode. Boy, those crazy kids at Sonic Team proved me wrong. I found myself playing this for hours on end, nor did I want to stop. Why? This game is intense, it moves fast, and it has some backbone. So, I will grade it on the usual four (Gameplay, Sound, Graphics, and Miscellaneous items). The review starts in 3… 2… 1… GO!

Gameplay is a rather impressive 8/10.

Okay, I'm gonna do the bad first. Why? I feel like it. The (first) bad are that the controls are kind of awkward. A, which is most racing games is accelerating is to jump and grind. Foreword on the Control Stick is to accelerate, so you may spend your first race in 8th place charging a jump the whole time. Also it steals a little from Mario Kart with its drifting. Now, here are the good parts of the GP. Trick System is only control stick based so newbie's can do good tricks with out all the complicated combos of buttons. Then there are special abilities of characters. Speed characters can grind, while flying types can go through boost rings, and power types bulldoze down must obstacles (cars, rocks, barrels, etc.). It helps diversify the gameplay a lot. Overall gameplay holds it's own.

Sound is an average 7/10.

Sound is not good, but not bad ether. As it says above it is average. The intro music is a techno beat that is some what appealing. The some classic sounds are retained. An example of this is the ever so classic ring sound. However the music in the game levels seems kind of generic. I however the classic songs from ‘Hang-on' are a hidden Easter egg. So, that makes up for a good portion of the sound issues. Overall, average sound like stated two times before.

Graphics are a nice and shiny 8/10.

Okay, the colors in this game are vibrant. Often the environments are bland, with the exception of course being the colors. The characters like most Sega games nowadays are shiny. They are also bright. Also want to know what is really good graphically? The frame rate is smooth. I have never experienced one FR hiccup or graphical slow down. However it still is annoying how the only have two or three cutscenes with animated movie quality. Not even the closing scenes of the story modes have the 3-D movie styles ending, which is a real let down. Overall graphics hold their own.

Miscellaneous items are the best feature with a 9/10.

Okay, let's face it, this game has awesome extra. There is a lot of replay value. There is a Grand Prix mode, free race mode, and Time Attack mode. Each one gets you rings to buy new boards, which there are a ton of by the way. Each board has a special ability. Then there is mission mode which is comprised of 1 lap objectives. There is also a sound test and board gallery (it allows to view all collected boards). Overall the extras keep you playing long after the short story modes are over.

Okay, final score time! Here is the tally.

(8+7+8+9)/4= 8.

There 8/10 final.

I hope this review was help.



Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/07/06

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