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    Magnus Upgrade FAQ by Byrgg

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    Baten Kaitos: Origins Magnus Upgrade Guide
    By: Byrgg
    Version 1.0
    This guide contains minor spoilers, only the names of the places where 
    you go, but this is required as part of the guide, because I've included 
    the locations of the shops where you can upgrade certain types of magnus.
    I.   Version history
    II.  What Is Upgrading?
    III. How do I upgrade?
    IV.  Magnus Upgrade List
    V.   Legal Stuff
    vI. Contact Information
    Version history
    Version 1.0 
    The first release of the guide, the list is incomplete, but the majority 
    of the content of the guide is still present.
    II. What Is Upgrading?
    In Baten Kaitos: Origins, one of the many new features available that 
    wasn't in Baten Kaitos: Lost Wings and the Eternal Ocean, is upgrading. 
    Upgrading essentially lets you combine quest magnus with weapon or armor
     magnus to create a new, better version of the weapon or armor magnus. 
    Upgrading magnus requires a specific quest magnus as well as a specific 
    weapon or armor magnus, and finally, some gold, the amount of gold 
    required varies among upgrades. In general, the better the upgrade, the 
    more gold is required.
    Upgrading weapon and armor magnus does several things, it can improve or 
    worsen(this only happens rarely) the properties of magnus, such as the 
    attack, crush, etc., and it can also change the element of a battle 
    magnus(which can advantageous or disadvantageous, depending on the 
    elemental resistances of the enemies you're fighting). It also gives you
    an entirely new magnus which helps to fill out the magnus section of the 
    Also note, when you upgrade a magnus, the picture of the card will have 
    a little arrow in the top-left corner, this symbol is just used to show 
    that magnus is upgraded, it has no effect on how the card is used, so 
    just use it as you would use the original, non-upgraded magnus.
    III. How Do I Upgrade?
    When you go to a shop that allows upgrading, in the menu that has Buy, 
    Sell Junkpile, etc., you will see an "Upgrade" option, choose this 
    option. This brings up a screen showing all of your upgradable magnus, 
    a greyed out magnus means that that you cannot upgrade it(meaning you 
    don't have the quest magnus required to upgrade it), and a magnus that 
    is lit up(in color), is one that you are able to upgrade. To upgrade a 
    magnus, simply select the desired magnus, press A, and that will bring 
    up another screen showing information pertaining to each possible 
    upgrade, the information includes: The magnus you are upgrading, the 
    quest magnus you are using to upgrade, as well as the resulting 
    upgraded magnus, and the cost of the upgrade. Choose which upgrade you 
    want, and there you have it, you've just upgraded a magnus. Also note, 
    the upgraded magnus and the quest magnus will disappear, and you will 
    gain a new and imporved version of the upgraded magnus. 
    IV. Magnus Upgrade List
    Below is a list of magnus that can be upgraded, the quest magnus used 
    to upgrade them, what they upgrade to, as well as hom much each upgrade 
    costs. Note, the list is not complete yet, but I will update it as I 
    find out more. I have organized the list alphabetically, for 
    Areas with a "?" mean that it's something I don't know yet, I will try 
    to fill out all unknowns eventually.
    The list is in the form: 
    upgradeable magnus +quest magnus      =upgraded magnus            price 
    12-Layered Kimono  +Fresh Air         =15-Layered Kimono          1300
    Angel's Helm       +Fresh Air         =Innocent's Helm            1800
    Anubis Shield      +Machina Gas       =Osiris Shield              2300
    Apocalypse Sword   +Fireglow Stone    =?                          1500
    Apocalypse Sword   +Sparkling Snow    =?                          1500
    Apocalypse Sword   +Lightning Shroom  =?                          1500
    Apocalypse Sword   +Light Powder      =Divine Apocalypse          1500
    Apocalypse Sword   +Dark Powder       =?                          1500
    Apostolos          +Yesterbean        =Apostolos Duo              800
    Apsu Sophia        +Sparkling Snow    =Apsu Logos                 1600
    Aqua Camouflage    +Ancient Mask      =Hazyrain Camouflage        750
    Aqua Hood          +Flame Ice         =Marine Hood                350
    Aqua Truth         +Pristine Water    =Aqua Brand                 250
    Armor Alma         +Machina Gas       =Passio Alma                1300
    Arondite           +Celestial Tree    =Excalibur                  3000
    Arondite           +Lightning Shroom  =Galantyne                  900
    Arondite           +Light Powder      =?                          900
    Ascalon            +Yesterbean        =Dragonbuster               2000
    Battle Shield      +Boulder           =Valor Shield               280
    Battle Suit        +Blaze             =Fiery Battle Suit          900
    Battle Suit        +Pristine Water    =?                          900
    Buckler            +Machina Gas       =Strongshield               100
    Chain Mail         +Spark Shroom      =Levinlink Mail             150
    Classic Cudgel     +Boulder           =Classic Impact             400
    Cold Queen         +Sparkling Snow    =?                          1400
    Cold Queen         +Flame Ice         =Queen's Breath             1300
    Crown of Bubbles   +Boulder           =?                          2200
    Crown of Bubbles   +Flame Ice         =Crown of Ice Pearls        2200
    Cross Sophia       +?                 =?                          400
    Crystal Cudgel     +Pristine Water    =Crystal Blue               250
    Crystal Edge       +Pristine Water    =Crystal Saber              180
    Crystal Helm       +Flame Ice         =Glacial helm               1000
    Demon Cudgel       +?                 =?                          750
    Efreeti Horn       +?                 =?                          1500
    Electric Helm      +Spark Shroom      =Blitz Helm                 150
    Evil Mail          +Fluffy Pillow     =Karma Mail                 400
    Fair Guardian      +Light Powder      =Sophic Guardian            900
    Firedrake Regalia  +Lava              =Aetherdrake Regalia        500
    Fire Element       +Blaze             =Flare Element              200
    Flame Hood         +Lava              =Blaze Hood                 250
    Flame Mail         +Blaze             =?                          150
    Freesword          +Fluffy Pillow     =?                          180
    Freesword          +Pristine Water    =Crystal Sword              180
    Freesword          +Spark Shroom      =Thundersword               180
    Frost Cap          +Machina Gas       =Icicle Cap                 700
    Frozen Suit        +Flame Ice         =Diamond Suit               280
    Frozen Sword       +Sparkling Snow    =?                          1000
    Freezing Gown      +Sparkling Snow    =?                          2200
    Freezing Gown      +Machina Gas       =Iceberg                    2000
    Freezing Gown      +Flame Ice         =?                          2000
    Full Plate         +Machina gas       =Solid Plate                80
    Glacial Bludgeon   +Sparkling Snow    =Glacial Mass               300
    Golden Armor       +Machina Gas       =Grand Armor                1200
    Golden Armor       +Fluffy Pillow     =?                          1200
    Golden Armor       +Boulder           =?                          2000
    Golden Cudgel      +Lightning Shroom  =?                          1500
    Golden Cudgel      +Light Powder      =Holy Cudgel                1500
    Golden Helm        +?                 =?                          1200
    Golden Helm        +Light Powder      =Divine Helm                1200
    Grappler's Gi      +Medic Kit         =?                          250
    Hades Sophia       +Dark Powder       =Hades Sagesse              1950
    Heat Camouflage    +Ancient Mask      =Hazyfire Camouflage        1500
    Heat Club          +Rotten Food       =?                          180
    Heavenbolt Wrap    +Fresh Air         =Heavengale Wrap            750
    Hell-Purged Casque +Lava              =Hell-Baked Casque          170
    Helm of Indra      +Boulder           =Grandhelm of Indra         ?
    Helm of Indra      +Jolt Shroom       =War Helm of Indra          380
    Hero Mask          +Medic Kit         =?                          250
    Hidden Sophia      +?                 =?                          600
    Holy Shroud        +Fireglow Stone    =?                          1400
    Holy Shroud        +Light Powder      =Holy Lightshroud           2100
    Holy Shroud        +Fluffy Pillow     =Holy Vigilshroud           1400
    Hymnos Kune        +Light Powder      =Happiness Kune             1500
    Hymnos Kune        +Fluffy Pillow     =?                          1300
    Ice Dagger         +Pristine Water    =Ice Soldier                100
    Ice Roue           +Pristine Water    =Ice Sense                  250
    Idios Pyr          +Fireglow Stone    =?                          2000
    Indiglow Cowl      +Boulder           =?                          660
    Indiglow Cowl      +Sparkling Snow    =Astral Cowl                660
    Jiraiya's Robe     +Jolt Shroom       =Saizou's Robe              1200
    Jupiter Sword      +Machina Gas       =Jupiter's Rage             1300
    Jupiter Sword      +Lightning Shroom  =?                          1500
    Kusanagi           +Rotten Food       =Amenohabagiri              450
    Lightning Club     +Spark Shroom      =Lightning Strike           250
    Lightning Element  +Spark Shroom      =Plasma Element             200
    Light Sophia       +Light Powder      =Holy Vein                  400
    Long Sword         +Stone             =?                          130
    Long Sword         +Blaze             =?                          130
    Luciferous Stave   +Yesterbean        =Auriferous Stave           800
    Mars Sophia        +Blaze             =Meteor Sophia              350
    Marvelous Sword    +Boulder           =Victory Sword              450
    Nixie Garb         +Pristine Water    =Undine Garb                200
    Nurse's Cap        +Light Powder      =Mary's Cap                 550
    Panther Bludgeon   +?                 =?                          600
    Panther Bludgeon   +Lightning Shroom  =Thunder Panther            600
    Plasma Blade       +Lightning Shroom  =Coruscant Blade            1000
    Platinum Shield    +Machina Gas       =Silver Shield              1450
    Power Helmet       +Stone             =Heavy-Duty Helmet          50
    Punk Knife         +Yesterbean        =Cutthroat Knife            400
    Pyre Frock         +Lava              =Canonical Pyre Frock       600
    Ravensbrood        +?                 =?                          1500
    Ray of Truth       +Fluffy Pillow     =Rem Truth                  180
    Ray of Truth       +Light Powder      =?                          350
    Robe of Firelight  +Lava              =Firemoon Robe              250
    Rose Shill         +Stone             =Rosevine                   250
    Round Shield       +Stone             =?                          200
    Saber              +Blaze             =Fire Saber                 200
    Saber              +Pristine Water    =?                          200
    Salamander Tongue  +Ancient Mask      =Salamander Eyes            1500
    Salamander Tongue  +Sparkling Snow    =Salamander Scales          1050
    Scale Mail         +Stone             =Lucentskin Mail            230
    Scale Mail         +Machina Gas       =Crossbone Mail             180
    Sorcery Sophia     +Blaze             =Fire Sophia                110
    Siren Sword        +Fluffy Pillow     =Silent Sword               550
    Sister's Habit     +Primordial Cactus =Mother Superior's Habit    2000
    Sleet Shawl        +Flame Ice         =Snowstorm Shawl            250
    Snow Mail          +Boulder           =?                          1050
    Snow Mail          +Rotten Food       =Snowwind Mail              1050
    Sorcery Sophia     +Pristine Water    =Ice Sophia                 110
    Sublime Garb       +Boulder           =?                          1000
    Sublime Garb       +Light Powder      =Garb of Atonement          1000
    Sublime Garb       +Soot Soup         =?                          1100
    Sword of Tears     +Pristine water    =Sword of Destiny           250
    Thor Sophia        +Lightning Shroom  =Thor Pathos                1600
    Thunderer's Shield +Extreme Stress    =Fulminator's Shield        1000
    Thunderfish        +Jolt Shroom       =Thunderfish Rex            200
    Thunderfish        +Spark Shroom      =Thunder Edge               200
    THunderfish        +Machina Gas       =Thunderslash               200
    Thunder Hat        +Lightning Shroom  =Big Thunder Hat            550
    Thunderhead Cloak  +Light Powder      =Whitebolt Cloak            300
    Thunderhead Cloak  +Dark powder       =Blackbolt Cloak            300
    Thunder Robe       +Fresh Air         =Lightning Robe             150  
    Tower Shield       +Extreme Stress    =Devil Tower Shield         380
    Tower Shield       +Machina Gas       =Mount Shield               300
    Versed Shield      +Extreme Stress    =Mellow Shield              600
    Welkinsire Cap     +Machina Gas       =welkinswrath Cap           1300
    Whitecap Shield    +Sparkling Snow    =Shield for Troubled Waters 1000
    Whitecap Shield    +Machina Gas       =Greatcap Shield            100
    White Club         +Light Powder      =White Wish                 400
    Wild God           +Lightning Shroom  =Astratheos                 2000
    Wooden Club        +Pristine Water    =Ice Club                   180
    Wooden Club        +Spark Shroom      =Thunder Club               180
    Zelos Kune         +Machina Gas       =Ardor Kune                 1050
    v. Legal Stuff
    Copyright: 2006 TJ Freeman.
    This guide cannot be sold for profit without my permission.
    This guide is currently only allowed to be used on www.gamefaqs.com, and 
    my site, http://z10.invisionfree.com/VGG/index.php? If you find that 
    someone has used the guide on another site, please let me know via email 
    or contact me at my site as soon as possible.
    If you wish to use this guide on another site, you  must have my consent 
    to do so. Email me, or contact me at my site, and I will decide whether 
    or not to allow the use of this guide on the site you mention. I have 
    the right to disallow you to put this on any site, as well as the right 
    to request that this guide be removed from a site after you've already 
    put it there. 
    You may not use an editted version of this guide without my consent, if 
    you wish to use an editted version of this guide, again, you must have 
    my consent, and to gain my consent, you will have to contact me via email 
    or on my site.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    VI. Contact Information 
    You can contact me about this guide via one of the following ways:
    Through email, byrgg@yahoo.ca  
    My site, http://z10.invisionfree.com/VGG/index.php?
    You can also try to reach me on gamefaqs, I am there fairly frequently, 
    so I should be able to get to any questions fairly quickly.
    Also, if you want to contact me about my guide, only contact me about the 
    following things:
    -A mistake
    -Something not included
    -Forgetting to give credit
    -When I will update the guide
    If you contact me by any method, make sure you use facts to support your 
    claims, and at least attempt to use proper English. I will not make changes 
    to my guide based on things like: "zomg u r rong change _____ nao", or "My 
    friend says that _____ is wrong, and he's knows everything about this game."

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